Ales Kot Exits DC Comics’ SUICIDE SQUAD, Matt Kindt to Take Over For At Least One Issue

Ales Kot joins the list of exiting DC Comics writers, confirming that Matt Kindt will take over Suicide Squad for at least October’s Forever Evil tie-in.


Many of DC’s titles that month feature guest writers showcasing series villains. We’re not entirely clear on the future of Suicide Squad beyond #24.

Kot offered these remarks over on his blog:

Dear readers —

Since the solicitations for October’s DC titles came out, I was repeatedly asked if I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Yes, Matt Kindt is writing SS #24 and I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Matt’s “3 Story” is one of my favorite graphic novels I read in the last few years and I look forward to reading “Mind MGMT” when I finally find the time to buy the first hardcover collection, which you can find here. Matt Kindt is a very capable storyteller who is doing exciting things in the comics medium and I wish him great things.

I killed my deadlines, I wrote my best, and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Thank you for the ride, for your support, for everything.

Have wonderful days and nights.

Both of these guys are fantastic storytellers, wherever they hang their hats. Find out more about Kot’s new series ZERO, out in September from Image Comics, in our recent interview.


  1. That is seriously disappointing. Not that Kindt isnt great, but I was finally interested in where Suicide Squad was going for the first time since the middle of the first arc. I cant wait for Zero!

  2. that’s a shame, i was enjoying his run on suicide squad. Gonna have to check out his new series.

  3. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Disappointing news. This does explain Kindt writing Harley Quinn and Deadshot’s one-shots in September though.

    • Yeah, I remember thinking “Kindt writing Harley, that’s intriguingly random.” That said, as brilliant as I believe MInd MGMT is (& I consider it one of the top five books I’m reading at present), I am hoping that he doesn’t simply get pigeon-holed as that guy who does telepaths (ie Martian Manhunter).

  4. Added this to my pull list last week. Bugger.

  5. The only issues of the series I’ve read since the relaunch have been the Death of the Family tie-ins, which failed to impress me. Were those by Kot? As a fan of Kindt, I’d like to check out his issue, though we’ll see how my budget is holding out at the time.

    I just read that Zero interview and it sounds really interesting. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it come September (hmm, I suspect that’ll be one less Villains’ Month book I’ll be buying . . .)

    • Kot started at issue 22, death of the family was over and done with by then.

      Not sure if Zero will be my cup of tea or not but with the massive speculation on image books lately I tend to snag the first issue of most image books so I can actually have the book if I decide to follow it.

      Ebay prices on things like Prophet, Mind Mgmt, Saga, Panzerfaust etc are pretty crazy.

    • I take that back he started on issue 20, so 5 issue run total.

    • errr 4 issues, I understand why no edit but sometimes I really want it.

  6. The Kot/Zircher issues of this book have easily been in the top 10 for new 52 books coming out those months, I don’t expect this to change with Kindt coming onboard.

  7. While I wasn’t reading Suicide Squad, its still disheartening to read this.

  8. Wow, that was quick. I’m really sorry to hear this, Kot kept me from dropping the book. I literally was going to cut it from my sub list until I read his first issue. Kindt is good, so I will hang in there a while and see if I like it, but man is that disappointing.

    Will Kot be doing any work for DC? They are fools if they don’t sign him for something…

  9. DROP

  10. I wish they could somehow get Glass back on the book. His humor made me laugh out loud on Suicide Squad.

  11. I only picked this up because Kot was writing it. I’ll give the next team a chance, but that’s really disappointing. So much turnover is hurting a lot of ongoings.

  12. Ah, DC… doing right by the creators as always…

  13. I’ve liked Kot’s issues so far – they are pretty damn cool. I’m not a Kindt fan, have just never really liked anything I’ve read by him. So this is yet another DC book getting dropped by me – I’m getting bummed out.

  14. I’m losing faith here. I know kindt is great in his own right, but I’m sure kot had a plan for this book & so far since he’s been on it it’s worked very well. What a shame.

  15. Oh gah, Ales Kot turned this book around for me. I heard him interviewed on a podcast and he was so into this book, it’s untrue.

    The best of luck elsewhere, mate.

  16. Can’t wait. Love the way Kindt writes. Plus his last name ends in ‘ndt’ which is pretty fun to say. Where does the “d” go? I don’t know.

  17. DC is slowly perfecting the art of the one issue run.

  18. I think the “New 52” will start referring to the number of writers booted from any given series in a single year.

  19. Crap. Just as I was thinking about getting Suicide Squad again…

  20. You know what would make a great headline? If somebody other than Geoff Johns stayed on a book at DC.

  21. What the hell is going on? For a second I thought putting Kot on a book was a sign of DC trying to build a respectable team of young writers. I see DC changing writers from arc to arc in the future, leaving editorial in complete control of the big picture. I agree with daningotham that Snyder and Johns are the two mainstays, everyone else is replaceable unfortunately. No one should get comfortable.

  22. Man, DC has some serious problems between their editors and their writers, and it shows in the quality of their books.
    It’s getting embarrassing already. I can’t say I would add a new DC title to my pull list based on who the writer is going to be anymore. Unless they’re Johns or Snyder you have no way of knowing if they’ll suddenly quit or be fired.