‘Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic’ Premieres at MarvelFest NYC 2009

Are you going to be in New York City on October 28th?
Do you like dressing up like a Marvel Comics character and winning prizes? Want to mingle with some Marvel Comics luminaries and watch the premiere of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic as it is projected on the side of a building? Then you’re in luck! MarvelFest NYC 2009 is here!

Here’s what Marvel has to say about it:

Marvel is also proud to present MarvelFest NYC 2009, an all-new interactive outdoor experience in New York City to celebrate the iTunes release of the groundbreaking Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic on October 28th . In honor of this unprecedented event, Marvel.Com unveils a very special episode of the critically-acclaimed Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! video series, taking you behind the scenes of what could’ve been! Join celebrities and the biggest names in Marvel history to commemorate the Astonishing X-Men premiere, projected three stories high in Union Square at MarvelFest! For complete details and official costume contest rules regarding MarvelFest NYC 2009 please visit www.marvel.com/fest.


  1. I hope to see the iFanboys there.

  2. Do we have any idea how these motion comics are selling?  I haven’t seen any of the numbers.  I’m glad Marvel is trying something new, but these aren’t working for me.

    Any chance we are going to see Conor (as Moon Knight), Ron (as Cyclops) or Josh (as Hawkeye) pictures from this event?

  3. Paper dolls that move and talk? Weird facial expressions, lip movements? Not a movie, not CGI, not 100%animation ?

    PASS…I’m gonna hug my trades of Whedon & Cassiday’s run (Does Marvel think it can improve on the Mona Lisa also?)

  4. @ jesse: yeah, probably, if they owned the exclusive rights. the mona lisa would end up looking like this:


     i know what you mean. it reminds me of the creepy picture of Vigo, the Carpathian.

  5. These motion pictures aren’t appealing to me at all.  Maybe if it was new content and not rehased stuff that would be one thing, but it’s just not working.  I mean there was the Spiderwoman stuff, but that ws just plain horrible. 

  6. Ill definitely check it out since Im around here anyways, though I unfortunatly wont be dressing up for this =/ I have 2 Halloween costumes this year, and neither of them are Marvel related.

  7. cool I might come to this.

  8. All of us should wear our iFanboy t-shirts and take over the place.

  9. I might go to this because I might be going to a book signing up at Columbia. Haven’t decided yet. Hmmm….

  10. Apparently the Spider-Woman Motion Comic/Poorly Animated Short Films are available for free on Hulu, so if you payed actual money for a not-so-actual cartoon… sucks for you?

    Anyone else afraid that this might become a burgeoning trend? "The Death of Gwen Stacy" Motion Comic! "Marvels" Motion Comic! "Maus" Motion Comic!

  11. It’s like a block away… maybe I’ll get there, but NO COSTUME for me.

  12. @Dumeer…. Effin HILArious…..thanks for the link

  13. When I see the title of the article I just have the thought of:

    "This has bad news written all over it"

  14. @jackietam: I’ll be there.

  15. I think i prefer Robot Chicken stop-motion animation with action figures reenacting the comic. To the Frisky Dingo/Sealab like faux-flash animating of Cassaday’s art.

  16. Flickering images. Big moving images. Big corporate-sponsored "happenings". Replays of artistic work that we all appreciated much more, years ago, quietly and thoughtfullly in the privacy of our homes. Anything to whip people up and make us feel like progress is being made.

    Maybe next they can have a device that projects Star Wars Episode IV on the nails of our pinky fingers. Maybe they can have a device that reads the collective works of Shakespeare at 1,000 words a second, and we can listen to that and think we’re really appreciating something. How about new version of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, where all the figures have been turned into cartoon people? They can project the paintings on to the Empire State Building, we can go there, get drunk, and use it as an excuse to say we’re witnessing the next level of human accomplishment.

  17. If all the NYC iFanbase showed up, clad in iFanboy t-shirts, that would be f’n rad.

  18. Any chance we can get a brief (perhaps Mini length) video of the event if we get a solid turn out?  I always enjoy seeing fellow members proudly representing the ifanbase.

  19. This reminds me of any comic-book-to-film adaptation discussion.  Just because someone makes a motion comic it doesn’t mean that your comics no longer exist.  Psst, if you don’t like them, just ignore them! 

  20. I was on the fence until I watched that video. I’m in 🙂

  21. Even if the motion comic sucks, its still gonna be a fun night out. Looking forward to it

  22. how come stuff never premieres at the Wollongong comic con?

  23. motion comics…what? Sorry, I just fell asleep…

  24. Will Ron be the first to own Whedon & Cassiday’s run in Issues, Trades, Hardcovers, Omnibus and Motion comic??

    Quintuple dipping anyone?