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Written by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen
Art and cover by Greg Land

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. Yes, even the great Sub-Mariner, the so-called first mutant, succumbs to the HX-N1, surprised they haven’t coined it something like “Swine-flu” or something yet.

    Interesting too how Fraction is reversing the concept of how mutants are regularly feared by making it a fad now amongst homo sapiens.

    Not sure where this whole Emma venture is coming from, sorta outta the blue to me, but seems to be a recurrent theme with the White Queen and Shaw, doubt a resolution will be forthcoming anytime soon now, esp after Fantomex’s inexplicable gaff, but still say Kitty has some better reason to be there than has been revealed actually.

  2. I didn’t read this issue because I dropped Uncanny six months ago. I keep hearing decent things about this issue, but to me it seems like a lot of reruns. HXN1 seems like another Legacy Virus. And what Franktiger says Fraction’s doing in reversing the concept of how mutants are regularly feared…Morrison did that in his run.

    Not saying it’s inherently bad for a writer to reuse concepts, but when he’s doing so AND trying to seem original and fresh, then it falls flat for longtime readers. Still, maybe I’ll try this issue as a lipmus test to see if it’s okay for me to come home again.

    Well-written review and good discussion, guys.

  3. If I remember the Legacy virus correctly, it killed off mutants pretty rapidly, the HX-N1 is behaving like a flu that only targets mutants, and can dampen their powers, but that might simply be an effect of the generalized systemic illness.  

    Never thought I’d find myself defending Fraction, but I think the way Fraction is twisting the concept is different than how Morrison did, with the most obvious difference being the use of the Sublime Corp in it’s scheming.

    These two things I was reminded of the past, but the way it is being done now is enjoyable by itself, with enuf aspects of the story that allow it to feel novel still.  Even the Emma vs Shaw stuff is old to me, but again, is this the endgame now with Fantomex and especially with an apparently misplaced Kitty Pryde involved, what the hell’s she doing there?

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