AVENGERS ACADEMY Gets its Fourth Student…Fortress

Marvel has announced the fourth member of its Avengers Academy roster, the shiny red gear-head known as Fortress. 


Avengers Academy - Fortress


He (or it ) wants my respect rather than my pity, but I gotta feel for a guy who doesn't appear to have eyelids. 

Haven't had much luck finding any background information on Fortress, but while he's still a student he should apply for some kind of internship with The Doom Patrol or The Metal Men. 


  1. So Ultimate Red Skull is now appearing in 616?

  2. Looks like the Red Skull with a power wash and wax.

  3. Looks like Robotman from the doom patrol went with the cherry finish

  4. I’m not sure his forearms are large enough and he needs matching anchor tattoos on them.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Is he a drone from Doom’s Flying Fortress? 

  6. I’m going to assume these newbies aren’t mutants but if one of them is I wonder how s/he ended up in AA (haha) and not the New Mutants or whatever mutant school/team Scott’s got going.

    So far though this line-up makes me want to hit the snooze bar on Avengers Academy.


  7. I think a great back story would be that he is the love child of Red Skull and Eva Braun from WWII. 

  8. That smile is robot from Invincible.

  9. ooh OOH I know! Fortress is the Red Skull and Luke Cage after doing the fusion dance and thus we get luke cage in another avengers book!

  10. So the Avengers Academy will have some Hitler youth. Way to be diverse.

  11. wait isnt that a mutant from grants morrissons run

  12. Funny, when Avengers Initiative started, people were complaining hard about the cast of unknowns and new characters.

    You’d think everybody would have learned their lesson by now.

  13. Who’s drawing these?

  14. "I don’t want your pity, I want your respect and eye lids."

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Depending on what he’s made of and how well he does on multiple choice tests, he could probably hang up his report cards on his chest. 

  16. How did those melon arms and hands get through the holes in his tshirt?

  17. If Fortress ends up being a burn victim I am gonna feel like a jerk after what I said.

  18. Wasn’t this guy in New Mutants Academy.

  19. I have only two questions after seeing this:
    1. Who comes up with these character designs?
    2. Who comes up with these concepts?

    @convoy83: I can’t believe you just made a dragonball z reference.


  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jumpingjupiter – The images are from series artist Mike McKone. 

  21. Freak show academy

  22. @Mangaman – the designs are by Mike McKone. The concepts are probably from the writer (Gage) with maybe some input from McKone.

    I think he’s honestly my favorite of the ones we’ve seen thus far. I like a good creepy robot character. 🙂 Freakish characters are always more interesting.

    I honestly don’t know how excited I am for this, but I expect the teachers/mentors will be known characters, and I do like the potential that comes from a new, young group of unknowns. Gage/McKone are two good creators. Originally, before these announcements, I was thinking I’d bypass this book; now I’m going to check it out. And give the kids a chance to impress me.

  23. Ahh it’s a Rodney Dangerfield zombie!!!!! Quick shoot it in the head!

  24. I feel like all these characters are Legion or Teen Titan castoffs.  So far the only Avengers book I may get is Secret.

  25. So, are we supposed to be taking this Heroic Age stuff seriously and just pretend like this sudden slide back to childishness has nothing to do with the Disney acquisition? 

  26. Is that what Luke Cage looks like without the skin?

    I do like the tagline though; although Cage is going mighty obscure with these members now. Future Avengers? Really? This guy is gonna be a future Avenger? Or at least since that might be the premise of the comic.

  27. @RABinRVA – I don’t see how this is any different than what Marvel has been for the last 10 years. Seems like you’re trying awfully hard to connect some dots there.

  28. @RABinRVA  yeah cause Disney really loves freaksih looking characters like this guy. Nothing says Disney like a teenager who looks like he ripped his own skin off and coated himself in lacquer.

  29. Oh thats what happened to Red Skull robot.

  30. He has the best look and codename of all the Avengers Academy lineup so far. He looks suspiciously like some kind of discarded Red Skull clone body.

  31. That looks exactly like the same frame of Luke Cage…..but colored red and have a skull head.

  32. So far the reaction to these new characters has been pretty mild.  I’d like to hear from those that aren’t interested in this book to say which teacher(s) would make it interesting enough to buy.  Hank Pym?  Nick Fury?  Steve Rogers?

  33. I would like to see:  Hank Pym as head master with Tigra and Gauntlet as his immediate seconds. And a teaching staff that includes Trauma, Rage, Justice, Constrictor, Diamondback, and possibly a vindicated Task Master.  So basically a marriage of Mighty, Initiative, and New Warriors.

    No Young Avengers though. I want them in there own book.

  34. Does anyone else remember Inside Out Boy, the claymation kid who went so high on his swing set he swung over the bar and flipped inside out? there were little shorts with him on Nickelodean in the 80s.

  35. @JohnVFerrigno : yeah. I remember watchiinh it along with Global Guts and Legend of the Hidden Temple.


    Great smile by Fortress, by the way.

  36. These are getting funnier by the minute! Zipper lips, zip it! Nice codpiece btw. Luke and red skull, the untold story!

  37. Something about it reminds me of a Jim Starlin design. The mouth, probably.

    I love that there are frequently complaints of nothing new coming out of comics, then when something new is introduced people complain.

  38. @flakbait – nailed it.

  39. I wonder what Whilce Portacio is doing right now.