BONUS VIDEO: iFanboy Vs. Comics Alliance Panel from WonderCon

As some of you may have heard, back at WonderCon earlier this month, we squared off against our pals from the website Comics Alliance in a no holds barred battle of the comics sites.  Ryan (@Agent_M) Penagos from Marvel hosted the panel and Rick Remender even made a cameo appearance.

And now, in conjunction with Comics Alliance, we present to you the complete and unedited video of the panel for you to enjoy:

(Total running time: 52 minutes)


Now as you can see, iFanboy did fall to Comics Alliance (thanks to some dubious scoring) but it was all in fun and we had a great time.  A big thanks goes out to Rick Remender and Ryan Penagos for giving some of their time at a very busy con, as well as friend of iFanboy, Ash Aiwase for taping the entire panel and of course we couldn't have had such a fun time without Laura Hudson, David Brothers and Andy Khouri from Comics Alliance. 

But the biggest thank you goes out to all the great folks who attended the panel in person and to you for watching this video now.  The whole reason why iFanboy and Comics Alliance exist is for you, to help spread the good word about comics and have fun while doing it, which I think this video captures perfectly.


  1. Will this by chance be added to the SD video feed? Pretty please?

  2. @cahubble09  unfortunately no – this is only available streaming on the web

  3. My Frank Tieri 6 degrees would have been Frank Tieri seeded Wolverine vs Jughead in Archive vs the Punisher!

  4. You’d think there wouldn’t be ‘dubious’ scoring considering Agent M is your friend…..

    I smell betrayal! (Seriously, looking forward to the video) 

  5. i am so happy for rick remender , good job guys as always ya make me proud to be part of the ifanboy nation

  6. You guys may have been owned, but this is still my favorite comics website.  I’m glad this video made it out there, it was a lot of fun.

  7. Great games.

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You have NO idea how much I wanted to be there for this. 

  9. Such an awesome panel. Fun games, great interviews, and overall shenanigans. Let’s hope there’s a rematch!

  10. this could easily become a con-staple. maybe challenge other sites/podcasts.

  11. Not bad, Ron totally won the Rick Remener interview though, all in all lots of fun. Never been to the Comics Alliance site before, but I might check them out.

  12. great panel. really funny moments. comic alliance is a great site too.

  13. Fun!

  14. @cahubble09  There are video downloaders available as a Chrome exe, and also as a firefox add-on. I downloaded this.

  15. REALLY glad this got posted.  We had to leave 20 minutes early to pick up our car so it didn’t get stuck in parking overnight.