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Story by Rick Remender
Art by John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson
Colors by Dean White
Cover by John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada, Skottie Young, Ryan Meinerding, & Jerome Opena

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

This book to me was a prime example of getting your hopes up too high. Remender is a phenomenal writer, and Romita Jr. is a living comics legend, it should have been an instant win. But Captain America #1 fell flat. After so long with Brubaker being the predominant voice of Steve Rogers, Remender’s take was a stark change. The flashback to Cap having an abusive father seemed to come out of nowhere (not entirely sure if its a retcon). Green Skull the bio-terrorist seemed a little too cheesy. Cap repeating the word “dope”? I’m sorry Mr. Remender, as much as I love Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent, and Venom, this isn’t the Captain America I’m used to.
Then theres John Romita Jr’s art… Romita is a prime example of a legend who’s glory days are behind him. Between his Kick Ass 2 work, Avengers vs. X-Men, and finally this I have seen JrJr’s art decline in quality. I know some people are diehard fans and when he was on his game he was remarkable, but this is not that. This is a mix of boxy faces and bodies, monsters that look like piles of mud, and some panels where you can’t really tell whats going on.
Remender may just be having some first issue growing pains but the JRjr art makes this book a tough read. I’ll probably give it one more issue, but barring an amazing second issue effort, I won’t be sticking around.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Reviewer has summed up my feelings on this book pretty perfectly.

  2. I thought the art was great, but the story was not what I expected from a Captain America book. Once the story got going, I actually found it hard to read; the writing was awkward. I had high hopes, and they didn’t pan out. Maybe it is just growing pains, I’ll wait and see how I feel when #2 is sitting on the shelf.

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