Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield…On Film?

This morning Deadline Hollywood posted a list of young actors director Joe Johnston is supposedly considering for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America in 2011's The First Avenger: Captain America. It's an interesting mix of mostly unknowns with a handful of minor, guest, and recurring roles on film and television, along with one very recognizable comic lead. A number of them have actually tested for the part already. This process hopefully involved hurling a trashcan lid across the room, then punching an intern with a Sharpy Hitler stache. But I'm sure there was some talking involved too. And based on Johnston's reported concept for the film, maybe even a little singing. 

Potential Captains America, ASSEMBLE (alphabetically)! 

Michael Cassidy (The O.C., Smallville, Privileged)

Age: 26

I remember Cassidy from his role as a fledgling comic book creator on The O.C.. As one of the younger potential Caps, he might be a more convincing choice to play the young Steve Rogers, a new recruit to the Army. He also looks like my best friend from elementary school, but this probably has no bearing on anything, including my own reaction. He looks the part though!

Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl, Footloose 2010)

Age: 24

Ron's gonna have to weigh in on this one. But, hey, it looks like he can dance!

Patrick Flueger (The 4400, one very messed up episode of L&O SVU)

Age: 26

As a regular viewer of Law & Order: SVU, I instantly recognized Flueger from his role as a young man who unknowingly slept with his biological sister. I will never forget his agonized, delivery of "I had sex with MY SISTER?!" before nearly projectile vomiting on Elliot Stabler. He also headlined The 4400


John Krasinski (The Office, Away We Go)

Age: 30

The old people who run this site have informed me that this choice is about as off-the-wall as Michael Keaton was for the role of Batman back in the late 20th century. He's got the physical stature for it, but do you think audiences are willing to allow Krasinski the distance from Jim Halpert? It could be a suspension of disbelief issue. Cap needs to inspire a lot of gravitas. Even if Krasinski is up to the task of playing a comic book icon, is Cap the right choice? 


Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Caprica)

Age: 30

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose, right? I remember hearing that Porter is a huge comic book fan, so he's probably scouring his longboxes for inspiration right now. Not a bad choice, either. Not that you need to be a comic fanatic to appreciate this kind of role. Heath Ledger said some pretty disparaging things about comic book movies before delivering one of the most incredible performances of his or any young actor's career in The Dark Knight. But than again, it's always nice to see a fan get to take on one of the role of a superhero. Dream fulfillment. 


Mike Vogel (Cloverfield, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

Age: 30

I spent most of Cloverfield with my head between my knees, so I don't recall much of Vogel's role. But according to my research, he was born in Abington, PA, just like yours (mostly) truly. And seeing as he's so dreamy no matter who you are, I might have to root for the hometown hero on this one. 


What say you, iFanbase? Any of these guys look like they can take a hit of the super-soldier serum


  1. Oh no not chace crawford.

  2. Team Porter!

  3. they should make cap in his 40’s

  4. Am I the only person getting less and less interested in this movie the more that it is discussed?

  5. I could see Krasinsky as Hank Pym.

    I would do it, but they told me I’d have to shave my beard.

  6. Scott Porter was apparently going to get the role of Superman in that JLA movie that went into pre-production and then was quickly put in turnaround.

    I… don’t… hate(?) any of these choices. But I don’t love any of them either. I’d prefer a total unknown. But I’d be willing to give any of these dudes a chance, if cast.

  7. I’m not an expert on Cap, at all. But Krasinski could pull it off. Maybe. His performace in Away We Go had some really weighty moments to it. I’m sure whoever they cast will bulk up mightily, anyway.

    Honestly I was hoping for Jeremy Renner, though. But hey-ho. In fact, cast any of these guys, just re-cast the director.

  8. Here’s my question about unknowns…

    Can they have appeared in community theater? Can their parents have met them? Are they allowed to have friends?

    I’d say these guys are pretty well off the map. Except for Krasinski.  

  9. @Paul: I’d say that being a lead on a TV show immediately disqualifies one from unknown status. That’s four of these six guys.

  10. I know there’s no Mark valley, but, MARK VALLEY!

  11. @WillaimKScurry: 45 years old is way too old to play Cap in the first of nine planned movie appearances.

  12. I still say Chris Pine…

  13. honestly, I could see krasinski doing it….he does seem to have the charm. However, at this point I have to say that is my first choice

  14. Also, if I had to pick any of the above… Scott Porter… I guess.

  15. I’d love to see Scott Porter get it, because he’s done some incredible work on FNL, and his character had the presence to still be commanding even after his accident on the first episode.

    Flueger did good work on 4400, but I’m not sure if he has the presence to command the Avengers, I of course could be wrong, cause I’ve only ever seen him in one thing. MY hope is for Porter, but we’ll see what happens. 

  16. I’m with Slockhart though, Chris Pine!

  17. I would say Porter or Renner would make the better choices. Sam Worthington might be a really good choice as well.

  18. Scott Porter gets my vote. He would be a great Flash, too.

  19. Is it wrong for me to say most of these guys are to cute?

  20. @vamiangie: Isn’t Steve Rogers kind of a dreamboat?

  21. Sam Worthington would be good if he could get the American accent down. His accent wavered in both Avatar and Terminator.

  22. Of these choices, I only see Scott Porter pullling it off.

  23. Okay, even if Chris Pine were in the running and even if he could play the stoicism of Cap (which i’m sure he could), I actually think that would be a waste of his particular talents. If you want Pine for a role in the Marvel movie universe, give him something more brash and comedic. 

    Of these, Porter and Vogel are at the top of my list. Part of this is process of elimination.  

  24. @PaulMontgomery I’d like to see Pine do something different than Kirk though.

  25. @Paul: Yeah, Pine’s a Hawkeye type, not a Cap type. I woudn’t cast him here.

  26. I mean as far as chracter-types go.

  27. @Tiocore – That’s fair, but I guess what I’m also saying is…if I’m Chris Pine, I don’t think I even want this part. That’s total conjecture and I may be injecting too much of my own sensibility, but judging by his choices, considering his success with Star Trek, Cap just doesn’t seem that appealing a role.  

  28. I’m not putting stock in any rumors, but I LOVE Scott Porter wholly and completely and would love to see him in a comic book role, since he’s so desperate for one.  He deserves it!

  29. @PaulMontgomery You’re probably right. I don’t think I know enough about these things to say one way or the other. Heh. He was just one of the few people (who wasn’t an unknown) that I would’ve *liked* to see inhabit the role and see what he could’ve done with it. Whereas most of the dudes above don’t fit for me, but then again, I’ve not seen most of ’em in anything; so anyone of them very well could be perfect. I’m excited either way!

  30. The other problem with the "Chris Pine" stuff is that Paramonut (though this is a Marvel movie with Marvel Money, Paramount is distributing it) has him pretty booked up with Star Trek and the re-boot to the Jack Ryan series. Pine’s also known for wanting to do more theater and independent work. So the chances of him taking on a 3rd giant blockbuster series (which "Cap" would be leading into Avengers) doesn’t seem likely. Also if he DID do it, it’d be pushing Star Trek 2 back another year if not more.

  31. @Connor – Caps a dreamboat but in a rugged mans man way. These guys are too much like that Vampire guy in Twilight. Except Porter, he’s got a more mannish appearance, I’ve never seen him in anything though.

    It’s sad that I wanna say Ryan Reynolds…but he’d make a better Hawkeye too. Aaron Eckhart and Mark Valley would be perfect if it was ten or more years older rather then the 20 year old that they need to send in to WW2.

    Matt McConaghey would be perfect in looks but he can’t do stoic.

    Oh I know who I would pick Captain Awesome from ‘Chuck’, Ryan McPartlin. I think he’s perfect and relatively unknown. 

  32. I vote for Chuch Norris!

  33. I wanted to say this i while back, but didn’t because of the relative unknown factor.  However, since that’s the direction  they seem to be going, ima throw in Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.  He’s got kind of the rough and tumble thing going on and might be able to pull off the Captain America authoritativeness (not a real word?) if pushed.  And am i the only one that audibly groaned and slumped my head down on the desk when I scrolled down to see Michael Cassidy?  Don’t really know why.  Maybe it’s cause he’s just prettier than me.  Barely.

  34. Is it too late to throw my cap into the ring? 

    Oh yes, that pun was intended.

  35. To me Porter is the only one who has the "presence" that Cap should have.  I could take Fleuger as well , but Porter has the stronger chin. 🙂

  36. @Neb – I just slapped a hand over my eyes. But only because I’m mad I didn’t think of it first. 

  37. I always forget how comedic Kirk was in Star Trek.  No more Pine for me.

    How about Meryl Streep?  She could pull off Batman, so why not Cap?

  38. Oh them all, Scott Potter is the one that most immediately screams Steve Rogers to me. John Krasinki seems more of an adult Bucky/Winter Soldier choice. 

  39. Hey hey PAUL WINCHESTER been beating that drum since Day 0

  40. And by Paul I mean PHILIP.  Clearly I’ve been beating the wrong drum and that’s why no one’s been listening to me.

  41. Krasinski would make a great co-captain america, seeing as this is the status right now on the M.U.

  42. Other then Krasinski, I have never heard any of these people.

    For some reason though, when I see that picture of Patrick Flueger, that just screams ‘Steve Rogers’ to me. Don’t ask me why, cause it certainly isn’t based on the acting ability since again; I’ve never heard of him. But to me, that looks like Captain America.

  43. Other than Krasinski, I don’t know too much about any of them. Judging from the pics alone, I’d have to go with Mike Vogel. 

  44. I know ALL these guys except Flueger so I think…lm goin with him cuz i want an unknown.  All the others not sure. 

    Cassidy is still the cloned Lex Luthor brother from Smallville to me.. I dunno if he could pull off the soldier Cap.

    Crawford..  only seen him in Gossip Girl.. maybe but he’s too preppy soo hmmm

    Krasinski… Jim Halpert is NOT Captain America…

     Scott Porter… maybe, but he’s still QB1 FNL… But Cap is better than him playing Supes (which was a rumor)

    Vogel… i could see him, but he might be too perfect

  45. Krazinski as Cap would be atrocious (I’d take Will Smith over him). And Cassidy is simply awful, or was in his short bit in Smallville. Vogel or Porter gets my vote.

  46. I see cap as handsome in a George Clooney old hollywood way.  I also seem unable to picture Cap as in his 20s which is a problem.

  47. what about the guy who played kirks dad in the latest star trek?

  48. I dont know about any of these guys but I always thought Josh Holloway from LOST would make an excellent Cap. I know most people see him as Gambit but I could see him in the costume. He also has that old-timey look to him.

  49. @English – He’s playing Thor. 🙂

  50. i see josh holloway as a kick ass han solo!

  51. and i have said this befomatt keeslarre-has anyone seen the MiddleMan television program?- i think matt keeslar would be perfect.

  52. I love the Middle Man and Matt Kesslar was great in it but I don’t think he has real shot at it.

  53. SIX!

  54. damn…he would be perfect. none of the gentleman above evokes cap to me.

  55. Yea helmsworth wouldve been a good cap. But i can see him as thor also.

  56. So if your hair is floppy or spikey, you can play Captain America?

  57. In all fairness, Kransinki has played a soldier twice. Once in Jarhead and comedically for Leatherheads (guess "head" should be in the title of films he wants)….still those are not the roles of someone who is a leader or commands, so I don’t know. I agree if Aaron Eckheart was younger, he’d be my choice. I’ll be interested in how this plays out, but I still think the should look further down the "unknowns" road. Pine and Worthington are about to be thrown into everything, like Pine doing the new Jack Ryan films, so I don’t really want to see them in my comic book movies. Also announced earlier was that David Goyer (Blade and last 2 Batman movies) is going to be writing the next Superman movie, titled "Man of Steel."

  58. @mcbaker: The Goyer announcement was almost immediately denied and debunked.

  59. But let’s stay on Cap. Paul is going to take a look at the situation with the new Superman movie next week.

  60. @conor: My bad /film has that news up, still, and I just got home from work. I was just excited that 2 comic movie announcements were made in a day, being a student of the film and TV industry( and finally soon an employee of), and blabbed it out. But on Cap, I don’t know if the actor is who to worry first about. I saw Wolfman and was underwhelmed, but Johnston also did The Rocketeer and October Sky, which I like…so he’s a big question mark for me.

  61. i support porter. i mean, cap is the QB1 of the avengers, right? i also like jensen ackles for the role. most of the other guys look too young for me, besides krasinski. he’s more of an ant man.

  62. My vote is for either Scott Porter or Ryan McPartlin. Porter is a totally stand up guy and is very cool. I ran into him once and even though he had more important (read: female) people he could be talking to, he chatted with me about his time spent in Orlando. He is also prominently featured on the Pirates Dinner Show brochures.

    McPartlin (Captain Awesome from Chuck) sprung to mind the first time I saw him on Chuck. I turned to my wife and said, that guy looks like Captain America. She responded by saying she can’t believe she sleeps with me.

  63. I thought the guy who played Kirk’s father in the Star Trek reboot would be perfect.  He was young and doe-eyed, but then when he had to take control of the ship, he became a leader of men!  Unfortunately, he’s been cast as Thor, at least the last time I checked IMDB…

  64. If I had to choose from the ablove list, I’d go with Porter. I think the guy who played Aquaman in Smallville might make a good Cap. He has the look and acts serious enough to fit the role.

  65. Since I just started watching FNL, I would love to see Scott Porter get it.

  66. If Jason Street can inspire the Dylan Panthers to a championship, then he certainly has what it takes to lead the Avengers.

  67. Based solely on those pictures, I’d say Porter. The problem with casting Cap though, is the same with casting Wonder Woman. You need someone who can represent an ideal. The person has to be more than just "a dreamboat" or "hottie", they have to be statuesque and awe-inspiring. They need to be intimidating and comforting all at the same time.

  68. Kransinki be my choice out of these.

  69. Maybe Saracen can play Bucky. I do a killer Matt Saracen.

  70. Jason Street is totally Captain America.   And based on Caprica, Porter’s totally got the physique for it.  And a musical theater background — which apparently plays into what they might be doing in the movie?  IDK, but I want to see him sing!  Also, he’s a lifelong Marvel fan who plays Heroclix competitively.  How could this guy not be the fan favorite?

  71. I don’t like any of these choices.

    Also I think I’ve decided that I am not a huge fan of Krasinski. I think he does something really well but that is it. Did anyone else see Bried Interviews with Hideous Men on here. UGh,

  72. I want to reiterate my vote for Porter based on what OhCaroline said.

  73. I’m confused!  Are there no A-list actors that was to play Cap?

  74. @tschafer – The director has mentioned he wants an unknown for the part.

    *Complete Rumor* has said that Krasinski has the part but it’s not officially announced.  I’ll of course believe it when I see it.

    Sadly I got really excited when I heard Jensen Ackles was up for the part, but decided Supernatural was more important than the boatloads of money he could make from these movies.  I’m reminded of when there was a rumor of Tom Welling being up for Superman Returns and that he allegedly turned it down because he didn’t want to be typecasted.

    Once again I’ll I can here is, "No really you can take your dump trucks of money back I don’t want or need them.  What’s that a chance to play an American Icon? No, really I’m good."

    Out of the guys above I like Cassidy and Porter the most. 

  75. My favorite for the job would be Ryan McPartlin, but out of those….I think I would go with Vogel.

  76. Maybe two actors might work better. Say Cassidy for the early recruiment epsiodes (and/or flashbacks to his ealy years), and for later, an older actor (or for future movies). But for sure, the actor would play an important role.  Either way, I’m game for the movie.  Same for Doc Savage, bring it on.

  77. @jmstump – And that is sitting well with Marvel/Disney VIPs?! 

    This is quite a major risk on the director’s part.

    Imagine IronMan without Downey Jr…..His vetertan acting skills maked that movie work.

  78. @tschafer  Who had heard of Hugh Jackman before Wolverine?   I think it might be a good rule that the more well-known/iconic the character is, the less famous the actor needs to be.  The Downey casting was great b/c the public didn’t know Iron Man and you could say, "Well, Iron Man is the type of superhero you would expect Robert Downey Jr to play."  Even if people don’t know Captain America well, the idea/image of the character is at least passingly familiar and I think having a well-known actor could potentially take away from that iconic-ness?  Just a thought.  I wouldn’t have a problem with any of these guys, really — Krasinski may seem weird because we think of him as a comic actor, but nobody thought Bruce Willis was an action star before ‘Die Hard.’

  79. Sorry, I hate them all. None of them have the right look.

    If it were the early 1980’s instead of 2009, I’d say Sam J. Jones. 😉



  80. @Diabhol – You *hate* them? They’re not con artists trying to run off with your only daughter. They’re actors testing for a role in a movie. 

  81. Mark Valley from Human Target and Keen Eddie.  He would be good and he’s older as Cap should be.  No Tiger Beat kids please.

  82. I slept on it… And I think  Shatner is the man for the job.

  83. All I can say is At least Robert Pattinson’s not on that list.


  84.  Yeah, Jim is not a good bet for Cap.  Cap is much more serious than what I think he would be capable of.  I agree that it should be someone that nobody has heard of.  I admire Cap’s character and it would really suck if some cheesy, scrawny-ass, pretty-boy actor portrayed him.

  85. @DMark: Mark Valley is 45 years old and WAY too old to

    1. Play Cap, who was in his early 20s at the beginning of the war.

    2. Play Cap in the first of nine films they want him to appear in. He would be in his mid-to-late 50s when it was all over.


    (Also please read the comments before posting, this has already been discussed)

  86. As a 20-something "Tiger Beat kid" I am grossly offended by some of these comments. Don’t hate us cuz we’re pretty. 

  87. Also we have to make sure that whoever is cast talks in a 1940s LES accent throughout the whole film

  88. Halpert is the only one that could pull this off…..And that doesn’t look like a pretty dandyboy….

  89. STREET!!!!

  90. Let’s cast Jason Street as Cap and then have Tim Riggins play a grown up Winter Soldier!

  91. YES!!!

    Seriously, I never considerd Porter, but I think it’s a great casting choice. 

  92. Casting my vote for Porter. wondering about Channing Tatum tho. never have seen him act but his head shots look like he could pull it off visually.

  93. @Welkin: I think that playing Duke is probably enough for Channing Tatum. He can’t be all the soldiers (though he seems to be trying)! 🙂

  94. I just finished season 1 of Friday Night Lights and think Porter would be fantastic!  If he doesn’t get it, I could see Vogel as Steve Rogers, but I am going off that picture alone. 

    Saracen as Bucky is an inspired choice. Give Riggins some Spock eyebrows, a flattop, some ankle wings and that’s one spiffy and surly Namor.

    The more I think about it, John Krasinski could have some Captain America hiding in him somewhere.  I assume Cap will be CGI buff or Ed-Norton-Steroids-for-American-History-X-buff, regardless of who gets it. 

  95. i don’t think you can count anyone out from being Cap, because you just don’t know if they can pull it off.  Jim might be a wonderful Cap.  I think that the expectations that people are putting in this because it’s Cap are almost impossible to match.  

  96. Porter looks like the best of a indifferent bunch

  97. John Barrowman would be perfect but he’s probably too old…

  98. I might be in the minority here and a bit insane, but Daniel Craig looks like Cap to me.  I know these guys are young and he’s supposed to be a young guy at the beggining, but Craig looks like someone who could Hitler in the face then THEN go mack on Agent 13 in the other room.

  99. Those are all terrible choices and I hope to god none of them get the part.

  100. @Ramulux. That is the kind of post that begs for an essay. which i would read. I’m guessing you’re hoping for an unknown?

  101. I know this was a weird stray thought, and he’s technically not American(though he has our accent down), but it might be interesting to see Jamie Bamber, aka Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama, as Steve Rogers. Watching some BSG episodes with a friend and it kind of hit me.

  102. @Mcbaker After John Barrowman (Which I mentioned above) Bamber popped into my head as well.  But both are probably too old, and sadly for those who can’t wrap their head around the whole ‘acting’ aspect of a movie role, not American.   But truth be told I doubt you will find an early 20 something that has the ‘Gravitas’ (God I hate that word) to pull off what Cap needs to be Cap.  You are going to have to go 30 something I think…. I mean sure Cap was in his 20’s but the serum transformed him into a "Man’ so why can’t it seem to mature him somewhat too?

  103. Look at pictures of the guys who actually fought in the War; they look just barely out of high school becuase they were.  I think having a Cap who you can tell is kinda young actually brings forth some of the reality of the conflict.

  104. @Heroville: It depends on how the movie plays out. Earlier on, the casting call was for actors between the ages of 23-33, so I really don’t know. If they make it where it introduces "skinny Steve" then flashes forward, then a griseled by war, older looking man might work. That may call for two different actors, or cg, but it won’t be anything new.

    @Hawkboy: I do think those are good choices and agree that good actors can pull of being American. I know Bamber is a bit older, but he looks younger to me. Plus, I know he can play the guy who commands attention and you want to follow, but has some trepidation, which I picture in Cap. The only thing is I don’t know if he has a big booming voice like most expect from CA.

  105. Tim Riggins would make an awesome Bucky. Can Smash be Falcon and Tyra be Sharon Carter.

    I wish I had an actor in mind that I could suggest to play Captain America but honestly can’t think of anyone. Cap is so iconic that it has got to be extremely difficult to cast. I feel the same about Superman.

  106. Okay, I’ll take Flueger, then. And I’ll cross all of my fingers and toes that it’s not Krasinski.

  107. How about Captain Awesome from Chuck? He already has the right rank.