Archie Video Game: Grand Theft Auto: Riverdale?

The trailer for FXLabs' Archie's Riverdale Run has hit the internet, and it looks exciting! You get to drive the jalopy! Who doesn't want to drive the jalopy around Riverdale? No one I would call a friend, that's who.



That song is enough to make me want to go out and steal a car and run over a hooker while shooting at the cops.

It looks like Archie's Riverdale Run (which makes him sound like he's a bootlegger in the 20s, which is an awesome concept for an Archie video game) will be a PC and X-Box game which means I won't actually get to play it until/unless it expands to the Wii. Sad face.


Thanks to Comics Alliance via Robot6 at CBR for the head's up.


  1. Looks a lot like they re-skinned an old Simpsons vid for the PS2.

    I profess my ignorance of Archie comics, as I have not read them for a really long time, but when did anyone of color get allowed into the gated community that is Riverdale??

  2. ya, thats what the kids want 

  3. I love the idea, but this looks more like Papreboy!

  4. @MisterJ: You’re kidding, right?

    @patio: Would that that were true — Paperboy was awesome! (This looks nothing like Paperboy)

  5. This will obviously be the best selling video game of all time.  I look forward the inevitable iFanboy video episode featuring your review of this game. 

  6. @conor-Absolutely not joking.  There was a PS2 Simpson’s game that drew the backgrounds exactly the same, the cars exactly the same, and all the HUD on the screen almost exactly the same.  Simply re-skin the playable characters and it is the same.

    Unless you are referring to my ‘people of color’ remark.  In that case, still not joking.  I remember in my old digest issues that Josie and the Pussycats and the other accompanying comics had minorities, but I do not remember a single one from Archie.  But I was a kid, and only really remember the 5 main characters.

  7. Oh my God I want that song.

    It’s just begging to be blasted while crusing down the streets.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love that the objectives all seemingly involve locating glowing objects at a leisurely pace. This looks like a great stress reliever. 

  9. @MisterJ: There was Chuck and Nancy who figured prominantly in the Archie comics I read as a kid. I was more flabbergasted by the gated community comment. Riverdale is a fairly normal middle class suburb in Long Island. Riverdale High School is public. The only rich family was The Lodges.

  10. @conor-I will certainly accept your word and reference citations about minorities in Archie, I just do not remember seeing them. 

    As you were asking about the gated community, that actually was a joke in reference to my (mistaken) belief that there weren’t any minorities in Archie.

    By the way, nice use of flabbergasted.

  11. Damn, that looks terrible. Simpsons Hit and Run was great though. Great satire of Grand Theft Auto.

  12. This looks like fun.

    About as much fun as getting stabbed repeatedly with a steak knife.

    They totally ripped off the graphics from Simpsons Hit and Run. Even the guide arrow looks the same from that game.

  13. I can’t wait to play this game!

  14. it may be real but to me its giving off a ‘april fools joke’ vibe.

  15. I like it how the comic cutscenes look pretty flimsy. Couldn’t they have asked someone from Archie to draw this? lol

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s December 1st. April 1st is like…16 months away. 

  17. I am pretty sure any low-end Laptop made in the last year or so can play that game. Or you can but the cheapest graphic card(around 30-50 bucks) and add it to your desk top without any problem. It won’t play Crysis, but it would be enough to run this widdle game.

    Unless its a Mac, but I know its not, because no sane person ever buys a mac.

  18. I love the way the FXLabs logo pops up aflame, as if to say "In Your Face, Mother****er!" and then we’re strolling to the malt shop.

  19. Wow. That grass is neon green, isn’t it? Those cut scenes look like fun though. Wonder how much it’ll be for the PC.

  20. I would have been stoked to play this game in 1996. But now? After COD:MW2? Sorry FXLabs, you got to do better, especially on the xbox360.

    I will say, this does make me miss reading all the different Archie digests that i would beg my mother to buy me in line at the checkout stand…. sigh.

  21. Oh man I hope one of the "runs" is away from Moose because he caught you checking out Midge. That Midge. She is a cutie!

    And Conor please don’t stop reading Archie after this marriage event. Your Archie updates on the podcast put me in hysterics. 

  22. I really might start picking up archie again.

  23. TRS/iFanboy team up review when this comes out

  24. Wow.  Just…wow. If you would have told that an Archie game was being made 2 years ago, I would have laughed in your face, but we live in crazy, crazy times.

  25. Without doing an iota of research, the sub-par graphics (for a next-gen system) and target platforms make me think this will be a downloadable title.  If it’s not, I can’t imagine a full release where one of the objectives is to mow the lawn.  GTA also had some other prosaic tasks in that game and it sold millions, so who knows?

  26. …cutting the grass? Fucking really? When do you get to shoot jughead?

  27. Hopefully never!

  28. "she gets me high like a roller coaster ride" hahaha so good.

  29. ….Conor….this whole Archie thing recently has been a hug joke right? This is one huge ironic t-shirt right? 

  30. Nope. Totally sincere.

  31. I wish this was "new look" Archie.

    The motion comic bits look more like this:

    than it does this:

  32. Yeah Archie be big pimping in Riverdale!!! Ok with that out of the way, let me say that this probably won’t make it to my collection.  I’m not big on GTA style games and it does look an awful lot like Simpsons Hit and Run, has previously stated.  Is this really a game or a spoof?

  33. WHAT?? Graphics look like it’s 1999 and the only things you can do in the game (as seen in the trailer) are picking objects and drawing lame cars in a carton-made Riverdale? Very low budget, I think. But still, they could have approached this in a different way, with lots of dialogue, puzzles and inteligent humour.

     AMAZING SONG, tough! 

  34. I’ll wait for the episode add-ons, like "The Ballad of Gay Reggie."

  35. I will pass on this game, but I really want the song! what is it?

  36. So, when Archie flies headfirst through his jalopy’s windshield and dies from severe head injuries, does the hospital just take away some of his flowers and hearts?

    I hope when Jughead and Reggie turn on each other and then ask you to put the other one down that after you put Reggie down like a rabid dog with two in the skull, you get to keep Reggie’s phat safehouse. You know Jughead has to live in some shithole.

  37.  After seeing the trailer of the game, I will go to my local GameStop to pre-order    

  38. If, as Archie, I can shoot people, kill drug dealers and steal from hookers after banging them, I’ll buy an XBox *tomorrow*.

    It’ll be just like that Vampironica section of Cherry Poptart! 🙂


  39. Riverdale Run my ass. More like Riverdale Walk.