Cameron Stewart is the next artist on ‘Batman and Robin’

Originally, Frazer Irving was supposed to follow Philip Tan as the artist on Batman and Robin (before the triumphant return of Frank Quitely) but today DC has announced that Cameron Stewart will be handling art duties instead. Here’s a look at the cover to Batman and Robin #7, penciled by Stewart.


  1. great news! Stewart is an awesome talent who definitely deserves better exposure. An improvement over Tan to say the least

  2. also, Squire is back! that’s great! I love Squire and the Knight, they’re totally underused characters

  3. Awesome! Stewart is one of the few artists that gets Morrison, so it will be great to see them work together again.

  4. Damn I was looking forward to Irving’s Batman but Stewart will have to do.

  5. I am so much cooler with this then Irving. Not that Frazer isn’t great, but Stewart fits so much better tonally with the foundation that Quietly and Morrision laid. I may actually jump back on when Tan finishes his run. What excellent news!

  6. Wow, that looks great! I’ve never heard of this person before, but the art has just enough Quitely in it to make me happy.

  7. I asked Cameron about it on Twitter and apparently Irving is going to follow him, so we’ll still get Frazer Irving art on the book.

    I really wish I’d got a sketch from him at Fanexpo I didn’t have quite the time and I was gambling on him being at Montreal Comic Con which is now looking a little iffy 🙁

  8. Oh he also thought that Quitely was done, but I’m really hoping he’s wrong about that.

  9. Make sure to check out his web comic Sin Titulo. It’s badass. 

  10. I love Seaguy!  Stewart and Morrison work quite well together, so I’m happy to hear that they will be doing this book together.  If only he was taking over for Tan rather than Irving…

  11. @gobo – *facepalm*  I hope he’s wrong about that.

  12. This is awesome! I just finished reading the second Seaguy series a bit ago, and was hoping to see more Cameron Stewart art in other books. He’s gonna do great things for the book.

     It also seems that Morrison is teaming up with all his old partners-in-crime, with both Quitely and Stewart working alot with him in the past. I wonder, if they keep up this motiff, who’s next?

  13. Looks very neat!

  14. Looks like a cross between Bruce Timm and Amanda Conner…

    I’m sold. 

  15. @drakedangerz Cameron said Irving is just following him, not being replaced by him.

  16. Cool.  I’ll probably hang with this book as long as Morrison can keep the excitement level up.

  17. So it goes: Phillip Tan, Frank Quitely, and then Cameron Stewart?

  18. @Vadamowens – No it sounds like it is Tan, Stewart, Irving (according to gobo) and then ???

  19. London baby!

  20. I love Stewart’s art, but I kind of wish we could have seen Irving do Batman also. 

    I do think that the campy Stewart are would work better. 

  21. @gobo-gotcha.  Thanks.

  22. Ok.  That part in the parenthesis confused me.

  23. It’s going to be: Quitely->Tan->Stewart->Irving->??? (hopefully Quitely again and we start over)

  24. This is exciting news. Morrison/Stewart is a great combination and everyone should be reading Seaguy. Still sucks we have Tan on art duties but I guess we can live with it.

  25. would and should read aove but cameron stewart on anything is gnius will write essay if explanation is required.

  26. what?

  27. I prefer tan over stewart easily anyday of the week.

  28. I enjoyed Stewart’s art on Twitter, but–assuming that Irving then follows Stewart–I hope this doesn’t mean we have to wait longer for Quitely to return.

  29. …………ya! ok!  I like this!  

  30. I want, scratch that need Frank back, DC Entertainment need too put their shit together, they need to make having Frank on this title a priority.

  31. Stewart is good, but I really like what Quietly is doing with this book. Its hands down the best art out there right now. I just wish he weren’t leaving.

  32. This sample of Stewarts work riminded me how good Batman’s world would look in black and white. How cool would it be to have Stewarts run presented in an alternate black and white edition like the Vaughn’s Logan mini?

  33. Catch 22 for DC: bitchin about new artist or bitchin’ about late/bimonthly book.

    Take new artists and make more money.

  34. As much as I was looking forward to Irving, I love Stewart’s work as well – he actually did the pencils on a Batman vs. Joker kid’s book I read to my son – and he clearly has a rapport with Morrison.

  35. So we’re looking at 9 issues (assuming they’re all 3 issue arcs)  before Quitely reaturns, if he returns at all. Bummer.

  36. I don’t even know who the guy is but they still got my $2.99 as long as it is still Morrison on Batman.

  37. Awesome news.  I am a big fan of his work.

  38. … *skips the next three issues* let me know how the writing is though

  39. Not familiar with his work but that is an awesome cover. It has such an awesome retro look I would buy it as a poster.

  40. Just looking at that cover pulled me out of the hyper-reality that was Quietly’s world. =

  41. Ooooo… can we just skip Tan and go to him?

  42. I don’t know much about the DC universe….is that the Hamburglar on the cycle?

  43. Looks great but the true test for me for any artist other than Quitely will be if he makes Damian look like he’s actually 10 years old.

  44. If there’s two characters Morrison re-introduced I love more then anything right now it would be the Knight and Squire. Hopefully we see the Knight in this series as well.

  45. Cameron Stewart is awesome.  Glad I am reading this series.

  46. @paulmontgomery Thanks for pointing me to that awesome comic.

  47. Cameron Stewart is a tremendous talent. His work on The Other Side is great!

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    Top Cow Productions, Inc.
    Read The Darkness/Pitt #1 for free on your iPhone from comiXology.

  48. but when is Phillip Tan coming back? he’s really good

  49. This is awesome news! I loved Cameron Stewarts art on Catwoman so much that I even bought original pages and hey I got a Catwoman sketch at SDCC from him. I almost wish we could skip Tan and just have Stewart art until Frank Quitely comes back, and knowing how uhh… meticulous he is, I wouldnt mind as long as we had Stewart filling in. Hopefully after being on a big book like Batman & Robin, DC may put him on other projects and maybe even a monthly

  50. Stewart does good art. This will make the loss of Quietly slightly less painful, anyhow.

  51. hmmm it looks nice but i still want Frank Quietly

  52. XD! So do I rayclark… so do I.

  53. Yup, Stewart will do. Yes, he’ll do quite nicely.