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SDCC 2013: Monkeybrain Comics Enters Year 2 With New Titles Available RIGHT NOW

Throwing feces at the sophomore slump!

David Accampo: My Life in the Direct Market, Part 3

Despite his best efforts, Dave’s comic didn’t quite reach the audience it needed to sustain a print run, though Sparrow and Crowe still have a future in digital distribution. So what’s next for the direct market, for comics and for Dave?

Breaking: iFanboy Demands More ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN by Jeff Parker & Chris Samnee

More! More! More!

MonkeyBrain Comics Steps Into Digital Comics Distribution

We assume there’s a barrel involved somehow.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 04.06.2012

I think I’ll go home and mull this over
Before i cram it down my throat
At long last it’s crashed, its colossal mass
Has broken up into bits in my moat.

Digital Comics and Your Local Shop – A Bookseller’s Perspective

Dispatches from an industry that’s already gone through what comics are about to.

The Digital Comics Tipping Point

That day you were waiting for? It’s here. Now what?