Andrew Garfield and Jon Stewart Talk Spider-Man and Superheroes on ‘The Daily Show’

The media blitz for The Amazing Spider-Man is in full swing (did you know that it comes out in five days?) and last night star Andrew Garfield appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to chat, mostly about the problems with having to go to the bathroom while wearing the Spidey suit. But since Stewart was also a comic book fan growing up they also briefly talk about their heroes growing up (Stewart was a Superman guy). It’s fun. This Garfield kid is likeable.


And if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the video from last year’s Comic-Con that Garfield references in the interview:

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters in the United States on July 3. That’s right–on a Tuesday.


  1. The movie just doesn’t look appealing to me. However I obviously like the character and even the cast and crew so I’ll be seeing it. It’s just something isn’t there for me and I’m not sure what it is.

  2. I’ll never get the “it’s too soon” argument coming from THE COMIC BOOK COMMUNITY! We get new artists/writers all the time! If we keep getting our favorite characters from the pages of a book, brought to life, in film how is it a bad thing?

    • another origin story for one. also basketball face and super-serious tone seems to be turning folks off. I’m looking forward to seeing it, i hope Aunt May and Uncle Ben factor in some how as (especially Ben) are rather important.

    • It’s certainly the tone turning me off. I think it looks too dark. I’d love to see a badass take on Green Goblin though and I NEED Mysterio.

    • @halik – I totally agree about Mysterio! I need way more Mysterio in my life as well.

    • I hope the origin story doesn’t take up most of the film, but it seems like it does. It may be better done than in the earlier films, but a lot of us aren’t that enthused about seeing it again.

      I would have been happier if they just left the origin out and had given us a great Spider-Man film.

  3. heh. “full swing.” nice.

  4. Andrew Garfield is a very endearing fellow.

  5. im excieted fo the movie im going to watch this three times, every time its always what about toby, well anyone under 15 orover 30 are not worried lets watch this andlove it, lets go ifanboy podcast for this movie

  6. He seems like a cool guy. Apparently he is also a legit comic fan because he’s been seen buying a lot of comic books lately. Also, apparently he has said some of his inspiration for the movie was watching the Spider-Man porn parody…Interesting.

  7. HUGE Spider-man fan, not interested at all in the movie.

  8. Spider-man having a pee? Kenny Everett was making this joke over 30 years ago!

  9. mrcozdude (@mrcozdude) says:

    What do you guys want?! We have a new comic book film with a great cast and director. That should be enough for you to get behind it.