ACTION COMICS #900 Features the Return of Superman

DC's The Source blog has released the David Finch cover to Action Comics #900!

The issue will feature the return of Superman to the pages of Action Comics as he, most appropriately, takes on Lex Luthor. The 50 page main story will be handled by current Action team Paul Cornell and Pete Woods. And as you would expect with a giant-sized anniversary issue, there will be back-up short stories by other yet-to-be-named creators.

Also, let's give it up to a mainstream Big Two book hitting 900 issues.


  1. That cover is pretty freakin’ impressive. No doubt the contet will be similarly awesome.

    Also, isn’t it scary to think that in…8 and a bit years, we’ll be hitting issue 1000?

  2. That’s gorgeous.  Thanks for sharing, guys.

  3. that is a pretty bitchin cover

  4. You know whats funny is that Superman can tuck his entire cape into his suit and where 2 belts with out drawing attention to his outward appreance.

  5. Really, as long as Paul Cornell is writting this title, it doesn’t matter what character stars.

  6. @comicBOOKchris   Exactly.

  7. What an awesome cover. I love it.

  8. Perfect.

  9. I can’t wait to see Cornell do Superman – this could be amazing.

  10. Nine-freaking-hundred!!!

  11. i can’t wait for this. I think i read somewhere that Superman is the longest running periodical in the history of the world. 

  12. Cover looks spectacular. Looking forward to this!
    @wallythegreenmonster  It’s not.

  13. Time Magazine started up in 1923, so it has 15 years on Action Comics.

    National Geographic Magazone started in 1888 so it has FIFTY years on Superman.

  14. I’m not always a fan of Finch, but this cover is beautiful and really captures the spirit of Superman. 

  15. *Raises glass* To 900 issues and a great storu by Cornell and Woods!

  16. Awesome cover. I’ll give the rest of Cornell’s run a try, but I really can’t stand Superman! :-p

  17. @styner
    And don’t forget his boots… some how he manages to wear normal brogues or whatever over his big red boots. Imagine wearing shoes on top of boots, they’d have to be massive, no?

    The world must also be littered with Clark Kent’s discarded office wear too. Good thing Ma Kent doesn’t sew name labels in his clothes, otherwise folks might start getting suspicious!

  18. Issue #900 had to be Superman.  How could it not be?

  19. @MikeFarley  @ibagree  –you guys are totally right…total brain fart. I must have confused that with something else. But still 900 issues…very epic indeed. 

  20. At their present respective paces, Spider-man will catch up to Action comics in just over 20 years. (At its previous breakneck 3 a month pace it would have caught up in just over 15 years). I suspect a new publishing paradigm will set in long before that, but has any comic produced more issues since 1963 than Amzing Spider-man? Most of the other Marvel ‘600’-class books built off of older titles. 

  21. I’m in the mood for some wacky Superman adventures, which Cornell should provide once #900 hits. Still, it’s a shame it’s not staying as a Lex Luthor book.

    Who’s with me for a Lex Luthor ongoing? 

  22. I’m actually getting sick of Cornell, I was hoping somebody would be taking over after #900.  I gave up on understanding any of Knight & Squire.  His run on Batman & Robin isn’t nothing spectacular, especially if compared with Morrison’s take on the series, and ACTION gets a little less entertaining with each and every issue.  They could of left him at MARVEL for all I care. 

  23. i dig it

  24. About dang time.

    Bring back Superman.


  25. Great stuff, may we keep Paul and Pete and pals please?

  26. DC has needed a guy that bangs out epic covers like this.  I’m starting to think that the covers by John Cassaday are done by Jon Cassaday or something, there just really rough and boring.  Riding around in John Voights Car.

  27. Action’s been great lately.  I can’t wait to see Cornell’s take on Superman.

  28. Not a Sups reader nor fan (unless played by Routh), but, I would read a Cornell written Sups. Cornell’s tha shite!

  29. @robbydzwonar  Glad I’m not the only one who doesnt care for the Cornell’s Lex Luthor takeover of Action Comics. 


  30. Cornell doing Superman is awesome, but I really want this book to be Lex’s book.

  31. @Tork –i’m enjoying Cornell’s take on Luthor A LOT and this run of Action has been really fun, HOWEVER part of my enjoyment is knowing that its temporary. I’m not opposed to Lex getting his own book, but it should not be Action Comics. It will always belong to Superman even if he “sub-lets” to other characters every so often. 

  32. Ill be there when Action Comics 1000 hits the stands in 2020-ish…

  33. This will be disappointing if Lex just runs into Superman in a dinner or something

  34. GodDAMN Finch!! That cover is wonderful.

  35. Superman in Action Comics what a novel concept.

  36. Thank God

  37. @TheNextChampion

    That absolutely has to be a lex on going, he’s a way more interesting and versatile charcter than superman at the moment

  38. * There absolutely has to be a lex on going, he’s a way more interesting and versatile charcter than superman at the momen.