Brian Wood Signs On For LORD OF THE RINGS Comic

From dystopian near future stories to mutants, heroes and vikings, Brian Wood has just about done it all.

And now he's doing Lord of the Rings.

Last night, news broke on IGN that the DMZ scribe is doing a digital tie-in comic for an upcoming video game based on Tolkien epic titled Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Based in the immense backstory of the Middle Earth mythology (anyone read The Similarion?) and published by DC, Wood's story will reportedly chart a tale that runs concurrently to the storyline contained in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Partnering with artist Simon Coleby (Judge Dredd, The Authority), this is the first of several new projects Wood is taking on as both DMZ and Northlanders come to a close. Wood is no stranger to video games; he worked for years as a designer Rockstar Games on a little game called Grand Theft Auto 3, and has been in talks for a number of video game writing gigs in recent years.

Regarding Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Wood states on his tumblr that it was a "fun job."

"I wish I could have written more than the 16 pages of script I did, but like I said, its not up to me," Wood explained. "I love LOTR and nothing would make me happier than to write a regular comic for general release."

But before you call/e-mail/text/smoke signal your comic store to put it on your pull list, beware; as of now the Lord of the Rings: War of the North digital comic will only be available by pre-ordering the video game.


  1. Interesting release stragey.

  2. Interesting.  THe war in the North is interesting, but I’d have to check out the game before I decide to order it.

  3. Just wanted to mention that I have read the Silmarillion. I remember almost nothing, and it wasn’t that long ago.

  4. @josh I have the same opinion on the Silmarillon. I read it, enjoyed it enough, but when someone asked me about it I couldn’t tell them a thing about it.

  5. @josh  yea all i remember is the gandalf and the other wizards were sort of servants to the real “angels” if you will.  i read it a looong time ago, and havent been brave enough to try again.

  6. Adding more to the little tangent going on in the previous comments, I once tried reading the Silmarillion and gave up all hope after about 100 pages. Not my cup of tea, really…

  7. I still can’t believe that Wood is not part of the DC reboot. DC= major ball dropped.