And Now, More Dark Avengers…

In case they hadn't scraped every last fragment from Norman Osborn, Marvel and Brian Michael Bendis are getting the Osborn band back together with New Avengers #18. Drawn by original Dark Avengers artist Mike Deodato, it looks like they're dipping a toe back into the world of Dark Reign. This is interesting, because while there was certainly a Norman Osborn overload, with him being the antagonist in a lot of comics, it also felt like there was some more closure to be explored by the end. Maybe this will be that? Maybe it will be fun?

I think that's a skrull back there.


  1. Love Deodato, but this is one of the reasons I had to jump off of the Avengers train. Numerous teams, titles, etc. Kinda miss the days of one Avengers book with the core group but then some great smaller side characters.

  2. Great jumping off point.

  3. @keith7198: A-freakin’-men. This is my problem with X-Men and FF, come to that. Are there any teams that are just a group of people rather than an army, a corporation or an entire country?

  4. I’m glad it’s a storyline within an existing title.  My first thought was that they’d cancel the less than stellar Secret Avengers then launch another new title, so at least it’s not that.  And Osborn’s been in the background throughout this run, so it even makes sense.

    Still hate the Deodato tho’

  5. I don’t think that’s a Skrull, Josh. I think it’s a Hawkeye… A DAAAARK Hawkeye!!!

  6. I reckon the big guy behind Norman is skaar hulks son

  7. in

  8. Aaaaa yeeea

  9. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting this, but that title is crazy. Why not call it the “Mighty New Dark Avengers?”

  10. I know the name is more for us but if I were a supervillain I wouldn’t join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or the Fearsome Four or Masters of Evil or Dark Avengers. Just seems like an invitation for trouble.

    If you could start a supervillain team, what would you call yourselves?

  11. Looks like Omega, Skaar, and Hawkeye (but isn’t Bullseye dead?).

    Also, I’m pretty sure this is like the third issue in the arc because this story is supposed to start in 16.1. Weird marvel would advertise the middle of a story instead of the start.

  12. snore.

    I wish Marvel would do what they did 10 or so years ago, bring in some fresh faces and shake the line up a bit more significantly. 

  13. I’d pick this up if Kelly Sue DeConnick were writing it. No offense to Bendis, of course, but I loved DeConnick’s take on the character in “Osborn.”

  14. Bendis and Deodato can do no wrong in my eyes.

  15. That’s definitely Skarr hulking in the background.

  16. Dark Avengers and the Revengers…

    Are the Offenders coming back in the new Defenders book too?

  17. The Hawkeye character could be Taskmaster, the Sagittarius LMD, Trickshot, Zaran, or possibly Oxbow.

    I like Bendis & Deodato, and I liked the Dark Avengers. I’m also looking forward to the Revengers. I dig it when characters get reprised, and I think Bendis has a feel for what makes the Avengers a fun book.

    Should be fun. 

  18. I’m starting to get tired of shadowed characters behind leader

  19. I think the Dark Avengers are just the Underbolts

  20. Wait…so now there are REvengers AND DARK Avengers?! Redundant, much?

  21. @CaseyJustice  @keith7198  And it’s all the same characters! Gimme some Starfox! Dane Whitman Black Knight! Some Tigra ( i know she is on Academy, but i want her on out, front and center! ) Sigh…i miss the days of grand adventure. Now all the same 10 characters do is sit around eating pizza and talking witty.

  22. @RahUniQue  yeah cause when i think of grand adventure Tigra is the first thing that pops into my head.

  23. I do.

  24. @TheNextChampion  yeah me too.

    Try as i might i will never understand clicking on an article or a post and deciding you won’t be reading the story and then bothering to comment on it. You could take all the time you waste commenting on Bendis books and use it to heap praise on books you like.

  25. Not too interested in this, so I’ll pass.  I hope other people enjoy it though.

  26. Can you really call what Deodato did on Dark Avengers drawing?

    Oh, and I will be skipping this shit for sure.

  27. This seems like a good spot for me to jump off this train. Bendis just doesn’t seem interested in writing an Avengers book that i want to read. Which is totally fine. A LOT of people seem to be digging it, so I’m glad Marvel is pleasing their fans, but the Avengers I grew up with are dead.

  28. Bendis clearly wants to make Norman Osborn the Lex Luthor of the Marvel Universe.  Which I don’t have a problem with, I guess, but so far it’s not working for me.  And I feel like we haven’t had enough distance from the whole Dark Reign thing yet for this to be surprising or exciting. 

    Interest level:  Moderate.

  29. @TheNextChampion  This is a good example of a useless post that says nor contributes nothing, and gets deleted.

  30. @SkipSpacer  I like the idea of Marvel having their own “Lex Luthor” type character, but I never bought Norman Osborn as being the one to fill the role. For the first part, he is SUCH a “Spider-Man villain” that until he got his ass kicked by Luke Cage in the pages of the Pulse, Green Goblin (Normon version at least) had NEVER fought another hero He ONLY fought Spider-Man. Then all of a sudden, after 40 years of fighting one hero, he is suddenly going to take on everyone?

    Secondly, Norman is insane……..and it’s common knowledge. Everyone knows he was the Green Goblin. Everyone knows he is nuts. it’s common knowledge in the Marvel U. Then all of a sudden he’s going to be put in charge of the security of the entire country???? There wasn’t ONE person more qualified to do that job? Clint Barton? Sam Wilson? Dum Dum Dugan? Hell, I would have bought Peter Gyrich getting the job! Norman as the head of HAMMER just seemed forced and unbelievable.

    I think a new character could have been created before the whole Secret Invasion thing started. Have him be the third in command of Shield, under Stark and Maria Hill. Then when secret Invasion happens, Stark gets fired, Hill goes AWOL, the new character gets the job, and it can actually be a bit of a surprise when he goes all evil. With Norman, there was ZERO suspense. The guy was looney tunes. Of course he was going to go nuts!


    I miss the Avengers books from the 70s – 80s. 🙁 

  31. Ugh… WHY ????  Definite pass.

  32. Why does anyone at Marvel not see that Dark Reign didn’t succeed because, ala Civil War, it only lasted like a couple of months? I’ve only been around for a couple of years getting back into comics but I haven’t enjoyed an Avengers title at all. New Avengers, other then the artists involved, has been the exact same issue because of how Bendis writes each character. Mighty Avengers was a joke, only a quick cash grab with constantly delayed issues by Frank Cho. (An artist I do like on some level, but has also become too cheesecakey for my tastes) Then you had all these pretty boring relaunches and after reading Secret Avengers again, I didn’t enjoy them like I did the first time.

    It just feels like the Avengers, on any level, has been stuck in these mindless stories that only serve to bridge to bigger events or ideas only Bendis can only be allowed to write. Case in point we have Bendis, once again, using a character that has been overplayed thanks to him for a yet another mindless event. Maybe one day I can read an Avengers book and enjoy it. I guess I’ll just stick to reprints of old titles to get that enjoyment. 

  33. @TheNextChampion  Haven’t you been bragging for years about never buying Bendis’ books? Am I witnessing an Alan Moore situation?

    I just ordered my Dark Avengers Omnibus last night. At the time it was announced, I thought, “Ugh, here we go with this, now” but by the time it ended it was one of my faves. This being a Marvel teaser, I have no idea what relationship it has to reality, but it will be nice to see this creative team check in with this fictional team.

  34. @Jimski  It’s been about a year and a half now since I bought a Bendis book. Never said it’s been a year and a half since I read a Bendis book. Big difference.

  35. Oh. Well, that’s way better.

  36. @jimski: I know!

    Enjoy the stories but with no costs. Brilliant plan! 

  37. getting tired of all these idiotic spin-off teams. just have the ORIGINAL avengers (maximum of 10 members) in ONE FREAKING BOOK.

  38. I really enjoyed mighty avengers before the team change after secret invasion.