Black Swan’s Ksenia Solo Joins LOCKE & KEY

Daily Blam reports that Ksenia Solo has joined the cast of Fox's Locke & Key pilot. The Latvian-born Canadian actress (who's sort of shockingly not a Star Wars EU character) previously appeared in 2010's Black Swan as well as the CW's Nikita television series. 

Though her role is unspecified, I'll eat my Nikes if she isn't playing the alluring and creepy villain Dodge in his well-dwelling female form. It's probably not a massive spoiler to discuss the gender-bending aspect of the series' Voldemort, though the character is introduced as being exclusively female in the pilot. Whether the young actress will also play Dodge's male form or tag-team the role with a male actor is unknown. This is also assuming that the series will include the male Dodge (his primary form from the comic). No reason to believe they won't, but having only read the pilot script, I can't confirm his presence later on. 

Read my exclusive review of the Locke & Key pilot script. 

Check out the rest of the cast list, including Jesse McCartney, Miranda Otto, and Nick Stahl. 


  1. Intresting. I can kinda see it.

    In addition to Black Swan and Nikita, she is also on Canadian show called Lost Girl, where she’s apparently pretty funny.

  2. “…(who’s sort of shockingly not a Star Wars EU character)…”


  3. Oh man, how could I gloss over the fact that she’s Latvian – our southern neighbour. About time Baltic girls got some recognition.

  4. She was also in 13 episodes of a CW series called Life Unexpected which was the best written teen/family drama series I’d seen in YEARS. I’d say easily since The OC. It just had it’s series finale a few weeks ago. Solo was quite good in it, so I’m glad she’s getting more work.

  5. Holy…if you JUST showed me her picture I would have asked, “Why is she not playing Dodge in Locke and Key?”

  6. wait, they got a Latvarian actress? Surely they are far to busy appearing in Dooms continuing life story soap opera?

  7. I, Doom, have given approval for her to appear in this film. She’s a loyal subject in my kingdom.

  8. I will watch this show just to drool over her.