Andy Kubert Covers FLASHPOINT

Hey, it's cover premiere day for Big Two events. Now it's DC's turn. Take a gander at Andy Kubert's cover for Flashpoint #1. 

Please note the Raggedy Speedster. Note also that everyone in Flashpoint's reality is angrier than they are elsewhere. But, hey, at least they're not dead, right? 

That's a nice trident upgrade, Arthur. 

And as a special treat, here's some action figures to spotlight the new character designs we'll be seeing in Flashpoint and it's many, many offshoot mini-series and one shots. 



  1. awesome cover

  2. Arthur’s graduated from a three, to five-pt buck Aquaman.

  3. the background reminds me of the first issue of new avengers

  4. Killer cover!

    I still say the Batman in this is like an evil Mob Boss Casino guy. 

  5. The more I see of the art and storyline the more I think this is going to be the Elseworlds style event I’ve been dreaming of.  My nerdometer is off the charts on this one.  Can’t wait!

  6. This is quite the push for Cyborg considering it’s not 1981. I’m excited to see where that’s going.

  7. love seeing alternate versions of characters and it’s nice to see cyborg in the spotlight, he always seems to be in a limbo between titans and jla?

  8. I would say Batman looks equally angry as he does in any reality. Also, that Cyborg figure looks pretty sweet (ditto Flash, those boots are nice)

  9. Is it weird that Cyborg, of all characters, is one of the major heroes of this event?

  10. @TheNextChampion  Well, he’s now in the JLA.  I’d say he does need a power upgrade.  It seemed he was always being ripped apart in the Titans stories.  But I guess every team needs a Red Tornado.

  11. Very cool.

  12. So wait… if the ship never landed, does that means we won’t get any Supes in this story?

  13. @Dark I sure hope so.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @PraxJarvin  Apologize. Superman is the greatest! 

  15. Is it just me or does anyone else think that this is a Titans story.  You never know with Johns he made Mera and Ray Palmer two very important characters in Blackest Night.  I think Johns is crazy enought to do it.!!!

    Great Cover!!! Cant WAIT!!!!!!

  16. look at batman’s glowing red eyes. That’s superman in that costume

  17. Aquaman X for SNES.

  18. I frakkin love Andy Kubert, this just made my week!

  19. Whew. Thank God they are doing action figures.

  20. I like the costume design on Cyborg. What I’m hoping is that the new Cyborg will be one of the characters that remains after Flashpoint(provided that he’s interesting).

  21. I’m really digging the Batman in this.

  22. I can’t wait to read this because THE FLASH is my second favorite hero besides THE BATMAN. I think Bruce will be like Owlman except minus The Owl part as far as his attitude towards crime and people goes. Arthur will be more regal and less tethered to humanity and he will have disdain towards all of us. Diana Of Themyiscara will be a warrior bred for war and forced into a marriage with Arthur to rule two thirds of humanity and they will make a alligance with The Batman to take over the whole world as the dark trinity of The Flashpoint. Kal-El will never land in Kansas and he’ll be a green lantern instead of Hal Jordan and Sinestro will be his teacher. I think Abin Sur will be the hero of The Blackest Night event in this verison of history and Kal-El will be The New ION. Cyborg will be humanities true champion since we are too scared of The Evil Trinity. These are the things that I think will happen in Flashpoint as far as what we know besides Lois Lane and Co being a resistence of sorts.

  23. I enjoy DC events more because they seem to mix up the cast of characters especially the main focus. Marvel is Iron Man, Cap, Thor let’s go around one more time, yay!

  24. Wow Now I am an Andy Kubert fan! Such an Amazing cover, can’t wait for the rest!

  25. I’m pretty excited for this.

  26. did we forget that we pretty much know that superman is some kind of government test subject/stooge?