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iFanboy Mini – Episode #42 – New Comics Preview 05/14/2008


  1. mitchster mitchster says:

    Tom….. funny.

  2. Eyun Eyun says:

    Tom Katers makes for yet another great guest appearance. He looked so bemused being in front of a camera!

    Seriously though, Batman Confidential sounds amazing. Conor, did you say this was a 4-issue arc? 

  3. mypistola mypistola says:

    Sweet. Kevin Maguire. Conor has gotten me hooked on him since he raved about his work on JLI. Can’t wait to pick this up.

     Tom Katers, just as funny on video as he is on his own show. Great stuff.

  4. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @Eyun – I was wrong, it’s actually a FIVE part story.


  5. medz medz says:

    Tom Rules!

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