5 Comic Book Crafts You Could Probably Make for Holiday Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching, sending many into a flurry of spending and “oh no, oh no, what do I get them?!” Christmas lights twinkle, taunting you: “Falalala, you don’t have a present for your comic book loving friend.” Panic rises in you like some sort of horrible beast — you don’t want to just BUY someone a present. How is THAT personal? Well, prepare yourself for some hot glue gun burns and many hissy fits of “why did I attempt to do this again?” because I have five awesome comic book crafts I BET you could pull off just in time for gift giving. Seriously. I believe in you.


 Comic Book Bracelets

I’ve found that one of the ways that comic book loving ladies like showing off their passion is through jewelry. It’s a nice little subtle statement — not as in your face as a loud graphic tee or full on cosplay, but a little nod and homage to the things we love so very much. Well, iFanbase, rev your crafting engines because here’s a rad tutorial that’s sure to make any comic book obsessed woman in your life go weak in the knees – home made comic book bangles! And seriously, this project is absurdly easy. All you need is a blank bracelet (generally easily accessible at most dollar or thrift stores), a comic book you don’t mind cutting up (or a print out but come ON that ruins the authenticity), some mod podge (the most amazing thing that has ever happened to crafting ever), and some bomb exacto knife skills. Now bedazzle that bracelet!


 Comic Book Wreath

We all have that over the top festive friend. You know, the one who has Christmas stuff around their house even when it’s NOT Christmas, vibrating like a chihuahua with excitement for the upcoming holiday season. As soon as December hits, decorations explode over their abode like a Christmas filled giant pinata burst all over everything. It’s so full of cheer it makes you want to puke or get a cavity. Well, what if that friend is ALSO a comic fan? You’re in luck, because I scoured the ends of the internet to bring unto you: A COMIC BOOK THEMED WREATH. Holy geeky Holiday cheer, Batman.


Just imagine it with a comic book image!

Comic Book Candle Holders

This is probably the easiest thing on this list. Are you ready? ARE YOU? Are you ready to bring some comic book themed light into someone’s life?

Step 1: Get a clear candle holder. Or a tumbler from the dollar store. Or whatever.

Step 2: Stick mod podge on it.

Step 3: Stick a comic book page/image to it.

Step 4: Let dry.

Step 5: Put a candle in it. LIGHT FOR EVERYONE!


Comic Book Name

So there’s not tutorial for this one, but this would be VERY easy to make with comic books. I think it would make a great gift for the comic book loving kid in your life: spell out their name with their favorite comic book characters, stick it to their wall… it’d be awesome! All you have to do is get wooden letters – super cheap at craft stores like Jo Ann’s or Michael’s – and then mod podge comic book pages to them once you cut them out. So easy and so personal!


Comic Book Shoes

And finally, the goddess of comic book crafts: COMIC BOOK SHOES. I’ll just leave this here…



Molly McIsaac is a fan of unicorns and X-Men and unicorns dressed like X-Men. You can follow her on Twitter or on her lifestyle and fashion blog The Geeky Peacock.


  1. if only digital comics were so mod-podgeable 🙂

  2. These are awesome. As a poor person with a lot of old comics and loved ones I can’t buy gifts for, I thank you.

  3. Those shoes look so pretty

  4. So I take it that while we’re making our presents, Molly is off buying hers with the nice fat endorsement check she got from mod podge

  5. I think I’m going to start making the shoes for my girl, then get frustrated, start crying, give up, and then get to work on the bangle

  6. That candle holder looks slick, but I really want a print out so it doesn’t have two images overlapping.

  7. My wife and I mog podged several crafts for our wedding much like some of these suggestions.

  8. If you already have presents for your family but want to add a comic book touch to your gifts, might I suggest making comic book gift bows? I made a bunch for my presents this year and they’re really simple.


    This isn’t the exact one I used, but it seems to be the same thing.