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iFanboy #63 – Darwyn Cooke

Show Notes

Very late on a Saturday night, we say to Darwyn, “Hey, when do you want to do that interview?” Darwyn asks if we are man enough to meet him at 9am the next morning, only a few short hours away.

But this is Darwyn Cooke, the man behind so many great comics, and truly a master of the comic book form.

So, of course we’re man enough.

We’re groggy, but we’re men.

The recent release of the Justice League: The New Frontier DVD, and continued focus on Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier comics, especially the gorgeous Absolute Edition, have shown comic readers that there is another way to make comics. It’s clean, elegant, intelligent, and not gimmicky. Cooke followed up on that success with a brilliant 12 issue run on The Spirit. Cooke talks to us about where he came from, how he thinks about comics, what they should be, and even gives us a taste of what we’ll see in the future.

It’s candid, it’s a little salty, and it’s mostly coherent. It’s Darwyn Cooke on iFanboy!



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  1. Chhers! Excellent Job. I’d be interested if Darwn did something creator owned someday, but it seems as though his heart is in this stuff. Still, that’s not to disperage the man’s genius.

  2. That was a fun interview to watch.  I thought it was great when Darwyn talked about the monthly process and lateness.  Talk about being direct.

    Even though I don’t read Jonah Hex, I’ll definitely be waiting to check out the issue he does this summer.  Just to see what his interpretation is of what they give him should be fun to see. 

  3. He seems like a very honest person and I liked the interview a lot with his candid responses. Perhaps the timeliness of the interview had something to do with it;)  Having said that, I didn’t like the movie. I’ve never read the comics either. I didn’t like the animation style and the voice acting was terrible I thought. To each his own:)

  4. Great interview guys. When he said "Jonah Hex" my heart started beatly rapidly, overcome with joy. Can’t wait for that issue! Sidenote: Will you be getting a third mic anytime soon? (j/k) 😛

  5. Did you guys ever imagine you’d be sitting down with someone like Darwyn Cooke for a half hour for an interview like that?  Great to watch.  Thanks.

  6. I can’t wait to watch this!  I think I’m going to purchase that Absolute Edition from the Ifanboy/amazon store tonight too! 

    I loved the movie, but have yet to read the book.  Since you guys have gushed so much about the absolute, and since I loved the movie and recent special JLANF #1 issue, I think I’ll skip the regular trades and go straight to the Absolute!

  7. This made my day.  I love Darwyn Cooke’s work along with the rest of his team J. Bone and Dave Stewart.  I can’t wait to see what he does with Jonah Hex. 

    Mr. Cooke your time off I think is well deserved, I paitently await any thing else that you along with the rest of your team does. 

  8. Fantastic show guys.  I love the interview shows.

  9. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I got my New Frontier pint glass today! Thanks for mailing it up to Alaska. Gordon (I presume) did a good packing it up in newspaper.

  10. Great interview, fellas.  Nice to hear Cooke be so candid about the way the industry works.  Looking forward to that Jonah Hex issue he was talking about.

  11. you guys have made me wanna read everything darwyn does just because he seems damn awsome


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