And New Comics for 12/09/09 were never seen again

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Lots to be excited about this week including Phonogram: The Singles Club #6, Action Comics #884, Punisher MAX #2, Batgirl #5, The Unwritten #8 and, of course, the DC Holiday Special 2009. But the book I'm most looking forward to is Daytripper #1 from Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. I've heard and I've seen nothing but great things about it.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Now that the myserious DB Cooper has returned to win an iFanboy Members Giveaway, what is  your favorite enduring mystery?


  1. Adventure Comics #5
    Booster Gold #27
    Red Robin #7
    Unwritten #8
    BQ: Why does my wife continue to believe she can make money selling Mary Kay in a saturated market?
  2. Not much going on this week, but Phonogram and Unwritten are two of my favourite titles at the moment, so it’s all good. Looking forward to Daytripper as well.

    BQ: I intend to disappear again, only twice as mysterious this time.

  3. Very excited for Daytripper #1 and Iron Man #21. A light but strong week for me.

    BQ: Why do hotdogs come in packages of 10 while hot dog buns come in packages of 8? The world may never know.

  4. Well this is up early. Light week for me, probably only getting the DCU Holiday book, Daytripper, and the new Pilot Season book.

    BQ: my favorite enduring mystery? everything on this list

  5. Unwritten can’t come out frequently enough for me. It’s probably my favorite ongoing series at this point.

    BQ: Who wrote the book of love?

  6. 8 Books?  8?!?  Awesome.


  7. BQ: why the possibility of the Bush administrations possible involvement in 9-11 is so far fetched

  8. …also the assassinations of King and X and probable government involvement

  9. Amazing Spider-Man

    Astounding Wolf-Man

    Booster Gold

    Invincible Iron Man

    New Avengers Annual (a lot to live up to after DA’s Annual)

    Punisher Max

    BQ – the Tunguska Event of 1909

  10. Amazing Spider-Man #614

    Black Widow Deadly Origin #2 (OF 4)

    Booster Gold #27

    Deadpool #18

    Ghost Riders Heavens On Fire #5 (OF 6)

    Invincible Iron Man #21

    Nation X #1 (OF 4)

    New Avengers Annual #3

    Punisher Max #2

    Rebels #11

    Unwritten #8


    I am giving Rebels and Booster Gold another shot, since the last issues were interesting. Very excited for Punisher Max 2

  11. @Josh-That question was answered in Umbrella Academy: Dallas

  12. Action Comics #884
    Adventure Comics #5
    Amazing Spider-Man #614
    Black Widow Deadly Origin #2 (OF 4)
    Booster Gold #27
    Dark X-Men #2 (OF 5)
    Incredible Hulk #605
    Invincible Iron Man #21
    New Avengers Annual #3
    Realm Of Kings Imperial Guard #2 (OF 5)
    Unwritten #8
    Walking Dead #68
  13. BQ; Why do people still think we’ve never been to the moon?

  14. Slow week again, but I like what I see.

    Deadpool #18

    Punisher MAX #2

    Punisher Noir #4

    BQ: Why do people not put books back in the right spot at my store? Yes mister douche, the book on Japanese tour guides get shoved right into the calendars…

  15. Iron Man, Batgirl, and Phonogram already have me excited.  And I like the premise of Nation X.  I’ll be flipping through at least to see what the individual stories are.

    BQ: I’m a fan of the classics, so I’ll the Lost Colony at Roanoke.  Croatoan!

  16. Can we just say right now that Matt Fraction must be on drugs. I can’t blieve how much he’s putting out.  Not to sound exceptionally cynical but does Marvel really need to charge me $4.99 to find out that Luke Cage isn’t going to die?  Better be something special here Mr. Bendis after last week’s debacle with the Dark Avengers Annual.

    BQ: Who shot JR?  Followed by Who is Harry Crumb?

  17. X-Necrosha: The Gathering

  18. Lots of goodness this week, but surprisingly somewhat small compared to the last two or three weeks. Plus, my shop’s having a sale this week – 40% off EVERYTHING!!!!! Gonna pick up some trades while I’m at it, too.

    Most looking forward to Walking Dead (always), Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superboy Prime in Adventure Comics, Astounding Wolf-Man (for a few more months anyway), Ghost Riders by Aaron has been great trashy comic book fun, PunisherMax, New Avengers Annual, and Ba and Moon on Daytripper. The Wolverine one-shot sounds interesting, but not that big a fan of either the writer or artist.

    May pick up the Booster Gold, R.E.B.E.L.S. and Doom Patrol Blackest Night books, as well – the last issues were good, but didn’t wow me. Also considering God Complex, but that one may wait until I see some reviews/thoughts/opinions/complaining.

    Considering dropping Red Robin – I’ll pick up this one, but we’ll see. It’s on the list for axing in 2010.

    BQ:  How my wife can expect me to understand what the hell she’s talking about when she refers to items as "thing," i.e. "Can you hand me the thing on the thing?" Then, she’ll get all mad at me for not knowing what she’s talking about

  19. a nice sized week for me with some intereting titles:

    Amazing Spider-Man #614

    Daytripper#1(of 10)

    Deadpool #18

    Doom Patrol #5

    Invincible Iron Man #21

    Muppet Show #0

    Unwritten #8

    BQ: I would say Bigfoot. Simply for the fact I would like "Proof" to be real.

  20. For me it’s Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, Unwritten, and the DC Holiday Special (purely to support Jay Faerber).

    BQ: Nothing is a mystery to me. I know all.

  21. Unwritten. This year has been great for new books.

    BQ: I am with @ohcaroline, CROTOAN is one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time.

  22. Punisher, Daytripper, Walking Dead, Unwritten, Adventure Comics.

    BQ: Why is my wallet always empty on thursday morning?

  23. A smaller but solid week for me.  Looking forward to the next installments of Spider-Man and Iron Man as well as Phonogram, Doom Patrol, and Unwritten.  So very, very stoked for the DCU Holiday Special.  Those are always awesome.

    BQ: Chicken or egg? 

  24. Most looking forward to Iron Man and the awesomeness of Ba and Moon

    BQ:  Why my wife has a tendency to begin all conversations once I’ve walked out of a room, or indeed out of the house.  Does that count?

  25. Comics!

     In other news I turned on my ROKU box this afternoon and it asked me if I wanted to add any new channels. Revision 3 was one of those channels. I am watching the ifanboy video show on my TV. Excitement. 

  26. Unwritten, Secret Six, Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard.

    I’m thinking of dropping Atomic Robo which is random as there currently is no Atomic Robo and Dark Tower after the Jericho Hill run.  Has anyone heard who will be writing/drawing the next series of Dark Tower minis?  I need to drop some $3.99 books but if Jae Lee and Peter David team up again I will probably be out of luck.

    Oh yeah, recently hopped on with The Brave and the Bold and Fantastic Four (the latter of which I haven’t read since Trial of Galactus) and have caught up with both.  BB was very good.  I like the one and done format.  And I think the Blackhawks/Flash teamup was my favorite thus far.  The opening 3 issue arc of FF was one of the best Opening arcs for a writer’s run on a Marvel title that I can remember.  And then the next issue defined "filler."  Still very excited about this run.

    And yes I realize none of these books are coming out this week but I like getting my thoughts on virtual paper. 

  27. Real light week for me. Only Dark X-Men and X-Men Forever for me.

    BQ: The mystery of why people think it’s worthwhile to exchange their opinions without saying "why" or citing or interpreting any facts behind their feelings.

  28. BQ: The Jersey Devil

  29. BQ: When is The Flash: Rebirth #6 solicited to come out? That seems enduring enough of a mystery.

  30.  BQwhat the hell happend to dark reign hawkeye number 5

  31. B.Q. Toss up between Kennedy and The Zodiac

  32. Amazing Spider-Man #614

    Doom Patrol #5

    Invincible Iron Man #21 

    BQ: How does Jeff Dunham have a career? 

  33. @JohnVFerrigno Hahaha awesome…

  34. Secret six, Red Robin, Adventure and Batgirl.


    BQ: Who let the Doggs out, who, who?


  35. wow, there is nothing I want this week. literally. That hasnt happened in years.

  36. The solits for GOD COMPLEX looked interesting- I think I’m looking forawrd to that the most.

    BQ: Why am I the only one on earth who finds Geoff Johns a complete, utter bore?

  37. 8 books this week. Switching to trades for Unwritten ’cause I really need to trim my list down. I am excited to read and gaze at Daytripper and to see what happens next in REBELS

    @Josh: it was you and me 

    BQ: Jack the Ripper

  38. I have no books to buy this week!!!!!!!!!!


  39. my favourite mystery is Bryce31’s lack of books for this week

  40. looking forward to Iron Man, Punishermax, Ghost Rider, and Nation X (always love the X-Men anthology titles)

  41. BQ: I don’t like mysteries.  everything has an answer, dammit!

  42. A big goose egg for me.


    BQ: Why are there always HUGE comic weeks when everything comes out or nothing weeks, like this one?

  43. My comics this week are: Walking Dead, Phonogram(Yay!!!), DMZ, Adventure Comics, Wolf-Man, Action Comics, Muppet Show, Unwritten, Daytripper(if my store still has some when i get there) and may the DC Holiday Special.

    BQ: How the fuck did I get a beautiful smart funny amazing girlfriend how shares all my interests?

  44. @Josh- Oh now would you look at that, you forgot the Punisher. Thought all the boys would have it on their list because of the last podcast.

  45. Just Secret Six and Ghost Riders for me this week.

    BQ: I have no idea what any of that stuff is.

  46. Incredible Hulk 605

    Invincible Iron Man 21

    New Avengers Annual 3

    PunisherMAX 2

    Punisher Noir 4

    S.W.O.R.D. 2

    Walking Dead 68

    BQ:  Will it ever actually be lupus?

  47. Looks like a lot of snow will be dumping where I live tomorrow, so I might have to wait until Thursday or Friday to get my books unless I want to get stuck in that mess.

  48. @WintheWonderBoy:

    Where can I get me one of those?

  49. Red Robin #7

    DC Holiday Special #1

     BQ: Why does Christmas comes so fast.