Behind the Scenes of EXTERMINATION #1

Process junkies, rejoice! We’ve got another fascinating behind-the-scenes peek at one of Boom! Studios thrilling new ongoings. This week it’s the scuttling terror of Simon Spurrier and Jeffrey Edwards Extermination #1. As with Sam Humphries and Francesco Biagini’s Higher Earth, we’re going inside the process and presenting the evolution of a page in four stages.

Extermination is built on a terrific premise. In the wake of a devastating alien invasion, our planet’s stalwart superhuman protector and his long-time nemesis must join forces to topple the new regime and reclaim our home. Meet Nox and Red Reaper, our last chance at shrugging the shackles of our alien overlords. Can they find common ground in time to make a difference?

EXTERMINATION #1 covers by John Cassaday, Kalman Andrasofszky

Extermination #1 sold out in it’s first printing before it’s even hit the shelves, but a second printing is all set for release this Wednesday. And it can be had for just $1.00. It’s your easiest purchase this week. If you’re still not convinced, let’s get to new artist Jeffrey Edward’s art, sure to warm even the bleakest post-apocalyptic work weeks.

Let’s flip on the fluorescents and see what goes scampering, from raw layouts to finished pages and everything in between!


  1. This made me think of Exterminators. What a great series that was. I’m sad now.

  2. I’m trying this out. 1$, come on people, you got nothing to lose and the concept is kinda fun!

  3. Great idea. Fun-sounding pitch. Solid-looking art.

    I also really like the fact that you can’t quite tell which is the hero and which the villain from the cover.

  4. Does looks sweet, plus Simon’s work at 2000AD is the bee’s knees.