C2E2 2013: Day 2 – TRINITY WAR, Gaiman on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Hickman Goes to INFINITY and Beyond

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME COMIIIIIIIIIICS!!!! We’ve got your round-up of all the cool announcements, events, and happenings of this weekend’s C2E2 in Chicago.

Saturday on a convention floor is always pretty insane. It’s always the most well-attended day of the show, making it hard to fight your way through throngs of people. Me? I don’t normally like Saturdays. If I can, I’ll try to hit the floor early and get out of there before it gets super-packed. Short of that, I like to hide out in panel rooms. You have a nice place to sit, sometimes you’re near an outlet to charge your phone and, oh yeah, you get to hear about cool stuff that’s happening in comics!

It's all too much for Jim to handle.

It’s all too much for Jim to handle.

DC Comics hosted a New 52 panel and a Superman panel on Saturday. For the most part the news/announcements were pretty similar to what we heard at the All Access panel on Friday. It looks like the big event coming up is Trinity War, which starts in July. It crosses over Justice League, JLA, Justice League Dark, and new series Pandora, Phantom Stranger and Trinity of Sin. I’m assuming that with Pandora being so involved in this, we might see some resolution to her prolific post-Flashpoint cameos. I’m also betting a Trinity War won’t be great for Superman and Wonder Woman’s romance. Our own Jeff Reid was quoted as being “just really excited” about the return of his favorite character, the Phantom Stranger.


As a convention goer, I was a bit disappointed in DC’s presence at C2E2. I definitely missed their booth on the convention floor, as it’s normally full of activity and some really great stuff. The panels also felt a bit light on content. I’m sure coordinating booths and panels at conventions is complicated and hard work, especially when there are so many shows in a year. But DC’s booth and panels are things I really look forward to at a convention, since they’re typically so well-executed.

Anyways. On to the news from Marvel!

The big news out of the House of Ideas came pretty early in the day. We knew that Neil Gaiman’s much fought-over Angela would be coming to the Marvel Universe as part of the Age of Ultron event. But she, and Gaiman, will be coming to the 616 proper in Guardians of the Galaxy. Starting with issue 5, we’ll see Angela in the book and Neil Gaiman co-writing with Brian Michael Bendis. Gaiman will be a more than just one issue, but it’s not clear how many he’ll be working on. Me? I’m just hoping that the Marvel version of Angela will have a more practical costume.

In a bit of news that quite possible is only interesting to me, Cullen Bun’s Fearless Defenders will be getting an AU issue that will revolve around Warrior Woman, a.k.a Hippolyta. Phil Jimenez is coming on to draw the issue and give Warrior Woman a bit of a redesign. The reason I find this so interesting is Jimenez is known for his iconic work on Wonder Woman, Diana Princess of Themyscrira, the daughter of Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons from Greek mythology.

Back to the good stuff! Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering will be Infinity. Kicking of the prelude to the big Infinity event, by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung. The basic premise is a giant cosmic threat pulls Earth’s Mightiest Heroes off-world, leaving the planet open to an attack from Thanos. With Hickman helming this event and all it’s moving parts, I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic, sweeping epic. No word on whether Buzz Lightyear will make an appearance in Infinity or beyond.


After hiding out at the very entertaining Patton Oswald Q&A, it was off the the Spider-Man panel for news on the web-slinger. There are a lot of fun and wacky things afoot for Spider-Man. Jim’s got a great recap of the panel you can check out for more details. Personally, I’m looking forward to The Superior Foes of Spider-Man by Nick Spencer the most.

In Phil Coulson news, there was a question at the Marvel Infinity panel about the fate of everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in terms of the Marvel cinematic universe and the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot. Marvel was very tight lipped about the whole thing. But the Son of Coul is very much in the yet-to-be-picked-up pilot for the Joss Wheldon-helmed TV show. I remain realistically optimistic, because that’s what Phil would want.


Alright, cats. I’m strapping on my comfy shoes and hitting the floor for one more day of C2E2. Stay cool.



  1. I went to 2 C2E2’s.. best conventions ive ever been to.. Very comics orientated.. So much COMICS talent crammed into .. well …crammed into a pretty big space i guess.. but relatively small.. hmm you get the point. Everyone that went this year im jealous.. everyone that didnt go…….. go next year!

    • They had it in a different part of the West Building this year. Probably twice as big. Next year is in the South Building. Dunno how big that’ll be but my feet are already screaming at me. Then again, that could still be from this weekend.

    • Im still jealous.. im even jealous of your feet.

  2. I am stoked about both Trinity War and Infinity. Should be a nice summer event year.