A Walt Simonson Variant for THE MIGHTY THOR #1? Verily!

We don't usually get hot and bothered by variant covers. But when news hits that Walt Simonson–a name synonymous with mystic hammers and horse-faced extraterrestirals and goat-drawn charriots–is providing a variant cover for April's The Mighty Thor #1…we make an exception. 

Behold! He who, alone, be the worthy! 

Hasn't lost a step. 

The Mighty Thor #1. Written by Matt Fraction. Pencils and regular cover by Olivier Coipel. One variant by Walt Simonson. Another by Travis Charest. A movie cover. A blank cover. On sale April, 27th. 

Coipel and Simonson on the same Thor book? Does it get any better then that? I submit it does not!


UPDATE: Okay, so it's technically a drawing from 1983, with modern coloring from Laura Martin. It's still awesome, and so is Simonson. 


  1. I will second that submission. I believe now it is open to the floor for a vote.

  2. Oh… I miss Simonson. That’s just excellent.

  3. That looks very modern, get this guy doing some current project

  4. Bitchin, verily!

  5. Dear lord, that’s awesome.

  6. How great would it be if Simonson came back and drew Thor again!

  7. I pre-ordered that Simonson Thor Omnibus like 6 months ago. Absolutely dying for it to arrive.

  8. He is sooooooooooooo good.

  9. I would buy a Walt Simonson drawn Thor comic right now. I’d buy two copies.*

    *Hyperbole. I’d only buy one.

  10. Looks like it’s an old piece from 1983, just recolored by Laura Martin. Simonson’s DC exclusivity means no new Thor from him until that’s over.

  11. I’ve never had the chance to read any of Simonson’s Thor run.  Should I pick up the Omnibus?

  12. @finalmonkey  Yes. 

  13. @Simps  Take it back!

  14. Simonson omnibus preordered! Now we get to see some Thor stories that are actually good. Fraction’s Thor was ok, but too inconsistent for me. I lost interest in Gillen’s towards the end. JMS’ was probably the most interesting take on Thor in the last 3-4 years.

  15. Amazing!!!!! His THOR run is my personal fav of all time. Seeing this kinda made me weak in the knees….

  16. Paul is right. That is all.

  17. Simonson’s Thor runs is one of the best runs on a superhero ever. It’s completely and utterly crazy but it just works. You’ll see. Pick it up for sure.

  18. Love the composition of the piece!! It’s GREAT how Thor’s NOT the focal point , or an image of his hammer, rather the aftermath with all the fallen foes catches your eye first!!

    @finalmonkey  I’m not crazy about the Frog Thor arc, But the Surtur Saga,Beta ray Bill saga, Kurse,the Executioner & Hela arcs and the stories of Odin’s brother are MY favs!!

  19. @conor  It’s ok.  I’d buy the other one.

  20. Where were you guys when he was doing New Gods stuff? Great series. Put a lot of effort into it. Look it up if you can find the back issues.

  21. The original artwork: http://i52.tinypic.com/scgnqa.jpg

    And comments from Simonson on the piece (via his Facebook page): “Insofar as I can remember, this was the first drawing of Thor of mine that was published when I was getting set to work on the title in 1983. I had probably designed Bill at this point, and started work on the comic itself. This image ran in Thor 336 as a promotion for my first issue, the next one. I don’t know that this is the very first drawing of Thor I did, but it’s possible. I’d guess it was done pretty early in any case simply because it’s Thor and some fallen foes, not a scene specific drawing from my early issues. I gave Thor some dead Frost Giants and a creature inspired by Bosch and Bruegel as vanquished foemen.”

  22. LIES! 

  23. I remember that piece from wa-a-ay back in the day.  I love that new color job on it.  Hopefully, the entire omnibus will look like this.

  24. And, of course, if you zoom in on Simonson’s signature you can see that it’s dated 3-5-83.

  25. Speaking of which, Simonson has the coolest signature ever. 

  26. @PaulMontgomery  That’s not just a fact, it’s science.

  27. This will make me have to rethink my whole “I don’t buy variants” policy. 

    @PaulMontgomery-Agree totally.  Have a sketch of Cyclops he did for me at a con.  Couldn’t have been a nicer guy too!

  28. I haven’t bought a mainstream Thor book in years.  I will get this.  Somehow.