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Pick of the Week #670 – Avengers: No Road Home #1

Show Notes

This week it’s comics with daddy issues, some light New Jersey bashing, and Josh Flanagan shares a story of great loss.

Running Time: 01:16:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:52 – Avengers: No Road Home #1

00:12:12 – Strangers in Paradise XXV #10
00:19:16 – Criminal #2
00:25:11 – The Flash #64
00:27:37 – Superman #8
00:32:33 – Thor #10
00:41:05 – Ms. Marvel #38
00:42:48 – Captain Marvel #2
00:45:59 – The Amazing Spider-Man #15
00:50:14 – Savage Sword of Conan #1

Patron Pick:
00:52:12 – Wonder Twins #1

Patron Thanks:
00:56:48 – Ben Wright
00:59:44 – Hung Nguyen
01:01:04 – John-Joseph Jackson
01:02:12 – Der Blitz
01:04:05 – Austyn Riley’s Bonus Power

Audience Question:
01:07:31 – Brad G. from Exeter, CA is going to his first Wonder Con and is looking for some tips.

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  1. The pirates in Conan bothered me so much! Even their ship seems out of place

  2. When I think of Conan I think of the time before Ancient Babylon and Assyria. Maybe we shouldn’t take it too seriously considering if that was the correct timeline for the stories then iron would be the height of weapon technology. Yet then in the Schwarzenegger movies steel is shown as a major plot element, and who doesn’t like those films? Of course, steel working is treated as a very rare and precious skill in those movies. So it’s easier to forgive that by saying maybe when Conan’s tribe was murdered off that was a lost bit of technology that needed to be rediscovered.

    My thinking places it in a much more contemporary time than many other authors like Roy Thomas for instance who seems to peg the Hyborian Age at around 10,000 BC, which might as well be disconnected altogether from our modern historical records. Really all we know is that all this stuff happens after the fall of Atlantis (a purely fictional thing), but before the rise known civilizations. So maybe Roy Thomas is correct in his impression.

    All that said, yeah the pirates bugged me too.

    I also think it is weird that they would think the market could support two Conan books. I’m almost more interested in reading an account of those sorts of conversations than I am actually reading these books. That said I like Conan so I’ll give both of these titles a fair shake.

  3. Jon facing off with the Crime Syndicate doesn’t make any sense since the Crime Syndicate is dead from Forever Evil unless that is explained, but I doubt it is since nothing makes sense and nothing matters. Bendis doesn’t seem to care that much about continuity and marketing Young Justice as being in continuity is still funny to me.

  4. Second Coming wasn’t cancelled by DC, but we all know it would have been since Black Label and Vertigo have been a bust so far other than American Carnage. Mark Russell just asked for his rights back so that he wouldn’t have to change his dialogue and other aspects of the comic. I’m actually very concerned about DC right now from a creative standpoint with all of the changes and unceremonious ways that people have left or been kicked off of comics. Batman: Damned was delayed too with its final issue. There’s just a lot of issues at DC right now.

    • You and me both. What was once the home of Watchmen, Preacher and Sandman is now a company that caves to even the slightest controversy and seems intent to micromanage everything to death. I would say I don’t know how something like Mister Miracle was published but even there, an M-rated book still had its swearing censored. Things are definitely not entirely right at DC right now.

  5. For some reason, Marvel is all in on Conan as a character and he is going to be part of the Savage Avengers which will be written by Gerry Duggan. This is probably his test run with the character even though it feels unnecessary. I didn’t like the pirates either.

  6. I loved Wonder Twins #1. Giving Mark Russell this chance to play with all the DCU heroes* via Zan & Jayna and this crazy, cartoony lens is probably going to make this one of my favorite titles of the year. His take on Zan, especially, I find so entertaining and even endearing. What a terrific writer Russell is. And thank you for calling my attention to his Lone Ranger, am definitely going to check that out.

    And while, like you guys, I am loving Bendis’ Superman run? This latest issue really demonstrated to me what awful parents Clark and Lois are, lol. I mean… I can only barely (barely!) accept that Clark would let his wife and kid take off with this Jor-El-Who-I-Will-Never-Believe-Is-Jor-El. But then… for Lois to have left her child on the wild galactic frontiers with this mysteriously existent, cold-hearted, virtual stranger?! No way could I ever see Lois doing that. She deserves to lose out on six years of Jon’s life! Lol

    (* present AND past superfriends. You bet your burrito I noticed that panel of El Dorado strolling by!)

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