200 Words with Paul Dini #54 – An Easter Story

April 9, 2009


(With apologies to Joel Chandler Harris)

Realizing it was Easter Sunday and he hadn’t done a damn thing about it, Br’er Rabbit reckoned he’d better scrounge up some eggs for his wife and sixteen hundred kids or he’d be sleeping in the outhouse again. 

After swiping a basket from some ignorant critter (let’s say a possum) Br’er Rabbit hopped down the road and caught Br’er Bear coming home from church. Spinning a yarn about being appointed official Easter Bunny, B. R. effortlessly convinced the gullible bruin to accompany him back to his “egg factory” and help him pick up a second load.

Arriving at a convenient hen house, the rabbit put the dull-witted bear to work collecting eggs, then ran to fetch Mr. Man, the real owner of the chicken coop.  Grabbing a pitchfork, the irate human proceeded to rip Br’er Bear a new one, whereupon Br’er Rabbit scooped up the eggs and dashed off home. Took three hens with him, too.

I don’t know if there is an underlying moral to this story, except that bears, even church-going ones, are pretty fucking easy to fool, and that people who trust rabbits for any reason, even on Easter, deserve to get their asses kicked.

Sure enough.


Paul Dini is the Emmy and Eisner Award winning writer of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Detective Comics, Countdown among many, many other things. You can find him online at either kingofbreakfast.livejournal.com or http://www.jinglebelle.com/.


  1. 2nd favorite Easter story ever!!!!

  2. Jesus who? This is the story I’m going to tell my kids!

  3. This has deep truth hidden in it that speaks volumes to the reality of life.

    Good form sir.

  4. I cried…

  5. I definitely didn’t think a Joel Chandler Harris reference would make it’s way to Ifanboy. 

    God, I love this site.  

  6. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Ay

  7. Paul Dini should have a column at every website

  8. Classic Rabbit-meets-Bear. Rabbit-eats-Chicken story

  9. again, one of the wierdest things ive ever read. i tip my hat to you, mr. dini