And WORLDS’ FINEST Looks Mighty Fine Too

Requiem for a boob window?

DC Comics has released this George Perez cover for the upcoming Worlds’ Finest, which casts Power Girl and Huntress as reluctant visitors from Earth Two.

Stranded on our world from a parallel reality, Huntress and Power Girl struggle to find their way back to Earth 2. Perez and Kevin Maguire will be the artists on alternating story arcs.

Now, Huntress looks fairly similar to the character showcased in Paul Levitz’s current mini-series. But Powergirl has undergone a significant makeover. The controversial “boob window” is now covered. A step in the right direction? Or a signature character element thrown to the wayside? Or are those mutually exclusive at all?

Note, too, the suggestion that Power Girl and Huntress are Earth Two’s analogs to Supergirl and Robin respectively. Very interesting.



  1. I like the new power girl look. The boob window had run its course (can’t believe I said that) so its time for change. I’m really excited about earth-2.

    • The boob window has always been kind of ridiculous. I’d also be happy if we never saw another teenage heroine in a mid-riff-baring outfit. I’m not saying women don’t dress like that in real life, but if you’re to believe comic books, you’d think every young woman has a whole dresser full of mid-riff tops. It’s lazy and probably more than a little sexist.

    • Agree with both of you.

  2. Kevin Maguire?! I’m in.

    It feels like she needs a belt or something around the midsection.

  3. Interesting that this image seems to indicate that Power Girl and Huntress were at one time Supergirl and Robin…I have to say I’m intrigued to learn about the Earth 2 timeline!

  4. Well, now I have to write a song called “Requiem for a Boob Window”.

    Seriously thou, that’s a pretty neat new costume. Hopefully the series will be just as good.

  5. I’m intrigued by the Earth-2 stuff. Looks as though Powergirl and Huntress are perhaps grown-up Robin and Supergirl from Earth-2. Or perhaps even the granddaughters of…? Depends upon the chronology of the new Earth-2. I really hope they JSA is still 1940s based, but… I think this’ll be fun either way.

    So, I’m not reading the Huntress mini that just came out — is she from Earth-2 in that miniseries?

    • Yes. The Huntress mini is starring Helena Wayne from Earth 2. She’s stuck on the main Earth at this moment. It was suppose to be a surprise, but solicits ruined that early on.

  6. Looks great to me.

    Are those figures behind Power Girl and Huntress their identities on Earth 2? Because it looks like Huntress was a female Robin over there. That does make sense if she’s the daughter of Bruce Wayne on that world. Power Girl was always the Earth 2 counterpart to Supergirl, so seeing her in a similar costume in the past makes sense.

  7. About time! Now when will Tarzan stop wearing that gratuitous loincloth? I honestly do not care about the boob window, about as equally as I do not care for this redesign – those two are mutually exclusive. But I am expecting to love the crap out of this series

  8. “Requiem for a boob window” Paul, you’re a genius

  9. Uhhh….not so sure about that Power Girl redesign. The off center cape and over the shoulder tie were aspects of the pre relaunch one that I quite liked. This looks like a generic, nondescript Legion of Super Heroes costume, all the way down to her hairstyle.

    Huntress looks like Huntress and I am totally ok with that.

    • I like her new cape personally, but I agree with the gist of what you’re saying. The costume is just missing something, I think it’s the gold gauntlets and boots, they could belong to any Image or Wildstorm heroine.

      Better to do away with them entirely. An all-white, short-sleeved one piece w/ gloves would make her cape the only source of color; forcing it to stand out and therefore giving it a much more “iconic” air.

    • Agreed. Don’t mind the loss of the boob window but the cape seems pretty standard issue. They could have just closed up the boob window and left the rest more or less intact, IMO.

      Change for the sake of change doesn’t usually work.

      But still…. Power Girl and Huntress! I’ve already signed up!

  10. and it shall be called Post-Boob Window era Powergirl.

  11. Ehh, power girl just looks super bland, her series made her fun & self aware, this just looks…dull.

  12. I was always apathetic towards PG’s boob window. I didn’t mind it, since I’ve always seen real life outfits with it. But now that it’s gone, I really couldn’t care less about the matter. Frankly, with alot of the other depictions of female superhero characters nowadays, ire about PG’s little boob window seemed silly to me.

    But yeah, I really dig the new costume and will be surely buying this series (ESPECIALLY with Kevin Maguire on it).

  13. Boob Window = The name of my new post-punk dubstep band.

  14. Eh, we’ve seen the boob window appear, disappear, and reappear before so I’m guessing we’ll see it come back at some point or other.

    That said, I’m really looking forward to World’s Finest. Perez and Maguire? Please and thank you.

  15. I don’t like the Power Girl outfit at all. It looks like Prime from Malibu comics. Nevermind the boob window, I enjoyed the simplicity of her old costume.

  16. Enough about the boob window – I’m now more curious about the cross image on Huntress’ costume. It made sense when she was Helena Bertinelli, Catholic avenger. But if she’s Helena Wayne now, is the cross merely supposed to represent her weapon of choice, the crossbow? That’s kind of cool, the duality of it all. Though I guess one might say that was always there. Hurm.

  17. By the way, my new band, Boob Window, will be touring this summer.

  18. Earth 2 just got so much more interesting

  19. I don’t like Power Girls new costume at all….if they redesigned it just to get rid of the “boob window” they could have still kept it closer to how it used to look. Or just made a better looking costume, I just don’t like this.

  20. I love the new costume actually, its not my favorite costume ever but I really love it and were finally getting rid of the “LOOK AT MY BOOBS” part of power girl and we can have a character and not a show. This was the book I’ve wanted the most out of the second wave and I have some high hopes for it

  21. There better be an Ass Window! That’s all I’m saying.

  22. There seems to be a sort of “no boob window = better costume” undertone to a lot of the comments. I don’t see how the two are related at all. I thought the boob window was ridiculous and needed to go. But that in itself does not make this bland get up a great improvement. I think the old costume (take the boob window away) was a lot more unique and stood out as different from all of the random Legion costumes and other dime a dozen rando characters. This one (sure, it’s admittedly just one drawing), not so much.

    Awesome to do away with the boob window. Quite frankly, given the overall “return to the 90’s/EXTREME” slant of the new 52. I wouldn’t have been surprised had they made the boob window bigger. But I don’t necessarily see this as an improved re-design.

    And btw, this new costume looks a lot like Captain America’s pal The Falcon.

  23. I bet over the years DC editorial have seen dozens of drafts redesigning Power Girl’s costume (perhaps more than any other character). If they kept them I’d love to see them.

  24. I just like to say “Boob Window”


    Try and work it into casual conversations.

    “Gosh, this shirt is itchy. If only I had a Boob Window…”

  25. So, is the window completely gone now? OR is it still there under the cape?

  26. I like the new PG costume except for the boots and whatever those things on her forearms are.

  27. So…. Hang on, no, wait….

    Flashpoint changed the history of Earth-2 as well…? But how… And why…?

    And hang on, if Flashpoint supposedly folded in both the Vertigo Earth and the Wildstorm Earth back into Earth-0/NewEarth, then does that mean that the Multiversal Orrary of 52 parallel Earths founded on the original lodestone of Earth-0 from Final Crisis are now two short? So does that now mean that there is now one original New New Earth (Earth-0) with only 50 parallel Earths? Or did they get replaced by something else? Or did their populations and histories just vanish and get folded into New New Earth, leaving the Earths themselves empty and depopulated?

    How the hell does that work??

  28. I have my fingers crossed, and then crossed again with high hopes for this one. The post-Infinite Crisis Power Girl is probably in my top three favorite DC characters ever. I love the double tragedy of her back story, and then how she was evolved into such a multi-facet character. I want this to be good sooooo bad.

    And as a super PG fan, I was perfectly fine with the boob window. It was part of her character. She was a curvy girl, she had big boobs. Nothing wrong with that. I like boobs. Can’t help but think that the “sexed-up New 52 controversy” had a lot of bearing on the redesign.

    I welcome a new take on my favorite character. I just hope it doesn’t suck.

  29. Man, you ladies are a sight for sore eyes.

    Peeg and Huntress have always been two of my favorite DC gals. It’s gonna be wonderful to read ’em again. I’m so there.

  30. That Powergirl costume is incredibly bland and uninspired. And most of all it seems to completely forget that the whole point of powergirl (and the reason she survived while so many other doublegangers died off). She’s not just grown up Supergirl, infact I would argue she’s supergirl’s opposite.

  31. Sorry for being nitpicky, but the title of this book is actually “Worlds’ Finest”.
    The placement of the apostrophe indicates not only the fact that this series is about more than one world, but is also of course a clever play on the classic title “World’s Finest”

  32. Huh. I’ve suddenly lost all interest in Power Girl.

    (Joking, of course.)

  33. The new look is bland, there’s nothing wrong with showing some skin (in some illustrations the ‘boob window’ is showing less than Wonder Woman), in general the design is just not very cool.

    Jimmy Palmiotti even said he doesn’t like anything about the new look.

  34. If we’re going the route of looking like a Supreme knockoff for PG, I say Huntress should get some Prophet style headgear. Her crossbow should be twice the size of her torso too. Both of them need MOAR POUCHES! Huntress is getting there, but we need more.

    But seriously, PG really needs a belt to break up all those light colors.

  35. OK…I thought the boob window WAS her super power! Distract the villians and then easily knock them out with a simple girley punch. And are we absolutely certain that there isn’t a triangular shaped boob window underneath that cape bib? Perhaps she only flashes the boob window when fighting villians but keeps it covered so that average people aren’t accidently blinded by the splendor of her boosom.

    Seriously though, I missed Power Girl and am glad to have her back in any form. Remember fan feedback got them to change Wonder Woman’s new outfit before her first issue hit the stands. But since we are critiquing the new look, well it’s just bland. The hair looks like Olivia Newton John circa 1985. The cape bib is just stupid looking…can we please ban cape bibs? (Including the new Earth-2 Superman redesign). And why is PG wearing Wonder Woman’s bracelets?

    I suspect this costume was redesigned by George Perez. I LOVE George’s artwork but his costume designs are hopelessly trapped in the 80’s. What I loved about Power Girl was that she dressed like a playboy bunny and yet she was easily one of the most powerful heros in the DC universe (male or female). She had the confidence required to wear a skimpy costume and not care who looked. I’m sure she would be equally confident fighting naked.

    I think we need to get back to a more iconic look including the boob window, asymetrical short cape with some sort of epilet, baywatch style bare thighs, and buccaneer boots. I really miss the buccaneer boots (ya hear that Black Canary?).

    Since this story may involve visits to other worlds as well as Earth-1 and Earth-2 maybe she will have different costumes in each universe as implied in the background picture of the Earth-2 costumes.


  36. I think the costume sucks, to be honest. The bib draped over her chest with a lackluster symbol on it. The tacky, over-designed gold gauntlets and boots. They could have easily just closed the boob window on her “old” outfit, and it would have looked infinitely better than what she has now. Then again, it might look better when drawn by somebody else, because Perez’s image is severely lacking in quality.

    • This. I’m not a fan of the new costume. For one thing, I miss the blue bits. I would totally have gone for a windowless version of her old outfit.

      But yeah, my first thought looking at that picture wasn’t “Wow, PG’s costume is terrible.” My first thought was, “Hey, that’s how I draw faces, and I’m a terrible artist.”

      *teeth-clenching pseudo-grimace*

  37. There’s a lot about PG’s redesign I’m not a fan of. The cape no longer being over the shoulder, the gauntlets are ridiculous, and it looks odd without some sort of color breaking up the all white jumpsuit (i.e. a belt, blue gloves/boots). I also miss my favorite addition from Amanda Connor’s design: the power symbol. It was on her belt, and the sides of her boots. It was a subtle little touch that a lot of people didn’t notice (I didn’t at first), but it’s still a more iconic symbol then this misshaped P we’re getting.

    But costumes change over time and fine, I’ll stick with it regardless of those changes, but I hope some of her fun personality from the Grey/Palmiotti run is still there. It’s what made me a Power Girl fan in the first place because it was the first time I’d seen here with a personality with more depth than angry feminist parody.

  38. I don’t love the new look for PG.

    I always thought her old costume was a little over-the-top (if you will), but it went with her personality.

    Not sure how they thought they could improve on Amanda Conner.

    I love me some George Perez, but I remain underwhelmed.

    I like the idea of these new characters being those old characters and there being a legacy which the costumes reflect, but I’ll have to see the issue when it comes out to decide if I’m really on board.

    Could be a real trip down alternate-history lane. We’ll see.