BREAKING: The New Man Without Fear is… The Black Panther

It was announced tonight on G4's Attack of the Show that Black Panther will be the new Daredevil. Sort of.

In December, Daredevil goes away and is replaced by Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513. That would make Daredevil #512 the last issue of Daredevil. For now.

What we know is that Black Panther will be designated the new Man Without Fear and charged with protecting Hell's Kitchen (see, this is what happens when you drive out The Westies…). This all spins out of the events currently unfolding in the Shadowland crossover so if you're reading those books this probably all makes a lot more sense to you than it does to me.

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear is set to be written by David Liss with art by the excellent Francisco Francavilla (right) who previously has been announced as the artist on the Commissioner Gordon back up stories in Scott Snyder's Detective Comics. Not sure how that's going to work. Maybe he draws with two hands at once!

Either way, things are about to go down in Hell's Kitchen.


  1. Torn on this, Love Francavillas sketches but haven’t been super thrilled by his sequential stuff. Also, he would be the only reason I would be picking up this book. I might give the first couple issues a shot.

  2. first Dick Grayson stays as Batman, now Black Panther replaces Daredevil, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!?! 

    On a side note, the art looks great. 

  3. I guess if it’s gonna make sense then it’s gonna make sense. Will he remain BP, will he through on DD red and will Matt be present in the Marvel U at any time during this?

    And first mr fantastic, now DD, who’s next?

  4. And Robin said" Holy Black Panther Party, Batman"

    As a DD fan I may continue with this, aka i’ll pick up the first issue and go from there!

  5. I wouldn’t want him staying in my brownstone.

  6. @josh: The people of Hell’s Kitchen should put heavy duty locks on their fridges. And label their food with their names (just in case).

  7. He still won’t wash his own dishes. And have you seen his bathroom? It’s like he’s got a real panther in there.

  8. *Because the Black Panther is a bad roommate. That is a callback to a running joke from the podcast quite some time ago.


  9. I totally won that contest back in the day. 

  10. @jimski  Yes.  That sounded potentially…offensive. Thanks.

    I just read the bio on Liss on Wiki.  My interest is piqued.  I’ll definitely try the first issue.

  11. I need to start reading DD, but not now!!

  12. Is this the same David Liss who wrote "A Conspiracy of Paper" and "The Coffee Trader"? Those are fine boods, but I do not get anything out of those that indicate he can write a 22 page sequetial art story. comicbookdb comes up dry, so this’d be his first comics work (unless I’m missing something).

    I’m off it. If buzz says it’s good I’ll get back on but as of now it’s another off the list.

  13. @Josh/Conor:  Issue #1 – The Roomate without Fear battles Middle Management Red Skull!

  14. I love this idea! Out of all the teaser posters shown for this new move, Black Panther was the one I wanted most to be the guy. Partly because I haven’t read much of the guy, so this would be good exposure to him. But also partly because just the idea of it sounds cool.

    Also the creators on this book, oh man those are some good names. David Liss is a great writer and his recent comic work has been great. (His ‘Daring Mystery Comics’ one-shot was one of the best out of the 70th Anniversary)  But put Francavilla as full time artist and you have my full attention.

  15. Daredevil Inc?

  16. What is he protecting Hell’s Kitchen from these days anyhow? Increasingly higher residential real estate values?

  17.  Did Conner make a Conspiracy Theory reference!!!

  18. Wait a minute…he isn’t protecting Wakanda now? Or is this the Wolverine paradox of Panther protecting Wakanda and Hell’s Kitchen (even though Black Panther isn’t American).

  19. I think T’Challa is either lost the throne to Wakanda or his sister gained the mantle of being officially Black Panther while he was injuried.

    I’m only going by wikipedia, since I’ve never read the actual comic. 

  20. T’Challa is no longer the Black Panther or the King of Wakanda. So, aside from being married to Ororo, he’s totally got the free time for this. And he used to be an Avenger, so he knows New York pretty well.

    One of the first comics I bought was a Daredevil comic that featured Black Panther; I’ve been a fan of his since then. This will add another book to my pull list, ’cause I’ll totally be buying it.

  21. Jimski’s frantic clarification was the perfect cherry on the bad roommate sundae. 

  22. @WilliamKScurry – He’s protecting the local thai food place from going out of business due to higher rents.

    Maybe Daredevil should move uptown, or to a rougher area of Brooklyn?

  23. Wait, @Diabhol wtf happened in Wakanda?

  24. damnit now he has no fear….your never getting his half of the cable bill

  25. He also borrowed your laptop, and you DO NOT want it back.

  26. Ooh, cheeky. 


     Team change? YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!

    Seriously though I can’t believe no one’s mentioned Conor’s typo. Ges?

    The art has been  great throughout Diggle’s run but he just doesn’t have a good handle on the character. And this too shall pass. 

  28. My secret hope was for the Falcon — I’d love to see him reprise his community activist/social worker/super-hero role in a community like Hell’s Kitchen. That said, I think I mentioned BP as a good pick back when these were released. We’ve seen the "royal" black panther of Wakanda for a number of years now — I’d like to see how they’d play the whole outcast/immigrant role here. It could be like Coming to America… with ass-kicking. 😉

  29. This week Hell’s Kitchen, next week its the fries!

  30. I’m on the fence about dropping this. Been on DD constantly since the Kevin Smith days but this seems to be a bad move. When I pick up a DD book it’s because I want to read DD, not Black Panther. Doesn’t he already have his own book anyway?

  31. Mon-El is Superman. Nightwing is Batman. Bucky is Captain America. Black Panther is DD etc etc etc

    I guess it must sell books, because they keep doing it, but I wish they’d just concentrate on good stories & art to sell books, & not this gimmicky bullshit.


  32. @ WadeWilson Although i totally agree with your point they are getting some fantastic stories out of both Dick and Bucky. But i just don’t see why they would choose Black Panther to replace Daredevil, maybe the writers will come up with some fantastic reason to do this but i doubt it. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  33. I’ll check out the first issue because I want to see Francavilla interiors, but part me of also feels that this may be a good time to take a DD break…

  34. Time to drop the book, I want to read Daredevil, the cool superhero who’s blind, not Black Panther, the most boring superhero ever devised.

  35. @deccampo:  Ha!  "Freeze, you diseased rhinoceros’ pizzle!"

  36. @jimski @josh

    Which podcast was this. I just started listening, and I think, nay I know I want to hear the hilarity of this bit.

  37. A novelist? Uh oh. Thisnis gonna be Charlie Huston’s Moonknight all over again. Except worse

  38. @daccampo LOL Coming to America with Ass Kicking!

    Black Panther eat pizza! I eat Pizza! -Do the right thing. 

  39. Has Hell’s kitchen been gentrified yet? I stayed in some weird youth hostel there in the late 90s and was kinda sorta scared for my life. The place needed a brigade of Marines to keep that area safe.

    I’m imagining Black Panther helping condo owners enforce their Viking Range warranties and fight for parking spots in the new trendy dirty spot of the city. =p

  40. There have to be far more dangerous areas for street level heroes to patrol don’t you think?

    New Orleans


    It’d be interesting to see our Marvel heroes in these areas.

  41. Hell’s Kitchen in real life is pretty gentified now.  A lot of actors live there now due to it being really close to the Actor’s Studio and various TV studios located there.  Heck, the Colbert Report operates out of Hell’s Kitchen… which begs the question of how Colbert’s handling things in Shadowland.  Where’s my Shadowland: Colbert vs. Ninjas one shot, Marvel?!

    I don’t have much of a problem with this except that it seems strange T’Challa would move and set up shop in Hell’s Kitchen given theend of Doomwar.  Isn’t Wakanda on the edge of total economic collapse right now?  Shouldn’t he helping his country right now?

  42. @neums: It was after Storm and T’Challa got married. A discussion broke out about how the logistics of that worked when Storm was on X-Men duty; did the Panther just hang around X-mansion watching their pat per view? I thiiink it was this one…

    …but a monster ate the show notes.

  43. Update: yes, that’s the one, and it’s still funny.

    (Wow. Three years ago?)

  44. I thought it stemmed from him being on the Fantastic Four too, and pissing off the Richards’.

  45. They were squatting in every townhouse in Manhattan back then. Lotta couch surfing for the royal family that year.

  46. Zero interest in pulling this book for the foreseeable future.

  47. Yknow, whether this works or not, whether "Incredible Hercules" worked or not, I’ve gotta give it to Marvel for coming up with some creative ways to spotlight different heroes from stories. Is this a stunt? Maybe. But the Hercules story found some fans and from what I’ve read, it seems like they made the story work in execution. They’ve put some interesting people on it, and it’s organically stemming from the conclusion of another storyline (not the Panther part, but the vacuum in Hell’s Kitchen part), so… that’s pretty cool. Certainly we’ve all seen publishers jam ridiculous concepts down our throats with very little context or story logic. This, at least, seems a creative way to cast one of Marvel’s properties in a new light while honoring the landscape of current continuity.

  48. @daccampo: Oh Incredible Hercules worked my friend…..It worked your face off! 🙂

    But you’re right, it all goes down to execution. If the story is written and drawn well (we already know the art will be great anyways) then this experiment/cash grab was a success.

  49. I was thinking of you when I said that book "found some fans," TNC. 😉

  50. i swear to god i wasnt downloading thunder cats porn it was blank panther!!!

  51. I am not up on Black Panther or any of the Shadowland stuff at all. What is the explanation for Black Panther having the time to be hanging out in Hell’s Kitchen, when he is supposed to be the King of Wakanda or whatever?

  52. Doesn’t T’challa have a nation to rule and a mutant wife to coddle. I am seriously pissed if this is true.

  53. @j206 – one would imagine that this will be cleared up as the storyline begins.

  54. This is f@#king shit I’m a Black Panther fan. He is a King and one of the smartest people in MU. Not a street level hero fighting thugs. Have him show up X-Men or the new Namor books. But f#@king DD that dumb their had to be a better choice. Like Moon Knight or Shang-Chi.

  55. Wait… isn’t he the king of Wakanda and married to Storm?  Or did Mephisto get involved in that, too?

    For the record… I don’t REALLY care about those things… if the book is good, it’s good. 

  56. I’m excited because I’m a Black Panther fan and am looking forward to seeing the Black Panther in comics. He definitely wasn’t the lead in the last book, so I’ll take my T’Challa as I can get him. (Even if he eats all my Froot Loops)

  57. just gonna have to find out for myself i guess……..

  58. Sorry I just finally saw this Jimski. Thanks!

  59. Wadewilson- I kind of agree- this smacks of the period when suddenly there was a "lady" version of every male character.

     But my question is- even thoughhe is wearing A Black Panther costume his sister is still the official Black Panther right?

    with the Black Panther God’s blessing etc.


    This is just T’challa with amped up powers frommagic-science  – Yes?