Avengers Assemble! at San Diego Comic-Con 2010

We already scrounged up some video of the second most talked about moment at San Diego Comic-Con, and now here's the first: the Avengers Assemble together on stage for the first time!

(I realize that it's video of the screen and not the stage but this video had the best combo of audio and video quality. If someone knows of a better one of the stage let me know. UPDATE: Here's a different look.)

A very cool moment.

And it's also very telling that the two most talked about moments at Comic-Con revolved around movies.


  1. This was so Awesome! 2012 can not come soon enough, or even 2011 for that matter.

  2. Yes, the most talked about moments at Comic-Con revolved around movies, but they were at least movies firmly within the comic book world. No Twilight redux this year.

  3. Two things:

    1. I really liked how RDJ wove Inception into his speech to make Avengers look even more awesome.

    2. I really liked how RDJ preemptively coaxed a more benevolent reaction out of the audience when announcing Ruffalo. Very classy.

    And, well, I really liked the whole thing…

  4. Also:


    I’d say this video is superior.

  5. i’m still not convinced of Evans’ ability to show me the Steve Rogers that i know and love.

  6. This could lay a serious egg

  7. My comic book reader’s instincts kicked in when I saw that many superheroes on stage at once, and I kept expecting a supervillain to attack.

  8. So this is the whole cast? I’m pretty happy(HAWKEYE!) but it’s a serious bro fest. I really am sort of hurt that Hank Pym and Janet aren’t there. I feel like Janet is pretty integral(but often overlooked) member.



  9. I wished just either RDJ or Evans had said "Avengers Assemble!"

  10. Years ago, we could only fantasize about a movie like this. In this reality, the quality of talent involved is mind-blowing. Really, who can complain?! And with today’s fx power, time is just right. If u are gonna complain, please stay in ur basement reading your classic runs. Only Nolan or Cameron are allowed to criticize! This is pretty cool! Bet a lot of us got some broners!

  11. I thought War Machine was going to be in this?

  12. This looks awesome. I have supreme confidence that Joss will give us a fantastic movie.

  13. Wait….Johnny Storm is Captain America? There goes that Avengers, FF crossover movie 

  14. @Jesse1125: … that was never going to happen because Marvel Studios doesn’t own the film rights to the FF…

  15. Love it how RDJ stole the show even with all of these stars around him.

  16. Awesome! Want!

  17. Speaking of Avengers, what in the world do I gotta read? I never got into them and the only person I followed int he group was Iron Man to begin with.

  18. Conor was VERY excited physically. 😛

  19. …..

  20. anyone know which stories they’re planning to use as source material? 

  21. @Smasher If i had to wager a guess i would say it’s going to be a mix of the first volume of Ultimates and the classic avengers origin from the regular universe