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• Supergirl is dead—Long live Supergirl! Or so it seems as the strange connection between the Karas has Power Girl becoming Supergirl again.

Story by Michael Alan Nelson
Art by Mahmud Asrar
Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.3%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Is this series crossing over with World’s Finest right now?

    • Not really. I read last issue and it had Power Girl in it and she got a new costume, which she used in World’s Finest but in WF it wasn’t mentioned where it came from.

      So Power Girl is appearing but it doesn’t seem to tie-in with WF at all. I thought the last issue was just okay. But WF is the same way, but I like WF better.

  2. The preview for this on Comicvine looked excellent, so I’m picking up my first Supergirl issue!

    • The preview does look wonderful! I don’t read this book, but I’ll probably give this issue a try. I think this is Michael Alan Nelson’s first issue as writer, so maybe it’ll be a good jumping on point.

  3. I love Supergirl. This version of her has been pretty interesting. Let’s hope this is done better than when they met for the first time last time….what?!

  4. Real life conversation I just had with a co-worker. People were talking movies, and Man of Steel got brought up

    Coworker very excited “oh I cannot wait for that movie! I am so excited for that!”

    I perk up “oh are you a fan of Superman?”

    Coworker “oh yes, big time. I am a HUGE fan of Superman!”

    Me “so you read any of the comics?”

    Coworker “…no”

    Me “oh I guess not that huge of a fan then”

    My point in bringing this up is, why won’t people who claim to me “HUGE” fans of these characters pick up a book and read about them? I think the movies need to have commercials right before the feature starts advertising the books the hero appears in and where they can be purchased.

    • People can identify with their idea of what they think the character represents, without ever having absorbed much of the media which features the character. I know some people who really like the IDEA of Superman, or THEIR idea of Superman, who’ve never read a Superman comic in their life. Some have seen cartoons, some have seen movies, some have never been to a movie or seen a cartoon or watched the TV show or read a comic book. Yet they still consider themselves HUGE fans of the character.

      I know, it’s weird, but there it is.

    • And it’s perfectly okay to be a big Superman fan from just the movies or TV shows or cartoons or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    • What conor said, I was pretty much that guy up until the new 52 came about and I started reading comics.

    • You just made this person less likely to read comics and reinforced old stereotypes about comic fans. Thanks dude.

    • Angry comic book fan.

  5. I loved this issue.

    There’s definitely a change of tone from the Mike Johnson/Green days, as this had a lot more humor and fun to it. Or at least as much fun as you can have when your fortress of solitude is trying to kill you.

    I love the dynamic between Power Girl and Supergirl, and I hope they keep PG as a somewhat steady supporting character.

    And, it looks the return of a semi-major Superman antagonist is making a return??

    • Yeah, I actually laughed out loud at one part. That never happens when I read comics! I’m not a LOLer!

      It reminded me of Keith GIffen’s JL, which I loved. I thought the humor was great. I hope it doesn’t go away with the Sanctuary robot dude. Very glad I picked this up. The Green & Johnson team always left me cold – not bad, not that good, just kinda there. But Nelson kicked butt, to me at least.

  6. Well I know so far a lot of people liked it, but count me as thinking it was terrible. I really liked what Johnson brought to the table with Kara; she was young, child-like, wide-eyed, curious, stubborn, sad, etc. Where as with this issue from Nelson, all I got was joke-fest; and this seems to be a really common theme in the new 52 in how they portray woman; bubbly and jokey. Though I did like the last splash page; it had a lot of emotion behind it.

    I’ll stick with it because of Asrar, and the hopes of it returning more to like Johnson’s work. But so far, I wasn’t impressed. I really don’t want to drop another Super-title.

  7. Thinking about picking this up, when did the arc start? Last issue?

    • I think it kind of started in issue #18. 18, 19, and 20 all had different writers. To me, 18 I skipped, 19 was okay, 20 was really good. YMMV

  8. I’ve been thinking about dropping this after not enjoying the last couple issues. I was gonna wait and see how the new writer was. God, this issue was TERRIBLE. I’m completely baffled by the high ratings it’s getting on here.

  9. I really enjoyed the first several issues of this series, but lately it seems to have been losing steam (yeah, that crossover didn’t help). I needed to cull something from my list and seeing as I never bothered buying last month’s issue, decided that it would be Supergirl. I agree with cpro above, I liked the confused adolescent take on Kara — it gave her a distinct voice. Unfortunately the actual plots of the stories did not always live up to potential. The reaction to the new writer seems mixed. I’ll dip back into this series eventually, but, honestly, it’s not a priority.

  10. I liked this issue. It was a lot was fun. Kara was more frustrated and awkward than jokey. Not really sure why some people didn’t like it.

  11. Asrar’s art is awesome – I love it.

  12. “When worlds collide!” More like when boobs collide on this cover, like E cups with D’s. How old is dead
    Supergirl again?

  13. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Really fun issue I’ve got high hopes for this new run. My POTW

  14. Just read it and thought it was great. I liked all the jokes in it and the tone of tbis book is always great. To me its always seemed a little lighter than the other stuff even with the coloring, like the Flash. DC puts out a lot of ” darker” books that I love ,like all the Bat books and even GL so I appreciate the difference.

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