Archie Getting Married

I was a huge Archie fan when I was in elementary school and junior high. I read those comics as much as I read anything from DC and Marvel.


This is wrong!


  1. We’re being tricked. I’m telling you, the fix is in. At the end of this, Betty bolts upright in bed and gasps at the horrible nightmare she just had.

  2. Agreed with Jim…

  3. This is all just build-up to issue 700, the divorce.

  4. It stinks of shotgun wedding….I bet the baby is actually Jugheads anyway.Look at that smug expression,he knows hes totally dodged a bullet.

  5. I thought Archie would forever be in high school and never grow up.  This is like Saved by the Bell, only in comic form!

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    That seems an odd way for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to line up around a wedding ceremony.  Are they trying to block the view of the audience?  "Thanks for coming to the wedding, but you’ll just have to take our word that rings were actually exchanged."

    Or are they just going to make Archie and Veronica run through what Reggie likes to call ‘the spanking machine’ after the ceremony?

  7. Wait a minute, I thought Archie and Mr. Weatherbee were a thing right?

  8. What kind of readership do you think these books have? I used to read them a long time ago, but that was back when X-Men was selling a million copies. 

  9. @ RoiVampire – Haha! "Read between the lines, bitch!"

  10. Its for the money I tell you. Archie and Jughead got caught up in some shady real estate deals and the only way that Archie could keep his knee caps in one piece is to marry the rich broad, but don’t worry he’ll keep Betty on the side.

  11. @Nate Archie still sells, but I think it actually does better internationally than here (in the US). 

  12. ok, the wedding is only issue 2 of 6. Then what’s going on for the other 4 issues? 0;


  14. @TimmyWood: you got that right.

  15. @RoiVampire — Archie is not &%$ing Mr. Weatherbee!! Great reference.

     I was never really into Archie but I’m wondering if it would be worth it to read them. Do they hold up or is it one of those things that is better when you’re a kid?

  16. X-Men and Archie Continuity….two things I know nothing about. 🙂

    This is gonna sell well at my Borders I can only say that.

  17. I like that Archie has caught up with every other comics publisher with a rediculous publicity stunt to drum up sales

  18. Oh come on guys, we all know Mephisto’s ass is going to show up in a year or two and make it so this wedding never happened.

  19. I know girls that read this every month.

  20. Nice, now for me too swoop in and get Betty. Archie can have that cold dead undead vampire of evil.

  21. In these harsh economic times, you just can’t bet your life on a Betty.

  22. Nobody’s made a One More Day joke yet.  I’m impressed. 

  23. @AMuldowney: I think you missed drakedangerz post 😉

    I’m surprised this series has hit over 600 issues. I didnt think it gets as many readers back in the heyday….Did Archie even have a heyday?

  24. I stand corrected.  I’m no longer impressed.  Look at what you did.



  25. @AMuldowney: LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!! CLEAN IT UP!!

    hehehe 🙂

  26. Who cares look at the $2.50 cover price! That should be the real topic of conversation here.

  27. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    And that stamp of approval by the Comics Code Authority.  Man, I didn’t even know those guys existed anymore.  Do they work exclusively for Archie Comics or something?

  28. Anything that gets kids buying comics is a good thing… my Niece has already ordered these and apparently all the kids are talking about it.  Archie is bigger than I think we know…


  29. Are Archie comics 22 or better for page counts?

  30. Well, I’ve always said, you sleep with the blonde, but you marry the brunette.

  31. It always kind of creeps me out whenever @Betty White pops up on these boards.

  32. @RoiVampire- no, everyone knows Jughead’s giving Archie the business.  That’s why he’s wearin’ that crown on his head, cuz’ he’s the king of Queen Archie’s world.

  33. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I can’t wait until August to find out if part one of this story is going to be Pick of the Week material.  The suspense!

  34. Just wait in a few months Mesphisto will come and offer to save the life of Jugghead in return for his marriage.

  35. People bitched when Spidey lost his marrage, now they’re up in arms about Archie getting hitched….


    Make up your minds people!

  36. Isn’t this a "future tale" or something? Like the Archie version of Old Man Logan? I actually kind of find it a little amazing that Archie comics are still being published in this day and age. In a time when little kids are al about Bratz dolls and whatever other whore-ish thing is out there, something as wholesome as Archie Comics still have a place in the world. Yet, every single month, as my wife and I flip through the previews catalogue I still say "Who the Hell is buying Archie comics in this day and age?" and my wife rolls her eyes and says "Do you have to ask me that every month?" I don’t know how she puts up with me. 

  37. Does this mean that Archie will finally make it past 2nd base?  No, wait, that’s how they get him out of it down the road.  It’s a built-in retcon. 

    "Whad’ya mean ‘consumate the marriage’?  I just don’t get it Mr. Weatherbee!"  while in the background, mr. Lodge rubs his hands together in glee. 

  38. I’m still waiting for the omnibus. At 600 I doubt I’ll understand it. 

  39. I always thought Veronica was much more wilder in the sack. Perhaps Betty couldn’t satisfy Archie’s wild desires?

  40. hmm.. I see now that Reggie may just be up to some shennanigans!  That look is devious.. and where IS his hand going?

  41. @chlop: In all seriousness, if there was some type of omnibus for Archie….I’d give it a shot.

  42. I thought I heard that there will also be an issue with a Betty wedding.  In fact, I thought there was to be a third but I don’t think Jughead swings that way.

  43. @comicBOOKchris I disagree, I think Veronica would only do what Veronica wants. Where as Betty would do anything you wanted as long as ya did anything she wanted. 

    I remember reading them in grade school, it’s a good gateway to regular comics at that point when they were next to regular comics at the grocery store. Now a days, they`re the only comic in the store. 

  44. Spoiler alert:  in the final issue right before the "consumation" is about to begin, archie flips out and tries to kill veronica, forcing her to stab him in the neck with an arrow…. wait, what do you mean it’s already been done?

  45. You know in an overall sales comparison (not just direct market) since Archie is the only comic I ever see in Drug Stores and Supermarkets I wouldn’t be shocked if it outsold most DC/Marvel books.  Not sure if it does or not .. it just wouldn’t surprise me.

    As for waiting for an omnibus before giving Archie a shot? Are you serious? Just buy a freaking Digest next time you’re at Safeway…   Trust me you won’t be missing out on any multi-issue story arc by just jumping in with the Riverdale gang.

    By the way the hottest girl in Riverdale is not Betty nor is it Veronica… It’s Midge.

  46. This better be a fucking dream.  Veronica?  Are you kidding??!!! 

  47. gabe wins "funniest comment"

  48. Is it just me or are they standing on a tombstone, and the white cloth is used to cover it so you won’t know who died? Is Archie still in the awkward "punching nazis" phase of comics?

  49. Archie looks fat. Are they trying to make him look growed-up?

  50. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    i’m just praying betty runs in and saves him at the end like in the graduate.

  52. Bah. Everyone knows the best Archie comic was published in the pages of Cherry Poptart. 🙂