‘Beware the Batman’ – S01E05 – “Broken”

Beware the Batman_Broken

Here’s how “Broken” is described:

Strange, life-size metal toy army men have started to appear all over Gotham…armed with real weapons. When Batman investigates, however, he discovers they are more than toys, but actual living people trapped inside an explosive shell. The clues all lead back to a former mob accountant named Humpty Dumpty (Matt Jones), who went insane when the Mob tried to silence him before he could testify. Now, he wants revenge, and one of the people he’s targeted is Lieutenant James Gordon!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I love that this series keeps using characters (Dumpty, Lunkhead, Doodle Bug, Junkyard Dog) from Dan Slott’s Arkham Asylum miniseries. That book does not get talked about enough.

  2. I just acquired cable. When and where does this come on?

  3. did Adam Beechen write this one?

  4. Gotta say, the ending tricked me. For a minute or so I was thinking we were really going to get a suicide in a kids show!

  5. I didn’t like the preview art and I wasn’t sure why Alfred had a gun? I finally watched some episodes on-demand, it’s really good.

  6. After watching the newest episode of Beware the Bat, any qualms I had about the animation and the potential of this show has been squashed! BTB has delivered some well-crafted stories and the use of the more obscure villains in the DC universe has been a nice touch!

  7. I never expected ‘d like this show based on the computer art and character designs. But DANG! I’ve watched episodes 3 and 4t (and will watch this one soon) on-demand and I really like it.

    I especially like Katana. She ads a lot of depth to the stories, For me, she’s a biggest draw.

  8. I look forward to checking this out when it hits Netflix.

    Seems like a buzz is slowly building.

  9. Jeez , I did not enjoy this. Boring to me. Does every villain need to have some intricate plot and deathtraps? I mean a mob accountant goes crazy and starts building robotic toy soldier bombs? The stuff with Gordon and Bats was good, I’m fine with that. The Katanna/Apfred subplot didn’t seem relevant tho, even tho it should have been. 1/5 for me.

    • @ithosapien warning don’t read any superhero comics from the silver age haha

    • @joeislive Funny, but silver-age junk belongs in the silver-age. Not today when we have COMPETENT writers and artists/animators.

    • @joeislive; I happen to like most Silver Age stories. They’re usually fun, if low on logic. For a Silver Age story, this may have worked (although I typically hate Batman stories from the ’50s/’60s).

      @Nightwing97, I think that’s pretty harsh; loads of great characters and creators were in the Silver Age. Grant Morrison’s “All-Star Superman” is a sendup to that era.

      Think about this though; Prof. Pyg, Anarky, and now Humpty Dumpty all had these stupid death trap plots. Which are starting to blur together in my eyes. I don’t know much about HD other than that he has a fascination with taking things apart and putting them back together in the comics. I didn’t expect that in this show, but I didn’t or want another guy with deathtraps as his main hook. If every villain in this show is gonna have a funny accent and deathtraps, I’m gonna call it quits. And why is it this guy can weigh 300 pounds and be 6 ft tall but can’t fight? The logic in this show seems to vary wildly.

  10. @IthoSapien With the exception of the likes of Gardner Fox and his ilk, you can’t deny that the majority of tales that came out of that era are pretty silly and hackneyed. Definitely potential, but nothing (I think) truly memorable or defining besides the occasional, “Batman, do you have to wear a different colored costume EVERY night?” Yeah, Morrison did a tribute to the era by taking the readable moments from back then and making them amazing… But that’s just my opinion.

    And the problem with this show is that it seems to have already fallen into a formula. Like the 60’s show, it’s already going by the “Villain-of-the-Week” thing. Nowhere near as cheesy, but JUST as fatal to the quality of the show. It would be a little better if they made the excellent villains that they use actually interesting. I didn’t watch this episode, but I can vouch for what they did to Pyg and Anarky.

    • @Nightwing97, I think we’re saying the same thing but just getting our meanings crossed.

      “silver-age junk belongs in the silver-age. Not today when we have COMPETENT writers and artists/animators.”. I thought that was a blanket statement against everything from the Silver Age. Yeah, Gardner Fox, Julie Schwartz, etc; those were the best of that time. Alot of it was silly and ridiculous (but comics were at a different stage back then), but most of what I read is fun and light-hearted. For example; I just read the first appreance of Superbaby in “Superman:In the Sixties”; I thought at first it was stupid and that I’d hate it but I actually got a kick out of the story. Not great, not bad; but decent. I’m getting more and more into older DC stuff, especially the Silver Age stories.

      I’m not gonna defend anything this show has done; everything has been done 3-4 times over, and MUCH better at that each of those times. I dont much care about Pyg, but fully agree Anarky was a wash. Even for a reinterpretation, he sucked. I think he’s meant to be this series Joker, but it got bungled. Badly. Honestly I’m kinda sick of Batman media, and would have preferred more GL instead, or a Doom Patrol cartoon, or a spinoff from YJ.

  11. The guy who voiced Dumpty is the guy who plays Badger Mayhew on Breaking Bad.

    So, that’s something.

  12. This was the first episode I caught and I dug it. I really like the character design, even if I miss hand-drawn animation.