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REVIEW: Batman #4

The Boy Detective Fails

Remake & Reboot: The DOOM PATROL Comic Series

It’s time someone broke the cycle and make a series that wasn’t, for a better word, doomed.

REVIEW: Swamp Thing #4

A tumorous good time.

EXCLUSIVE: Revealing The Court of Owls in Batman with Scott Snyder

The Owls are not what they seem…especially in Gotham.

Thanks, Comics!

Fresh off of swearing off (many) superheroes, Mike realizes just how much there is to be thankful for in comics.

REVIEW: Batman #3

Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall.

Heads Up: DC Comics Previews – January 2012

The New DCU ushers in the New Year!

Light Week? Try Dorothy and the Wizard In Oz #1, Rachel Rising #2, and American Vampire #19

Shine a light on your stack and make sure it’s filled with good comics!

REVIEWS: DC Comics 52 Pick-Up – Week Three

And then they did it so hard Batman died.

FIRST LOOK: DC Comics Dark Book Solicits for December

Halfway through September and DC’s Dark banner titles rank among the most popular books in the relaunch. From Animal Man…