BREAKING – DC Comics Announces Brightest Day

DC Comics started off this week with a major announcement about the follow up to Blackest Night.  By publishing a conversation with Dan DiDio and a teaser image on their blog, they announced BRIGHTEST DAY, a biweekly, 26-issue series kicking off in April.  Sticking with a good thing, the writers on Brightest Day will be Geoff Johns and Pete Tomasi, the main two writers behind Green Lantern's success so far.

We've had several years of weekly series, like 52, Countdown and Trinity, but this is the first biweekly series we've seen from DC Comics, and while the title and premise of the book isn't that surprising, I mean it goes along with the Green Lantern oath and all, it is exciting to see what the post Blackest Night world looks like in a the DC Universe and getting a Green Lantern fix every 2 weeks isn't a bad thing, as long as it's coming from Johns and Tomasi and especially if it's a bit…brighter than the book has been in the past year or so.  Their other books, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps will also share the Brightest Day banner, so expect more Green Lantern goodness in 2010.

No artists were announced, but they teased that more info may be coming with, I assume, announcements of artists and sample art, so stay tuned to this post which we'll update as soon as artists are announced. They did mention that the artist on Brightest Day #0 will be Fernando Pasarin. 

There was also no mention of cover price on the bi-weekly title, so we'll see about that as well.


UPDATE – The DC Blog posted some more info from DiDio, this time confirming that the new ongoing Flash title, also written by Geoff Johns, will launch under the Brightest Day banner and provided some sweet Francis Manapul artwork, which looks to be the cover to the first issue (and was confirmed to be cover of Flash #1 by Geoff Johns on Twitter)

DC also announced that Justice League of America would be flying the Brightest Day banner with issue #44, but didn't reveal who was on the team or any other details.  They did provide the cover art though with some equally sweet Mark Bagley Art:

   Brightest Day Justice League


  1. I want my white lantern ring NOW, although I’m running out of fingers.

  2. called it

  3. So will this technically be a weekly with GL and GLC tying into it? Interesting, but confusing.

  4. awsome just awsome

  5. more lantern goodness (seconded on the white ring thing)

  6. I really like the emblem. The black lantern one is sucking light while the White lantern one is shining light. Can’t wait for more green lantern!

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Johns and Tomasi make a great team. Curious about the tone of the event, ya know? Blackest Night puts the emphasis on the threat, but the conflict for Brightest Day isn’t so obvious. Guess we’ll know soon. 

  8. Brightest day will be the conflict surrounding the right sunglasses to wear.

  9. DC has just been hitting it out of the ballpark lately, haven’t they?  I know that’s a bit premature to say with Blackest Night still wrapping up, but it’s still great to see DC wanting to stay consistent with their writers and continuity, especially when it comes to talents like Johns and Tomasi at the helm.  I just hope we don’t get GL-fatigued what with this series and the main GL and GLC books still coming out monthly (I’m presuming of course those books will still be in play)

  10. On another note, I want my white lantern ring too 🙂

  11. It’s sort of funny how something as simple as a white lantern ring and a "Brightest Day" title gets us all hot and bothered.  We really know nothing about the story at all and yet (and myself included) we’re all (so far) super excited about it.


  12. So with the main Green Lantern title featuring Hal Jordan and the GLC title featuring the rest of the GL Corps, Im at a loss to what this maxi series will be about. Its possible that this could feature the adventures of the other Corps (which means more possible Dex-Starr action!!!), or something else unfathomable until the end of Blackest Night.

  13. @gobo – we’re all super-excited because we know how consistenly well the GL books have been as of late and the fact that Johns and Tomasi are still on it keeps a nice flow to the continuity going.  I do agree that we should lower our expectations since we don’t know anything about it yet, but you can’t help but be excited if you’re a GL fan.

  14. FOUR Green Lanternish books a month.  Mr. Johns and Mr. Tomasi.  Sounds good to me.  When does Johns find time to eat (massive amounts of cereal/pop tarts)???

  15. Is it possible, then, that Blackest Night ends with the creation of a white lantern and Brightest Day is a continuation of  the overall story? In other words, would Blackest Night be acts 1 and 2, with Brightest Day acting as act 3?

  16. Ahhhhhhhh yeah!

  17. Maybe it end with all lanterns becoming White Lanterns. No more colours, no more war of the light.

    Rise the White Lantern Corp.

  18. As long as Geoff John is still leading this ship that is all that matters to me.

  19. Heh…the ‘white power’

  20. A. I also want my white ring because the little collector man inside my brain tells me I need it to have the complete set, damn it!

    B. More Johns and Tomasi on GL stuff? Oh hells yeah.

    3. Bi-weekly? I’ll drop some books to make room for this monster.

    IV. Not to be one of those speculative fanboys, but I think there will be another bi-weekly title that will run during Brightest Day’s off-weeks. Just a feeling.

  21. How much you want to bet the next series to follow will be "No Evil Shall Escape."

  22. I think this is great. As a college student who buys comics once a month in a giant stack, I haven’t been able to enjoy the weekly series because that’s just too many books. But this bi-weekly series seems very do-able for my budget.

  23. @ Dan: Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps will still be coming out once a month. Depending on the release dates, we could have a Lantern book once a week!!!

  24. So who thinks that the "New Guardians" will be the bearers of the White Rings? Cause I sure do…

  25. I need a raise.

  26. Sounds cool, and I would love to read it, but I just don’t think my wallet can take it, especially if it’ll be priced at $4/issue…I may be sitting this one out.

  27. I can’t help but wonder if this means that we probably won’t get another round of WEDNESDAY COMICS for a while. DC’s going to have its hands full with this bi-weekly title so I could see an actual weekly comic being out of the question, even if it was only weekly for a few months.

    I’m aware that I’m jumping the gun with this speculation but it just got me thinking.

  28. UPDATED with info about the Flash ongoing

  29. Oh my,what a surprise!

  30. Hot damn that is a nice Flash image.

  31. This post has me all excited.  Not only do I want my white ring, but I want the light up ones that were in previews. I’m contemplating dropping the 60-70 bucks on those, why? BECAUSE THEY LIGHT UP!

  32. Spoiler alerts, you guys! Now I know Nekron is going to lose! The whole story is ruined now.

  33. They’re calling it DCU: Rebirth @ The Source. I can get behind that… Bringing back Aquaman and Hawkman in a way that doesn’t suck.


    In between the Heroic Age at Marvel and the Brightest Day at DC, could we be watching the last days of the grim n’ gritty era of the 80’s and 90’s? Just a thought…

  34. @msarsur i agree i can forsee a return to a more silver age style of comic book storytelling

  35. That Flash image screams desktop wallpaper!

  36. Dorkgasam.  Thanks iFanboy now I have to change my pants

  37. I don’t know how I feel about all of this.  I’m definitely going to read when it comes out, but I can see event fatigue setting in halfway through this series if it doesn’t have great pacing. 

  38. With a bit of luck, this will be the end of the whole zombie thing.

  39. wow, johns is a working machine!

  40. Damn. Basically that means we’re getting a year of weekly green lantern goodness, yeah?

    I mean hopefully, of course, but Johns is just KILLING it right now, so I can only expect good things. 

  41. New news: "JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA will also feature the banner, starting with April’s #44, but the characters that will be joining the team are still very much under wraps"

  42. Saw the pic for BD: JLA <> and immediately thought: What the Frak? Is Jean Grey the newest JLA member? 😉

  43. Interesting to say the least. I’m not sure what they could possibly do for 26 issues, but if it’s Johns/Tomasi as the writers it has to be at least good. Oh and that Flash drawing?

    *drools* Me like Manapul!

  44. By the way, take two shots.

  45. I was so looking forward to reading Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps again after Blackest Night was over.  I guess that’s out the window.

  46. A "Brightest Day banner" you say?  But that means Josh will be forced to not like it!  He hates marketing like that!  It ruins the stories!

  47. 90% of your posting existence depends on wild accusations about an imaginary anti-Marvel bias on the part of iFanboy.

  48. speculating here

    After Brightest Day comes Darkest Night, in other words, Batman’s return. Will they be connected somehow? It would seem foolish for it not to be.

    Another 1/2 year without Bruce Wayne seems reasonable.

    So far I’ve been very pleased with how everything has been coordinated thus far in the DCU (Flash Rebirth withstanding). Very interested to see how this is all carried out.

  49. I’m ready for Bruce Wayne to come back already.

  50. Awesomeness.  Can’t wait.

  51. Cautiously optimistic over here….I like the sound of the tone of this thing.  I am loving Blackest Night but feel that it couldn’t hurt to dial down the grimness and bloodletting.  Classic superheroing on wild alien worlds with a lot less angst and more fun could be a very good thing.  I am worried about burn out though, both for the writers and the characters.  Remember DC, there’s absolutely nothing that says GL needs to be pimped like Marvel is pimping Deadpool!!!

  52. And is the biweekly format some kind of concession to the economic outlook?

  53. I have been loving green lantern, but I am more excited about the Flash book. Manapul is really echoing ringo there.

  54. Looks like we’re  back to Jesse Quick.

  55. Well, this series has been extremely predictable. Why not continue the predictability? 

  56. All will be well!! 😀

  57. Looks good, can’t wait. 4 Lantern books is going to destroy me… 🙂

  58. @kickass. Yeah, it has nothing to do with repetitiveness, just that he doesn’t like one "bannered event." He must just hate them ALL. 

  59. Please don’t feel the need to defend me or moderate the thread. I will respond if I feel the need to.

  60. Don’t worry, Josh!  I’ll defend you!

    Oh wait, you DON’T need defending. My bad!

    (Stupid joke, I’ll admit, yet still satisfying to type.)

  61. I’ve counted about 3 negative comments to this news. I feel so very very proud of you all.

    If the quality remains at this level then there is no bad to this. 

  62. I’m actually planning on dropping Green Lantern after Blackest Night. I don’t think Brightest Day is gonna change that.


  63. In other news, Marvel announced its upcoming event, "Light Reign."

  64. haha Light Reign with a chance of God of Thunder…I love the flash image.

  65. As a comic store owner and long time comic fan, I enjoy reading both DC and Marvel. Thought I must say that I am especially looking forward to the Brightest Day series. Not often in the comic world does a series get as much publicity as Blackest Night did and live up to expectations. Now it looks like DC is trying to mach that publicity with a follow-up series. I don’t see why the Brightest Day won’t live up to the expectations. 

  66. Let’s hope they don’t pull a Cap and show Bruce Wayne in any books before the end of the Return of Bruce Wayne mino.