Brubaker! McNiven! Steve Rogers is the New CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 This July!

Today Marvel announces a new Captain America #1 just in time for this summer's Captain America: The First Avenger film! And it aint Bucky flinging that shield. So who's sporting the old glories? 


You may recall a blonde bombshell named Steve Rogers who stormed the beaches and decked the Nazis for several decades. Given his association with the feature film and his 70 years of experience, they've seen fit to give him the job. The new ongoing is written by Ed Brubaker, with art from Steve McNiven.

How's about a look at some variant covers from Neal Adams and Oliver Coipel? 


It was really only a matter of time before Steve ended up back in the role he was created to play all those decades ago, and with the big anniversary and feature film this year, there's no time like the present.

The "extra-sized" new ongoing launches in July. 


  1. I guess this has always been the plan, but the only thing that confuses me is that Ellis and McKelvie’s Secret Avengers has Captain Steve on the promo art. I wonder what’s up.

  2. Someone should tell Marvel that McNiven isn’t a monthly artist.

  3. Now will the current Cap book be canceled or will they change the title of it as they did with Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, and Thor and give the book over to a different character? Hopefully Marvel chooses to continue the current book and change it to a Winter Soldier book… or preferably a Falcon book.

  4. @skeets – Or both! They really make an interesting combo.

  5. What about Bucky? He was always way more badass as Winter Soldier. 

  6. With Steve back as Cap, maybe they can move Winter Soldier and make him the leader of the Secret Avengers 🙂

  7. looking forward to seeing bucky as nightwing again. or perhaps the winter soldier will join batman incorporated’s albuquerque branch.

  8. Oh, dear lord.

    McNiven of Civil War, please show up.

  9. McNiven is probably only going to be on for the first arc? Hopefully, imo, Brubaker won’t be on much longer, either. To me this feels like X-Men #1 from 1991, where Claremont was only there for the first arc. It makes sense to do a new Cap #1 to hopefully cash in on the movie to some extent, but I don’t see why Brubaker would want to go back to writing a Steve Cap series. I feel like Brubaker’s overall masterplan has been winding down now. The quality has been dropping off slowly for a year and a half now, and whereas the first 3-4 years of the series were excellent beyond precedent for this sort of thing, lately it’s just been spinning its wheels and has been very hit and miss. You’d think Bru would want to do something where his heart’s more in it, and you’d think there’d be another writer with a good plan for Cap? But then again, this is Marvel. They have a million truly great big-name creators all doing work that’s merely “good”, because the job’s comfortable for them.

  10. @caseyjustice – I can dig it. Though I worry that they’re going to kill Bucky in Fear Itself.

  11. I know a couple of folks have asked, but just keeping the question out there:  Anyone know if this cancels out the current on-going? 

  12. We wont know until Marvel releases their solicits for July I imagine. Going off the June solicits it seems possible given that #619 is solicited as the conclusion of that storyarc.

  13. I think Cap’s costume needs an update. But before all you guys freak out… I am just talking about a subtle update. Maybe a darker blue, some new boots, or even somewhere in between Bucky’s Cap & Steve Cap would be good.  I just feel its time we moved steve into the new era.     

  14. And Along with that, June’s Fear Itself has a battered and beaten Bucky Cap.

    I can see the current Cap series getting the Thor Treatment; this series to be renamed ala Journey into Mystery and the new Cap series much like The Mighty Thor.

    Will this also see the return on SHIELD and Nick Fury as it’s head? 

  15. Wait…wasn’t Cap series just renumbered?

  16. I’m kind of surprised the costume is still the same ol’ Cap costume.

  17. Am i the only one who LOVES the Neal Adams art?

  18. @skeets – Thanks!

    @JohnVFerrigno – No, I’m with you on that.  Love that cover…

  19. @JohnVFerrigno – dig the Neal stuff too.

  20. So I’m guessing Bucky’s going to bite it in Fear Itself then?  Man, they just got the number back on track.  I know it’s probably a nitpick, but the constant rebooting is making me nuts.

  21. McNiven on art? So, first issue July, next issue…next year sometime?

  22. If they kill Bucky in Fear itself, I will be PISSED. It would be a waste of a great character. I like the idea of Bucky being Winter Soldier or Winter Soldier-esque in Secret Avengers. And having Nick Fury back as head of SHIELD, with a new ongoing written by Jonathan Hickman. Make it happen Marvel!

  23. Pro: Steve apparently is back as Captain America
    Con: Judging from solicitations in the future all other series show he’s still Cap N’Steve. So what’s going on continuity wise here?

    Pro: Steve McNiven is the artist
    Con: Steve McNiven is the artist. Seriously it’ll looks gorgeous as always; but I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t get delayed immediately because McNiven can never keep a monthly schedule.

    Con: Ed Brubaker is the writer. Sounds weird to say I know, but catching up on the series I am surprised Brubaker hasn’t left this title yet. What stories does he have left to tell? He’s clearly been scrambling for stories after the ‘Death of Captain America’ arc and he’s just not bringing his ‘A’ game to the book anymore. Considering I see critic and public reviews with the same opinion, I don’t think I’m the only one to think this.

    Yeah…..I think I’m just gonna skip this one out entirely. 

  24. I’m glad Steve is coming back as Captain America.  But that said, I really hope that Bucky has a future in the Marvel Universe.  And not as Winter Soldier – too much negative history for that to be used.  Bucky needs to have his own new identity.  I would love for Bucky to still work with Steve from time to time, but I want to see him as a hero in his own right.  Also, I am personally glad that Brubaker is still writing Captain America.  He rocks.

  25. I’m guessing they’ll have McNiven’s arc in the can before this comes out. All the interviews.

    His last interior work was Nemesis #4 right? Which came out….around New Years?

    So he’s probably been free to work on Cap since the holidays, meaning he’ll have had potentially seven months of lead time before the first issue comes out.

    The feeling I get from recent interviews with Brevoort is that they’re a lot more sensitive to the negative impacts of stalled runs due to artist lateness. They got slightly burned by McNiven on Civil War, so I’m thinking they’ve taken plenty of precautions this time around.

    My question is about price. Since this is likely hoping to get Cap movie fans to become Cap comic fans, is it going to be $2.99? Will it be digital day and date? It seems like a great opportunity to test the general public’s interest in digital comics. I love comics as much as anyone here, but I’m real careful about which Marvel titles I get because that $4 price point is uncomfortable for my wallet.

  26. what a shame, just when they managed to add some level of interest to the captain america character…I mean, obviously Rogers was always going to be returned to the role but what a fantastically dull character he is. 

  27. McNiven gets a lot of flack, (as do a lot of artists) but in many cases it’s the writer. I Don.’t remember the interviewee, but someone on wordballoon was saying that a lot of it was because Millar was having health issues. And every book McNiven has been late on had Millar’s name on it.

  28. Not a surprising move given that the movie is coming. I’m more disappointed that McNiven is on pencils. That dude has been so untimely.

  29. So what’s the over/under on the first late issue.  I’m taking #4….and I feel optimistic there.

  30. @justincresswell  I wish he was the monthly artist. 

  31. What was the point of renumbering the series … again.. I understand why they want to change it in july with the movie comming out. But why the 600 renumbering. This is a completist’s and autistic’s nightmare. 

    I love McNiven’s art. We will have to wait and see if he can maintain the schedule.. or for how long. 

  32. @TheNextChampion – I think you’re being a little unfair to McNiven. He’s kept monthly schedules before. Civil War/Nemesis were both delayed due to health issues and Old Man Logan was due to scheduling conflicts for both him and Millar.

    In fact back in the day on Marvel Knights 4, that book came out twice a month for the first couple months.

  33. Brubaker!  McNiven!  Steve as Cap!  Happiness!

  34. @JohnVFerrigno  Neal Adams = LOVE (Consistent theme)

  35. Again with the pirate boots! Please someone give that man some boots and laces!

  36. @jmstump: So what’s going to happen first? McNiven or Brubaker getting sick?

    I’m sorry but whether it’s sickness, injury, or whatnot; he’s being labeled as an unreliable monthy artist now. When you see him on a book you automatically assume it isn’t going to come out on time. 

  37. This is going to be one of those flashback deals. Where everyone who sees the movie will flock to comic shops and buy this book because its just like the movie! They did the same with Iron man when it came out. I think Bucky Cap will still be around and Steve will still lead SHIELD in the current continuity.
    Also how about that art. They are all really good!

  38. Steve McNiven?!  WOW!  I will actually buy this!  in graphic novel, of course.  I have to, he’s the greatest artist working today, along with Deodato and Bagley and Immonen and Yu.

  39. Bucky is my Captain America! I’ve enjoyed the idea of Steve Rodgers running SHIELD and not carrying the Shield.  I think that Brubaker has stalled abit with story, but if making Steve Rodgers Cap again is his idea of picking it back up I’m dropping the book.

  40. what I find interesting is that McNiven is going to give this an entirely different look. with everybody since Epting, while having different styles, the book has had a definitive look. maybe the current ongoing will keep going with Bucky/Falcon/Sharon/Black Widow or something, but this new book will certainly be different. Brubaker has said on Facebook/Twitter that we will find out tomorrow what is happening to the current book. we will know sooner rather than later. Tales of Suspense?

  41. @georgeXjr  @TNC …EFFF it! I’d wait.
     Mcniven rocked me in Civil War, Old Man Logan & New Avengers. I really don’t know what happened with Nemesis (inker?) but it looks to be an excellent writer/penciller team!
    BTW…Avengers Children Crusade (which I LOVE) also has an excelent pairing of writer and artist and Issue #1 came out July-Aug of 2010!! People don’t mind waiting for that

  42. Find it interesting most people are upset that Bucky won’t be Captain America anymore.  I wouldn’t have thought that before reading the comments.  I am behind on Cap. books so maybe after I finish reading the 2nd omnibus I will feel the same way.

  43. @starbucky  Probably, for the 70th anniversary of the character, which was celebrated in #616, they wanted to have the original numbering on the book.