Artist Chris Weston Fights Crime!

Spotted this stunning news via the Image Comic Twitter:

MINISTRY OF SPACE artist Chris Weston fights crime with awesome artwork

Now given that we’re all big fans of Chris Weston’s artwork, I had to click the link to the post on his blog where he tells his stunning story:

Yes! It was a robbery!

By the time I realised what was happening he’d escaped with the loot. I gave my contact details to the bank and then ran like the wind back to my studio and set about hastlily drawing some pictures of the robbery….

…I held up my drawings, and the policeman’s eyes widened with astonishment! “That’s him!” he splutterd. ” ‘Ere, come and have a look at this!” he called to his colleagues. They trotted over, took a look and exclaimed “That is spot-on! It IS him!”.

…Read the rest of the story on Chris’ blog

There you have it – Chris Weston, crime fighter.  I feel safer knowing that great men like Chris Weston exist in our world, protecting us!

Now go read Ministry of Space by Weston and Warren Ellis, if you haven’t because it rocks!


  1. thats very cool.

  2. So that’s who that strange masked artist was.

  3. That is awesome.  Thanks for sharing!

  4. That’s amazing!

  5. can we see the drawings?

  6. @me woops should have read better. He will show them if/when he can.

  7. They are probably being held as evidence or something.

  8. just another reason to love chris weston

  9. Just imagine if Alex Ross did a picture of the guy…..

    …We’d still be waiting.

  10. Incredible.  Well done, Mr. Weston.

  11. Luckily he wasn’t busy with any distracting scripts from The Twelve.

  12. @josh: Scripts? What scripts?


  13. That’s great!  I’ve had a dream where I was able to do up a drawing for the police.  Just like this story.  Pretty cool.


    On a side note…where’s today’s video???

  14. Never mind about my video question.  It was right there on the front page.  My excitement for a new video got the better of me.  LOL.

  15. Thats awesome – luckily, the thief was seen by Chris Weston and not, say…me.  Heh! I dont think the cops would be able to identify ANYONE based on one of my drawings.


    "A cartoon robbed the bank?"

  16. Chris Weston was among several people I had dinner with one night in San Diego.  He’s really funny.

    He pointed us to this rap he did, live in front of an audience.  Note the bounce.

  17. "Okay son, so the first stick figure was the robber. You were the stick figure with your rakes….I mean your arms up in the air."

    "Then he suddenly ran away, indicated by your speed lines, and….jumped onto a furry tractor?"

  18. He scripted and drew a recent ‘Future Shock’ for the Galaxies Greatest Comic, 2000AD (also did the cover for the latest issue #1650).

  19. Wow! If I had his talent I’d be inspired to lend my services as a security guard/artist. Better than cameras because I don’t require maintenance! =D

  20. Forgot to make mention that times are tougher than I thought. Guess everyone’s gotta make fast cash somehow. Well…. except for those two people from Los Angeles and New York who won the Mega Millions Lotto.

  21. "I didn’t do it, I was framed." (sorry, bad jokes are like farts, you can’t keep them in and no one’s happy when you let them out)

  22. @Lobo: XD!!!

  23. Bringing the bad guys down.  They should make him a relative of Micahel Weston on Burn Notice.

  24. cool!

  25. I loved his art on The Twelve.  Sigh, if only it would have finished.

  26. thats why the twelve isn’t finish he took up crime fighting

  27. No, it was Straczynski.


  28. @josh: Straczynski fights crime?

  29. thats so cool. and this comic looks so awesome =)