Behind the Scenes of HIGHER EARTH #1

Riding on a wave of indie success with Our Love is Real and Sacrifice, writer Sam Humphries has been able to leverage that into writing gigs at Marvel on The Ultimates and John Carter, but he’s also making waves over at BOOM! Studios with the upcoming series Higher Earth.  Joined by artist Francesco Biagini (Elric: The Balance Lost) with Manuel Bracchi and colorist Andrew Crossley, Higher Earth #1 hits stands this week and has already sold out at the distributor level.

Humphries returns to his sci-fi roots with Higher Earth, which is a mix of classic science fiction mixed with alternate universes, as one Earth sets their eyes on another universe’s Earth. To get a glimpse of the process involved of Higher Earth #1, we got our hands on 3 great examples of Biagini, Bracchi and Crossley’s process going from sketches, to pencils to inks to the final colored page. You can see the progression of these three pages below.

If you’ve been digging the cool science fiction trip that’s been Saga from Image Comics, you might want to give this a shot.

Higher Earth #1 hits comics shops tomorrow from BOOM! Studios, featured a sexy Phil Noto cover and costs just $1.00! Go add it to your pull list!


  1. Without looking too close I’d think these were from a recent G.I. Joe book, Scarlett and Snake Eyes kickin’ some ass. Not a bad thing, may check this out.

  2. For $1, I’m in. This looks very promising.