Breaking: iFanboy Demands More ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN by Jeff Parker & Chris Samnee

The opening installment of DC Comic’s digital-first anthology Adventures of Superman will likely be the best $0.99 you spend today. Or it should be.

Available now on Comixology, it’s a sure bet for anyone missing those iconic red trunks. “Violent Minds” chapter one is a five star collaboration between Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee. Even crackling with a sinister blue meth plot, it’s an invigorating return to form for the Man of Steel, harkening back to the pre-52 era and Bruce Timm’s animated series. The tone and voice are just right, and Samnee renders the most nuanced and likable vision of Superman in ages. Power and heart in equal measure.


In coming weeks we’ll see serials and one-shots from the likes of Jeff Lemire, Justin Jordan and Riley Rossmo, Matt Kindt and Segovia, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joelle Jones, and many more.

Excited as we are for the rest of the anthology, Parker and Samnee have set a lofty benchmark. Simply put, we’re eager for more of this kind of thing. Lots more, and with an even higher profile.

Go get it!




  1. Dear DC,

    Just put these guys on Action Comics already!

    All the best,
    Everyone in the Universe

  2. Chris Samnee needs to be drawing more Superman


    Wait, no, wrong guy..

  4. Superman returns!

  5. Does anyone know if they’re ever going to release the Orson Scott Card Superman story from this?

  6. Oh, thank God.