UPDATED – Comics Podcasting Panel – San Diego Comic Con

Show Notes

UPDATE – Click through to see photos from the panel

For those of you who weren’t at the San Diego Comic Con or were there but missed the comics podcasting panel, we’ve posted an audio recording of the panel for you to download and enjoy.

Download Directly:
iFanboy_podcast_SD_podcastpanel.mp3 – 60 MB
(Right-click and choose “Save As…” and save locally on your computer)
Running Time:01:25:38

The panel featured the following comics podcasters:
Chris Marshall (Collected Comics Library), Josh Flanagan (iFanboy.com), Bryan Deemer (Comic Geek Speak), Scott Hinze (Fanboy Radio), Lene Taylor (I Read Comics), Joe Gonzalez (Comic News Insider), John Siuntres (Word Balloon), Charly La Greca (Indie Spinner Rack), and Augie de Blieck Jr. (Comic Book Resources Pipeline)
The panel was a blast, especially to put faces to voices.


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  1. I’m SO that guy

  2. The link should work now…

  3. I was there at the panel and it was very good. Was very cool to hear where pod casting has come from and where it can go. I hope everyone enjoys it. And it was very cool to put a face with the voice.

  4. Fuckin bravo to the voice I imagine belonged to the Wordballoon guy for bringing up Net Neutrality. Really.

  5. And bravo Ron for holding up a microphone for an hour and a half and Josh for getting up there and Conor for… ruling.

  6. I was there and had a key role which cannot yet be revealed!

    Also, I made it to the panel on time after hitting the bars the night before until 2am.

  7. It’s so trippy… it’s like all the podcasts I listen to smushed into one! You got chocolate in my peanut butter!

    To revisit one of the panel topics: I often find myself wishing that all of the panelists’ podcasts I listen to (especially this one) were longer… with one exception that is usually like two hours long and is 45% dead air. Not to name names.

  8. Great panel! Was interesting to hear everyone else�s aspect and ideas, little hard for a newbie like myself to distinguish the podcaster apart by their voices.

  9. You guys were the only one I listened to before this, but I’ll give some of the other ones a try. Great panel though, I wasn’t going to listen to all of it at first but then I was sucked in by . . . well, something. Great job!

  10. Oh, sure. The year I don’t go…

  11. I was so excited to hear a girl comic book podcast and then.. she loved xmen three. oh well. win some, lose some
    That indie dude reiterated how indie he is like 4000 times.

  12. You should start another podcast. Get all of these guys together and publish a roundtable. It would be like a combination of all these awesome podcasts.

    Or at the very least you guys should try to get together every once in a while to debate a topic. Putting that much talent into one podcast is bound to be a good thing

  13. Could people tell the difference on who was talking during the panel? I mean, Augie and Siuntres are clear enough, but can people tell who everyone else was? Just curious.

  14. Yea, I could tell, but mostly because I listen to almost every one of the podcasts. But I really liked listening to the lot of you interact.

    I used to listen to Lene’s I Read Comics, but she had some opinions which I thought were ridiculous and annoying, so I stopped listening to her. I’m going to start listening to Indie Spinner Rack. That guy seemed pretty funny.

    I actually think that Scott Hinze’s regular voice is better than his radio voice. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for the listen guys.

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