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Make Comics #6 – The Comic Book Script

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is back with Andy Schmidt to bring you a weekly dose of advice on breaking into and making comics!

Recently, comics superstar Warren Ellis posted this piece on “What a Comics Script is For,” prompting this discussion between Josh Flanagan and Andy Schmidt, on what writers should be thinking about when putting together their script. Who is your audience? How do you build it? What’s the right number of panels? The comic script is unlike any other format out there, and in fact, there is no format.

Running Time: 00:15:52

Andy is the founder of the online comic book school Comics Experience, as well as a former editor at Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing. Josh Flanagan has been working on iFanboy.com, talking, reviewing, and thinking about comics for over a decade, as well as writing and creating some of his own.

If you’re interested in going further, you can check out Comics Experience, where creators can take advantage of their workshops and the community to get feedback from peers and fellow creators, as well as meet people, network and get better at making comics. Also be sure to check out the creator workshops offered!


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  1. This episode is definitely worth a listen (or two or three – each time I’ve picked up something different).

    Not to diminish Warren Ellis (not that I can), but I think this podcast did a better job of framing the statement ‘what a comic book script is for’ than the piece by Ellis. At least, a more helpful one.

    Enjoying the series!

  2. This also is not in the iTunes feed. Any idea why?

    • Do to an unforseen complication, it might not appear in the feed until tomorrow. Feel free to listen on the site, or download directly. Sorry.

  3. wow, i know a guy that i’m sharing this podcast with. wrote a script and there is to much dialog in some of the smaller panels. i dont’ mind if the writer has a certain look for a page because i’m still learning how to read script. thanks a lot guys. really appreicate it. keep them coming

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