ALERT: New Comics Page Delayed – Updated

Update – The new comics are now live!

It would be comical if it wasn't so disruptive, but it would appear that Diamond Comics haven't entirely fixed whatever problem they had last week that brought their computer network down.

Diamond's website quite unexpectedly went down again on Sunday and it remains down at this moment. As you know if you were around when this happened last week, we can't synch our system to theirs and thus can't update the Comics page with tis week's books.

We are in a holding pattern at the moment. If Diamond's problem persists, we might cobble together the Comics page with an unconfirmed list of new books.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let's play a game in the comments. List your own personal Pick of the Week from last week and then describe it in exactly five words. No more, no less.


  1. Sounds like Diamond’s…in the rough. 

  2. Screw you diamond and your monopolistic stronghold on this industry!

  3. You can always count on Paul for a well timed pun.

  4. oh, Paul. Don’t you know that Diamond is forever?

    Hellblazer Pandemonium:

    Not a floppy. Don’t care.

  5. GL #50 : "I’m a bit behind."

  6. My POW: Adventure Comics #7

    Conner and Krypto: Friend Force! 

  7. Hit-Monkey #1: Monkey throwing punches, not poop.

  8. Daytripper #3:

    I think I understand now 

  9. Invincible #70

  10. I was wondering if it was the President’s Day thing, but my shop already sent an email telling us books were this Wednesday. Now I know why!

  11. Secret six: Amanda Waller’s a manipulative bitch!

  12. Oh Diamond…how you’ve lost your sparkle.

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man #7

    Spider-man and his Amazing friends!

  13. ASM 620 – classic style art and story

  14. Five word reviews should be a regular feature. Good stuff, guys!

  15. @g0ofgnewt – Ha! That’s a great one! 🙂 (and a great issue.)

  16. Batman & Robin – Better art than last time.

  17. Daytripper #3

    Love makes sad man happy.

  18. Unwritten #10: Tom Taylor Vs. Nazis! (Kinda.)

  19. S.W.O.R.D. #4 – Soon replaced with Astonishing Deadpool

  20. Ultimate Spider-Man #7

    Spider-man gets another super friend

  21. Batman & Robin – A perfect copy of Batman

  22. Daytripper #3:

    That girl. She kills me.

    As for Diamond, they’re surely not *my* best friend!

  23. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

    Peter Parker has amazing friends.


  24. Daytripper 3,  every single story makes us enjoy life just a little more.

  25. Batgirl #7

    I have pretty good taste.

  26. its been another night of frantic Ctrl+R.

  27. I finally have a week with a couple of books and I can’t do the pull thing. Nuts!

  28. Daytripper #3- Man, this dude keeps dying.

  29. This sucks. Damn you Diamond!!

    Hit-Monkey #1:

    Most serious comic book ever.

  30. Batman and Robin #7- Darkseid fucks Damien over bad.

  31. The comics page is now updated!

  32. POW: Mesmo Delivery – Grandpa can draw a fight!

  33. Batman & Robin #9: Dick has a fierce bat

  34. Haunt #5

    Because it made me smile 

  35. Amazing Spider-Man: Josh thought it was ok.

  36. BPRD: King of Fear #2

    Johann Kraus and Lobster Johnson.

  37. Punisher Max:

    Mennonite with a huge hammer 

  38. BPRD King of Fear #2

    Most entertaining universe right now

  39. Amazing Spider-Man:

    Really, a four-way tie.

  40. Daytripper #3

    The only book I bought

  41. @ AL13N4112 good call. that book is amazing

  42. Nothing: I pulled no fives, sadly.

  43. New Mutants #10:  Who will lead? Plus…Sauron!

  44. New Mutants #10: Best in a weak week

  45. Hit Monkey #1:

    Monkey vs. Yakuza. ‘Nuff said.

  46. New Mutants #10:

    basically, Diabhol took my joke.

  47. Weak week? Man, I thought last week was a stellar week. In addition to the Hellblazer OGN, I had Solomon Kane, BPRD, Unwritten, Phonogram, Ultimate Spidey, Daytripper… all really strong contenders. My favorite kind of week too — lots of diversity. 🙂

  48. Amazing Spider-Man #620: Art that makes me drool

  49. Strange #4 – Good end to fun story

  50. amazing spiderman #620 – marcos martin and javier pulido

  51. POW: Daytripper #3:

    It’s all about the "HEART"


    This is fun! Let’s do this again! Please. Please.

  52. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

     Peter plus roommates equals awesome.