Young Justice – S01E17 – Disordered

The show keeps on trucking!

(Okay, yes, I still haven’t watched last week’s episode. It’s still fantastic. I’ve just been busy!)

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Last weeks episode was the best yet. They took a common storytelling cliche and turned it into something wonderful. There are a few little clues in the episode that point to its true nature and it really was just very well played. This show went from a joke to something serious and amazing. That long break they took was needed. And now we get awesome DCAU action and story. Hello Megan!

  2. Um who are the Forever People?

  3. The Forever People are a group of heroes from New Genesis. They were created by Jack Kirby during his famous New Gods run at DC comics. They were inspired by the hippy movement and were very odd as superheroes go. It is an old school call back.

  4. The first episode with the sphere I knew it was going to be the Super-Cycle!

  5. this show keeps getting better

  6. Yay!! the animated threads are back!!!

  7. The Forever People!!! Infinity-Man!!! Damn, i LOVE this show!!!!

  8. HA! Superboy gets a mega-zord! HA!

  9. Wow. Love this episode. Last week was great but felt like i was being cheated but im glad this week theres a reference back to last week with the counselling session from black canary.
    Also Superboy + Megazord = OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love the fact that they have started to integrate things from the original YJ comic such as the Super-Cycle and, if the plot description for the next episode on IMDB is to believed, Harm and (probably) Secret!

    Still wish it was the original line-up from the comic (Tim and Bart instead of Dick and Wally) but I can understand their decision. Hopefully, they’ll add WonderGirl at some point (it’d be too much to hope for Cassie instead of Donna, I guess).

    I’m really impressed with this series so far, the only thing I really didn’t like was the portrayal of the Joker from a few episodes ago, I can let that go though in the grand scheme of things.

  11. old school craziness love it.

  12. This show’s gotten a bit slow to me. It’s not a bad show at all. I just feel like things are getting dragged out too much. The therapy sessions with Canary were interesting but the only ones that really felt like they had any importance were Connor’s and Dick’s.

    I did enjoy the Forever People though. I’m a sucker for anything connected to Darkseid or the New Gods though…

    • I believe darkseid is going to be the big villain other than the light. the episodes are getting better one after another.

    • I think they might be setting up Darseid as the big bad for season two. When the Light falls, Darkseid will take its place at the end of the season 1 finale.

    • yeah if anyone recalled, season 2’s name is called invasion. Which is probably darkseid invading them. Funny how much of a push darkseid seemed to be having, first he is replacing starro as the big bad in jl comics and now in YJ. awesome!

  13. I’m still way back at episode 6 ‘Infiltrators’ but I have to say that I’m incredibly underwhelmed by this cartoon.
    I love the character designs but the scripts are so rote and the direction so flat. So many episodes take place at night and it all just looks muggy. i appreciate that they are doing subplots and the like but it all rings hollow.