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FanExpo 2012: Geoff Johns & David Finch Team for JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA


DC Comics Announces JOE KUBERT PRESENTS Anthology Mini-Series

Hawkman, Sgt. Rock, The Redeemer and more return, courtesy of Joe Kubert and company.

iFlashback! June 4th, 2003

iFlashback is BACK! Take a trip to 2003 and see who the Marvel “Architect” really was for that year!

Hawkman: Where Do I Start?

Breaking through the convoluted past of Hawkman to give you the best stories to understand why a man wears a bird suit and bashes people’s brains out with a mace.

DC Histories: Hawkman

Arguably the most confusing DC History of them all, we break down Hawkman’s story from 1940 to today. You’d be surprised how complicated a flying guy with a mace can be.

DC Relaunch Week Four – By the Numbers

How did the last week of #1 issues from DC Comics fare amongst you?

Top 5 Major Scientific Conceits of Superhero Comics

Or how to survive and enjoy a comic-fictional universe.