True Grit Comic Book – FREE on

Did you enjoy the Coen Brothers' recent adaptation of True Grit? Boy, I sure did.

So say that you wanted more story from the world of Charles Portis' novel, and you also liked free comics. Well, is the best partner you could have out on the trail without an eye patch or half-bitten tongue. Check out this tale, going into more detail of Rooster's tale told in court, about a rock and a head.

Check out the preview, and then download the whole book for the price of nothing, which is less than a string of unwanted ponies.

Preview and buy this book online at today.


  1. Free things are awesome.  Thank you for this.

  2. That’s a fun little issue.  Lends a bit of depth to the courtroom scene.

  3. After going full screen, switch the view to “Graphicly Flow” to read the comic cell by cell. It really lets you appreciate the artwork.

  4. for those that dont know, Graphicly owns iFanboy. (This goes out to my boy Slim!) 🙂