AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, RED Nominated for Golden Globe Awards

Nominations for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning by a small group of exhausted actors and a characteristically dazed Katie Holmes. You may be interested in a few of the nods, primarily a Best Television Series: Drama nomination for AMC's The Walking Dead, which just wrapped up it's very first season. It faces stiff competition though, as Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, Dexter and fellow AMC heavy-hitter Mad Men round out the category. 

And that's not the only comic related property to land a nomination. Robert Schwntke's Red, the geriatric action flick based on the comic by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy. 

Then there's a bit of a showdown between Batman, Spider-Man, and Hawkeye in the Best Actor categories with nominations for Christian Bale (The Fighter), Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), and Jeremy Renner (The Town). Future Jane Foster and Gwen Stacy actresses Natalie Portman (Black Swan) and Emma Stone (Easy A) are also vying for trophies. Dark Knight Rises writer/director Chris Nolan's film Inception…also doing pretty good for itself in the Best Motion Picture: drama category. Phew, did I get everybody? 

Read the full list of nominations here

Ricky Gervais hosts the award ceremony on January 16th. 


  1. “Phew, did I get everybody?”

    Not quite, Hawkeye’s also up for an award as is the former Harvey Parker.

  2. I got Hawkeye!

  3. The last few years I haven’t made the time to watch award shows. I always forget they’re on, but I am marking my calendar for this one just for Ricky Gervais. Awesome

  4. Definitely a toss up between Walking Dead and Mad Men for me, but I’m surprised Breaking Bad didn’t get the love too. 

    But Dexter? Really? I’m a huge Dexter freak but this season was terrible.

  5. @PaulMontgomery  Oh yeah but what about Heimdal and Peggy Carter! Harumph!

  6. I’m going to be completely honest with you. Rooting for Mad Men over Walking Dead. By a lot. 

    Oooh, Idris Elba for Luther. Nice!  

  7. Good stuff this year.

    The comic fan in me wants to pull for Walking Dead, but Mad Men really is the better show. Actually, as much as I’ve enjoyed TWD, I’d still probably rate it third behind Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.

    I wish Sons of Anarchy would get some love. I know I’m in the minority but this season was really solid. Whine.

  8. How is The Tourist nominated for best comedy/ musical and Scott Pilgrim is not?  Did I miss something?  Does Johnny Depp burst into song at some point in the second act?

    Also, not comic related, but the fact that Community again got snubbed for best comedy series is ridiculous.

    And I’m with you, Paul.  If anything but Mad Men wins I’ll be disappointed. 

  9. Imagine Betty Draper in The Walking Dead…

  10. The foreign press has a thing for Johnny Depp. 

  11. @PaulMontgomery  goodness, evidently

  12. @WonderAli: I’d love to. The Don would have a good excuse to take a shovel to her head.

  13. *Then Don

  14. If The Social Network doesn’t win best screenplay i will lose my shit. No one in hollywood will care, but i tell you this, a fit will be had.

  15. Hell, let’s call it a draw for best drama and give the award to Mad Dead Men Walking on the Boardwalk.

  16. @PaulMontgomery  I totally agree with you. Having only seen MAD MEN and THE WALKING DEAD this season, I think it’s MAD MEN in a walk. Season 4 was an incredibly great 13 episodes.

  17. The Good Wife? Dexter? Boardwalk Empire?

    Why not just make the category: “BEST AMC SHOW” and get it over with? Cause those three have no chance what so ever. 

  18. @StupendousMan  I agree about Sons.  Great show. 

    @WheelHands  Hah! No kidding. Can you imagine how whiny she’d be during the zombie apocalypse? Especially while she tried to kill zombies with passive aggressiveness…

  19. Guys, don’t freak out with the “if X doesn’t win I’ll be disappointed” comments.  The Golden Globes are basically meaningless, because they are super crooked.  The Hollywood Foreign Press are the most easily bribed journalists in the world; sometimes the bribe is just getting to have a picture taken with famous people (probably why THE TOURIST got nominated).

    Save the outrage for the Oscars and Emmys. For your health!

  20. Man, I hope Oardwalk Empire wins, screw Boardwalk empire. its all about oardwalks this year.

  21. Jeremy Renner & Natalie Portman all the way! Their performances were nothing short of phenomenal! I will be completely shocked if they’re snubbed from the Oscars! Also Congrats Walking Dead definetly one of the best shows on TV this year!