Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! – S01E05 – Everything is Wonderful

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! has been getting better with every episode and is, at this point, exceeding my expecations. Now, let's get Black Panther and Hawkeye onto the team so we can really see what we've got on our hands…


I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Anyone who reads any marvel comics should be watching this show. Too much fun.

  2. Wonder Man?!?

  3. Yay! My second favorite Avenger!!! Wonder Man!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Another good show, and Stark is an arrogant prick! Way more than in the films.

  5. It is very good. Still, a notch below JLA….

  6. @iceicebaby  That’s definetly tru, but on the other hand, MODOK!

  7. @purplehulk

    Very true! The use of Marvel universe characters is amazing! Absorbing Man, the Abomination, and the Leader in one episode!  


  8. This is my favorite episode so far. Lots of great character development and action. I really liked the back and forth coverstation between Tony and Hank talking about how sincere Tony actually is.

    Really surpised to hear Lance Hendrickson as the Grim Reaper. His voice was a good fit for such a dark character. Thankfully, they got rid of the silly costume he has in the comics and made him look far more sinister in the show. I hope we see him again and more about his relationship with Simon.

    I wasn’t too happy about MODOK’s voice. He sounded fine, but I thought he could’ve sounded more crazy and power hungry. Still, the fight with Thor and Wasp vs. MODOK was entertaining.

  9. makes me wish I had TV channels . . .   is this on hulu???

  10. I wish the Avengers comics were remotely close to being as good as the Avengers cartoon. 

  11. if the cartoon was like the comic it would take 6 episodes for one event to transpire. we don’t want that. we already have two books doing that.

  12. Another great episode.  I like how Modok was raving about how great he is and caught Thor’s hammer in his face.

  13. this show is great cannot wait until next week!

  14. @LostArtist Marvel puts them up on their site as well.

  15. next week : enter Black Panther!

  16. I am really loving Hank on this show. I can’t believe how well they are handling the characters here. What a great episode.

  17. this is the first episode i saw of the series. I thought it was pretty ok. Not at the level of JLA or any of the Bruce Timm stuff, but still pretty ok. The animation was hit and miss for me. Sometimes i thought it was great, but when they added the computer rendered stuff they lost me. 

  18. 1. The POV preview / flashback to 3 hours prior mechanic was great.
    2. The Thor humor with MODOK funny.
    3. The merger acquisition angst ridiculous… it took me out of the story.  Getting acquired doesn’t come as a surprise to people that high up and isn’t that insulting / harming / ethically wrong.  You can’t argue, "It’s a kid’s show!" because then how is a kid to even follow what "majority shareholder" means?  The underlying motivations could have been adapted better.
    4. I like that they didn’t drop the Cap thread.
    5. I don’t like that they’ve dropped the Hulk thread.
    6. Aside from the ridiculousness of the acquistion angst, the whole back and forth rings hollow once Tony reveals his motivations… so basically if he spent 10 seconds explaining himself to Hank / Simon, there’d be no issue.  If the whole point was to raise moral ambiguity then Tony’s motivations should have remained ambiguous instead of patently noble… otherwise, the whole conversation makes no sense (his motivations would have absolved him up front).  Additionally, there are other ways to save a company and work with its founder besides a hostile takeover making his stated motivations somewhat off.
    7. The action choreography is pretty good- though slightly underwhelming to have Iron Man appear in an upgraded suit that barely makes a difference.
    8. Loved Hank’s characterization in this episode, it really helped make him stand out as a distinct personality… though, saying "Avengers Assembled" by himself was a bit odd.
    9. The Wonder Man / Enchantress tie, classic.

    Probably the most adult episode so far but weaker for it, in my opinion (motivations aimed at adults, but adults see through them), nonetheless plenty of action for kids to keep up with and that serial feeling is maintained with Cap and with the ending with the villains. 

  19. This series has been great.  It’s also a good way to get your kids into comics.  My 8 year old girl is loving it.

  20. This show continues to impress me, while I sgree with that the art is different and less apealing at times then JLU , I disagree that the show is of lower calibur, i feel that this show has done a much better job at maintaining the original source material. and would also make me Disagree with what DR awkward had said up above, I think they handled the misunderstanding between Simon and Tony, very well, considering , the audience already has an understanding of the character. the action was very well played out and the pacing for the story was well matched with the dialogue. I have to agree that Pym , who is usally played as incredible douche bag is much more likeable in his cartoon form. Oh and Dr awkward, the fact that even with the Hulk Buster Armour on, Tony was still torn apart is a statement of the  amount of power Simon was using. As far as the Hulk thread , he will continue to pop up in the series but he was never a full fledged memeber of the team, and he is actually replaced as a founding memeber of the team By Cap. I personally feel the art is growing on me and the true star of the show is the storyline which I think is being handled wonderfully, the actual changes in the cannon are ones that make sense and help drive the show forward. I love how they are building up to a battle with the Masters of Evil, as a True Avenger fan it is a refreshing take on the original comics. Oh and they are a hell of alot of fun.

  21. No, the motivation was a joke.  Simon was able to get in a face to face meeting with Tony.  You’re telling me that meeting couldn’t possibly have been preceeded by one sentence: "I’m saving your company and want to work with you"?  It’s ridiculous.  Along with the need for the acquistion to be hostile… Tony could simply have invested or been up front, in the way graphic.ly acquired iFanboy for their mutual benefit.  Then Tony’s defensiveness without just saying his one-sentence absolving motive.  It’s bad writing.

    Seeing the larger- not necessarily Hulk Buster- armor torn to paper just as easily was underwhelming, not irrational.  I didn’t say it didn’t make sense.  Given it showed no additional durability, features, or functions- only form- it felt like a "Here’s a toy, kids!" moment more than anything else. 

    I didn’t say I want Hulk on the team, I said I want the thread- as in plot thread- acknowledged.  Hulk is essentially a felon and he was given special dispensation to be free under the Avengers’ watch.  He’s their responsibility.  They make a big deal out of it in the episode when he walks away.  They go all the way to the arctic to find him because of it.  I can get that Cap took precedence, once discovered, so they came back… but that responsibility is still out there and it didn’t make sense for Tony to be fiddling at his desk buying stock or for Hank to just be randomly hanging out when their escaped felon was on the loose.  "Damn, he’s so important we need to go all the way to the arctic to find him!  Ah… nevermind, let’s just chill."

    I understand why they dropped the thread, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

  22. Absolutely, I hear what your saying DR, My point wasnt so much as your not right in saying that the matter could of been handled in a better way , but it was shown as it was printed in the books, Now if your a comic book reader, you learn in reading them that you have to take "The Leap" as I call it when reading them, cause I mean who is going to do some of the stuff that goes on in a comic book, right . That being said they are following a storyline that was written back in the 60’s, and adapting it to a modern era and to a cartoon. Which is where I think they are doing a great job. I for one hope they continue on this track because it is really like seeing the history of the characters i grew up and still read today. These are the classic tales that i always wanted to jump off the pages and now they are. whateven better is taht i get to share them with my son, who is now discovering the Avengers for really the first time.

  23. Oh yeah and did everyone see the COSMIC CUBE, avid Avenger fans know what that means, lol

  24. I think you’ve all buried the lead here. Cap had an Avengers TEAM JACKET. This is, by default, the greatest television series since the invention of television.

  25. "Like a frost giant’s head on an infant’s body."


  26. Man, the team kind of sucks, all the villians seem to get away.

  27. Didn’t get to watch this week’s episode until just now. Some thoughts:

    – My DVR tends to cut off the very end or the very beginning of every episode. This week it was the beginning AND the end.

    – A.I.M.!

    – I like Wasp more and more each week. (And I liked her to begin with.)

    – I feel like if I had a brother who dressed like The Grim Reaper and just sort of, you know, casually walked around like that, I’d have a lot of issues too.

    – MODOK!

    – Was that the Cosmic Cube?

    – Cap’s personalized Avengers varsity jacket was indeed awesome. And I guess he’s not at all into the whole secret identity thing while walking around in it and no mask.

    – The Captain America/Nick Fury bike scene was pretty great.

    – Seeing Wonder Man makes me think of Beast and I’m guessing that they don’t have the animation rights to him, which is too bad.

    – "That is some kind of… of… that is a very big head."

    – "Like a Frost Giant’s head on an infant’s body."

    – "I am science! I am genius! ARGH!"

    – I like how Tony moved the super expensive Pollock out of the way before blasting Wonder Man through the wall.

    – "Prepare your monsterous head for my wrath!" Modok should be the villain every week.

    – Hank being fascinated and excited about Wonder Man’s abilities while fighting him was funny. I like this Hank.

    – Cap’s motorcycle helmet/mask + varsity jacket look was… interesting.

    – I hope this whole affair was a valuable lesson for Tony in his business bedside manner.

    – So… is Black Panther still skulking in the shadows of the Avengers Mansion…? Is he the reason why the milk is always half empty and stuff keeps disappearing from the TIVO?

  28. Great episode

    Borrowing a bit from DC-

    WOnderman is created by a Zeta beam? Isn’t that Adam Strange territory.

    And the barbers shop secret headquarters- was def influenced but this episode of the JLU- check out time index- 5:34