A multimedia look forward to the summer 2009

It’s getting warm outside, the birds are starting to chirp, there is baseball on television, and a young man’s thoughts turn to summer.

With that in mind, here are four things I am looking forward to this summer.

G.I. Joe Cartoon Comes To DVD

There are many seminal works of fiction from my childhood, but few loom as large as the G.I. Joe cartoon.

When I was five years old, watching this cartoon everyday after school lead to obsessively reading the G.I. Joe comic book which lead to obsessively reading more and more comic books which leads us down a dark path to iFanboy.

For years, the only way to watch the animated Joes was the DVD of G.I. Joe: The Movie, which is an experience that leaves a lot to be desired, not the least of which involves Big Lob.

I foresee very little possibility that these DVDs won’t end up on my shelves by the end of the year.  Yo Joe!


Star Trek

I’m a big Star Trek fan.  I’m most fond of the Original Crew, but I’ve given all teh shows a shot to varying degrees of success over the years, and I’ve watched with sadness as the franchise has driven itself into the ground. 

So when news of a “reboot” back the the original crew first hit I was equal parts terrified and excited.  A reboot by fresh faces is exactly what the franchise needs, but who dares to recast James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock while William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy still walk the Earth?

Apparently J.J. Abrams dares.

After the first trailer hit I was convinced everything was gonna be alright.  And with each successive trailer my excitement has grown. 

Check out the newest trailer if you haven’t already.  Or if you have, watch it again!

This is easily my most anticipated film since The Dark Knight.  On May 8th I’ll be there with bells on.


Madame Xanadu: Volume 1

Assuming that everything works out the way it should, late July sees the release of the first Madame Xanadu trade paperback.

Madame Xanadu is a book that I’ve been curious about ever since it came out.  Which is strange because I don’t usually gravitate towards the magic stories, and yet some of my favorite characters in comics exist in that realm, characters like Zatanna, Dr. Fate and The Phantom Stranger.

I quite like Matt Wagner’s writing so when this first came out I thought about picking it up, but ultimately I gave it a pass.

But then I kept hearing more and more good things about it, and some people who I trust told me that it was a really good book so Madame Xanadu went right back on my radar screen.  Then the Eisner nominations hit and all the nods the book got sealed the deal for me.

I’ve already pre-ordered my copy!


The (Brief) Return of Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite television shows of the last few years.  It is smart.  It is funny.  It is completely unlike anything on television.

So of course it was summarily canceled in its second season.

When Pushing Daisies was canceled there were still some episodes yet left unaired and standard operating procedure by the networks would tell us that those of us who were loyal and devoted fans would have to wait to see them in the eventual DVD release.  This happened with producer Bryan Fuller’s last show that was way too brilliant and unique for network television, Wonderfalls.

But sometimes life throws you a bone.  Or the networks get desperate for content.  Either way, Pushing Daisies is returning to the air on Saturday, May 30 at 10:00 p.m to show its remaining unaired episodes.   The brief run will end on Saturday, June 13.

Yes, they are dumping the episodes on Saturday when no one is watching television, and yes it is all going to be very bittersweet, but dammit I’ll be watching.

And then I will cry and have some pie.


  1. Not a big Star Trek fan but I’m really looking forward to this movie.  I think on the animated front I’m looking forward to the Green Lantern.  As for movies, its a little far off but I can’t wait for Inglorious Bastards in August.

  2. I’m really excited for the X-Men cartoons from the early 90’s finally getting released on DVD in the next month or so.  I’m also really looking forward to Darwyn Cooke’s new graphic novel, which sounds like some great noir awesomeness.  Oh, and I’m excited for my wedding and subsequent honeymoon and Mexico!  Wahoo!

    I think Star Trek is going to be a great movie.  I’m so excited to go see it. 

  3. I’ve never felt this way about Star Trek before and I’m not sure I’m ok with it. Watched a lot of shows from various series and have enjoyed them, but I have NEVER anticipated the release of anything Star trek related until now. Hope it doesn’t dissapoint.

    Definitely stoked about the release of the Joe cartoons. Thankfully one of my best friends will be buying it, since Joe’s more his thing and I shouldn’t have to. Might toss some money on the X-cartoons, lest they make ’em available on Netflix.

    My addition: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Not supposed to be released until September 2, but worthy of a mention. It has Iron Fist!! 

  4. agreed on all fronts, but mostly about star trek, man that picture just look all kinds of awesome

  5. Connor has your love for Star Trek lead you to read any of the Star trek comics?

  6. @SPB – It is Conor with only one "n".  He is kind of sensative, so you may want to restate your question.

  7. The (Brief) Return of Pushing Daisies is some of the best news I’ve heard all month. Thanks Conor.

    Mein Gott, I love that show.


    I personally hate pie, but I love, love,love,love,love, Puching Daisies. I did not know until I read trhis article that the remaining episodes will air. 




    *this user collapsed from endorphin poisoning*


  9. @SPB: I haven’t read a Star Trek comic in about 15 years or so.

  10. At the risk of being really nerdy, even for a comic book site, I remember reading 70s/early 80s era ‘Star Trek’ fan magazines as a kid, and one of the things they’d discuss is whether the roles should be recast for new shows or movies.  The assumption was if the franchise was ever revived, this would have to be the way to do it.  But then, TNG came along, and then the subsequent shows, and they found a new and (mostly) successful way to reinvent the universe.  But time passes and I feel like there’s been enough of a respectful distance to be able to return to those original characters and look at them a new way.  Honestly, as an old school original series fan, I’m pretty excited.

    I told you that would be really nerdy.

  11. Not a huge Trek fan, either, but it’s easily my most-anticipated movie of the summer. One of my bandmates works for ILM; she didn’t work on the movie but saw a screening of it last week and said it’s awesome.

  12. Saturday at 10pm?

    Wow why doesnt ABC just finish the job of stabbing Fuller in the heart? Still looking forward to seeing the rest of the series…

  13. You just made my day, Mr. Kilpatrick! Pushing Dasies coming back…squeeal!

    It will hurt again when it goes away, but it will be worth it to finish out such a great series.

  14. Confession: I can’t watch Pushing Daisies, even though it seems like a cool show, because it gives me such a relentless craving for pie.  I swear, right after I read this article, I went down to the cafeteria for lunch and I thought, "Hey, I should buy a piece of pie for dessert!"  Which is something I never do, so I blame this artice.  (And by ‘blame’ i mean, ‘thank,’ because it was good.  But I can’t do this on a regular basis, if I bought the DVD sets for PD I’d be dead!)

  15. I’ve never been a huge Trek fan. I liked the Nest Generation and the movies but that was about it. But I do believe the upcoming movie is going to be the Summer movie to beat. It looks absolutely amazing and the more I see of it the better it looks.

     By the way, Pushing Daisies was one of my favorite shows and that’s how it gets treated. I mean Saturday Night! They might as well kick Bryan Fuller in junk over and over again , it’ll probably be less painful.

  16. Looking forward to completing my G.I. Joe DVD collection that I started years ago when Rhino owned the rights. Now if only Disney would finish releasing Gargoyles I would be even happier. Also glad to see that the X-Men cartoon from the 90s I finally coming to DVD in volumes starting in May. 

  17. Looking forward to G.I. Joe on DVD.  I bought the first two mini-series on DVD a number of years ago but did not pick up the rest of the episodes.  I really look forward to the third season (first full season), which had some disturbing two-part episodes (Shipwreck and the synthoids, the "alternate universe" Cobra).  Transformers is also coming out on DVD, which I would like to get more of to complete my collection.

    As for Star Trek, it looks amazing.  If they have Kirk rigging the Kobiyashi Maru scenaio, I will have a geekgasm.

  18. I’m giving this movie Conor’s Kyle Rayner treatment.  I don’t care about anyone taking a new swing at Star Trek, but boy howdy, do I not enjoy JJ Abrams and his approach to storytelling. 

  19. Is there any word on what’s going on with the Fables TV project?

  20. i’m looking forward to star trek…. but i’m going to wait until it comes out on DVD, there’s a line the in the nerd-sand that needs to be drawn and that’s it for me.

     and i also cringe when i hear Eric Bana’s american accent, that’s not the Uncle Chop-Chop i remember.

  21. Thanks for the info about Pushing Daisies.  I was wondering about it and it didn’t show in the upcoming dates or anything.  And hey, did Wonderfalls ever finish?  I have the idea I saw some kind of an ending, but this is Latinamerican cable, so I wouldn’t know, lol.

  22. @CATR: WONDERFALLS finished the first season (all the un-aired episodes appeared on the DVD set), but it didn’t finish the story, no.

  23. @Conor: I remember Wonderfalls as having a very satisfying ending. Thought it wrapped up a lot of things nicely. Granted, last time I watched the series was a couple of years ago. Been meaning to watch it again.

  24. Awesome more pushing daisies! I knew I was right in not deleting it from the record list.  Also excited to know xmen/gijoe/transformers all coming to dvd again.  I have half the TF seasons so be nice to have them all. 

  25. There is one ONLY one reason why I’m excited about Star Trek


                     Simon Pegg