‘Beware the Batman’ – S01E01 – “Hunted”

Beware the Batman_Hunted

Here’s how “Hunted” is described:

Batman stops Professor Pyg and Mister Toad from taking their revenge over a shady land deal. An aging Alfred hires his replacement: a female bodyguard named Katana. By the way, if you’re aging and you need to bring back the freshness of your skin, consider the botox in Melbourne here at skinclubaustralia.com.au

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. As with all DC shows, I look forward to checking this out……..

    ok. I have to say though, I feel very…..weirded out by Professor Pyg as a villain on a kids show. I’m just gonna have flashbacks to the stuff he does in Morrison’s run every time I see him…..

  2. I’m ready to love this. Please be a viable alternative to current comics batman. I really need one.

    • Are you saying Snyder Batman isn’t cutting it?!

    • Not only that, but that the other 5-6 Bat-books isn’t cutting it for him either!

    • So Snyder/Capullo, Tomasi/Gleason, and Williams III aren’t doing it for you?! Interesting… Reason? Just curious.

    • I just don’t care for 90% of the changes made to batman after flashpoint. I would have preferred they start from scratch rather than taking a universe I love and slowly twisting it into what feels like a cheap knockoff with characters I used to love being present in name only. The stories are decent, but the fire is gone. I just don’t care about them anymore. Batman incorporated is the only batman title left that I’m truly interested in, and that’s ending soon. Snyder’s batman is a poor substitute for that.

    • But Batman is one of the two only places in the DCU that were left pretty untouched by the reboot.

    • And don’t forget Tomasis Batman and Robin! Its a great book! I really think it could be the best Batman book right now (after Inc. ends), IF Tomasi wouldn’t have to follow every single story that Snyder does. So many issues of B&R are reactionary to what happens in Batman or in Inc. Its sad, because the issues where Tomasi can tell whatever story he wants to tell, are really great!

      Oh and I also really like Snyder, but since Black Mirror his endings have kinda sucked.

    • Batman / Bruce Wayne may have stayed the same, but major changes were made to the Bat family. Many of the sidekicks have been given a raw deal in the New 52.

    • What, you mean Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain?

  3. This should be interesting… I think I’ll watch this show, just to say something about it.

  4. Looks good. I’ll be going into this with a very open mind and be giving it at least until the fifth episode since GL: TAS impressed me a lot after giving it a few episodes to get good.

  5. really looking foward to it love batman shows should really be good

  6. I still think Pyg is not a good choice for this show. Don’t get me wrong… He is one of my favorite Bat villains! I just don’t see how you can tone him down, without changing everything that makes him so cool.
    Instead of having him in an animated show, I would love to see him in the soon to be rebooted Batman franchise on the silver screen.

    • Yeah, Pyg as an eco-terrorist was somewhat disappointing. He really isn’t the greatest choice for an animated kids show considering Morrison specifically created him to be truly demented and disturbing to an audience long since jaded by Joker and the likes. In the comics, he mutilates men into becoming mindless petticoat drones, mainlines PCP, and hangs out with a man who may or may not be Satan. In the show, he’s an eco-terrorist who makes doctor puns and themes himself off Canterbury Tales. Since they’re going obscure, they didn’t have to try something that necessitated such extreme changes.

    • Yes. He also sleeps in his mother of nails contraption, which was such a creepy visual.

  7. Definitely going to check this one out! Set it to record, I will most likely watch t later with my daughter.

  8. Really not a fan of the animation models but I might give it a look if the overall consensus is positive.

  9. Two breaks in and I’m loving this!!

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Fairly solid, but the rhythm is odd. Not a huge fan of the Statham as Alfred dynamic, but that’s subjective. Not too invested in this one.

  11. My DVR messed this up. It kept cutting from minute 1 to minute 7 to minute 24. Barely saw anything. Have to catch it on demand or something.

    • Idk how I feel about the voice acting. Guess it’s hard to judge it with the animated series in the back of my mind but with that aside, it’s pretty decent. Hopefully this will turn a new generation onto Batman and DC in general

    • Finally watched this; not bad. Not “The Batman” but not “Brave and the Bold” either. I can feel that it is it’s own thing. I don’t see this fascination with Prof. Pyg but I thought he was ok in this episode (even though he took Anarky’s stick from his beginnings). I didn’t see the “Earth One” influences until I saw Alfred (but wasn’t Earth One released after they started work on this?) but I like the new Bruce/Alfred dynamic. The only things I had a problem with were how Batman kinda seemed amateurish at odd parts in the episode, I get why and I can roll with him just starting out or whatever, but I hope we see more instances of him actually doing stuff in Gotham and not passing out. The second was when Bats left that building and like 20 explosions followed him. A bit much I thought.

      Overall, not bad. I’ll stick around for this.

  12. I thought it was entertaining. Reminds me of johns batman earth one. I like the lesser known villains but come on its not batman without the joker. They gotta put him in it. Maybe if we all bitch enough.

    • They’re probably going with the slow burn model. That way, they can cancel the show one season before they release all the cool stuff à la Green Lantern.

    • Trust me, the Joker will probably be in there eventually. Remember Brave and the Bold? Just a matter of time.

    • Do we NEED the Joker? Honestly? He’s overdone IMHO. Use some of the other villains more.

    • @IthoSapien No, we don’t. They should definitely stay away from familiar territory if they want this show to stand on its own. And while I like that they are going with some of the more obscure villains, they pretty much bastardized Pyg…

    • Yeah, but there’s almost no way they could do him faithfully. I think they could have done the dollotrons, but even that would have been a stretch. I’m fine if they take the lesser known villains (Crazy Quilt, Calander Man, Rat-Catcher, Tweedle Dee and Dum) and make them more sinister. I would encourage them to do that. But Prof.Pyg wouldn’t fly on Cartoon Network now, maybe on “The Batman” or “Batman:TAS” they could do more. But here, it is what it is. But then I’m not a big fan of him anyway.

  13. It reminded me of Earth One, which is fine but odd.

    The story was very uneven and forgettable.

    The characterisations were a bit awkward, especially Alfred. Someone on here said that it was subjective, and I agree; not for me. But I hope that it’s agreed that Pyg and Toad were AWFUL. “Eco-terrorists”? Seriously? Toad was kind of a one-off character, fine, but they pretty much stripped Pyg of everything that made him interesting and unsettling. And those accents! Jeez!

    The animation didn’t really do it for me, and at times I had no idea what was going on on-screen.

    I’m not really sure what the point of Katana is, but whatever. I don’t think I care enough to stick around and see… Such a shame.

  14. Had a cameo by Michael Holt but no mention of his alter-ego Mr. Terrific. Disappointing…

  15. I dug this. Look forward to seeing more characters interpreted in this show even if they didn’t do the best job with pyg.

  16. I can say the cape was awesome!!!

  17. Loved it! I like this take on Alfred, and I think Katana is a great addition. Can’t wait to see her in action. We have hints of possible appearances by Mister Terrific and Metamorpho eventually. I thought Pyg and Mr. Toad were the perfect villains for the first episode.

    Very cool.

  18. It was a good start I expect future episodes to get stronger though. I am curious about Mike Holt and Simon Stagg being in the first episode. Could Mr. Terrific and Metamorpho be far behind?

  19. I thought it was a great first episode. Different take on Alfred but I’m cool with it. It was cool to see Professor Pyg and Toad again.

  20. I thought the animation was mixed. The action scenes looked great, but the background scenery shots (particularly Wayne Manor in the beginning) looked spartan and incomplete. Alfred was okay, but it was as jarring for me as hearing Wolverine with an Aussie accent in the original X-Men cartoon pilot.

  21. Didn’t really find much compelling about this and didn’t finish the episode.


  23. I was entertained by this and my three year old daughter loved it. I am assuming that is the kind of reaction Cartoon Network is hoping for: a kid loved it and the parent liked it enough to keep watching with the kid.

  24. I just watched it, and I thought it was pretty good for a first episode. Pyg was a bit lame, but I expected that. Not sure how I feel about Alfred though, and when Katana came onscreen I was reminded of the character model of Aya, and was wishing for a continuation of Green Lantern.

    It was entertaining enough for me to ant to continue watching it though

  25. I may be in the minority, but I really do NOT like this kind of computer animation. So stiff & unrealistic, it somehow makes the Bruce Timm animation look way more realistic. The story was OK, Alfred was certainly different but kinda interesting, I’ll have to see how (if) it grows on me. But I don’t know if I can make it past the animation. I’d rather watch the ’60’s Marvel cartoons (which sucked, but at least used classic Kirby art – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnTP8NX_DQo)

  26. I caught a part of this show, and lost interest immediately. As a fan and a experienced laymen in the field of comics and animation, this was way below the bar. LPlain cheap out right. Although it can come down to budgetary reasons to take a route, this does nothing but hurt the brand, and does nothing to enhance the value of animation. There really didn’t feel like there was a new take being explored in the episode as I was watching it. I know Alfred was different, but I kept asking myself is this Lex Luthor whom is now some trained assassin, it goes against the brand established. There were no freakin facial expressions on the characters, and best of all there was a cheap walk to run to the bat-mobile. As Bat man hopes in the car the music starts. Any Traditional animation student should laugh at this, as it goes back to the days of making a student film, and running out of time. It looked amateurish as student film and it holds true for scripted tv.
    In the short time I watched this show, it looked like WB is relying on a character design of Batman to carry a show and hopefully sell some toys to kids based on these designs for the show. Nothing wrong with sales and advertising, but how about some meat in my sandwich, not just lettuce.

    • i agree with all of it. the character designs were OK, although I think Batman’s really works well, including the body shape/silhoutte and texture. but when things start to move… ugh. amateurish and below basic. no weight, relies on “clever” camera moves to create feeling, and no variation of expressions. i’d swear the timing was off too because the voices and designs did not match well.

  27. This was more fun that I expected. Pyg and Toad were pretty damn cool. Looking forward to the next episode.

  28. I didnt mind the new take on Pyg, especially since we can’t have the authentic take on him from the comics. He’s not so vital a character that I feel betrayed by this. I’m really excited to see a bit of a different direction with the hints toward Metamorpho, Katana (Batman and the Outsiders?)…. and Mister Terrific. I dont mind most of the animation style here either. We didnt care for it at the beginning of Green Lantern but it grew on most of us.

    What I really took exception at was the take on Alfred…Ive seen it described as….interesting. I can see that this Batman is exploring different takes but there’s something about Alfred being more of an influence on Bruce to be normal. He needs to be Bruce’s anchor/tether to the Wayne side. I know he has the history even in comics of having British Intelligence in his history, but this took it too far. I’d rather not have the aggressive Aussie Alfred here.

    Otherwise I’m all about exploring the lesser known heroes and villains. Keep Joker, Two Face, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Harley out of it as long as possible. Use Penguin and Riddler sparingly… I want to see the more fringe characters explored here for the duration of the series.

  29. I really enjoyed this. It was a ton of fun.