TEASER: Sacrifice from Sam Humphries & Dalton Rose

SACRIFICE CoverAfter making a big splash this past summer with the self published, later picked up by Image Comics, Our Love is Real one-shot, writer Sam Humphries is back at it again. This time he’s teaming up with artist Dalton Rose on a 6 issue, self published mini-series called Sacrifice.

Sacrifice comes out on December 14th, with print sales available at select comic stores, online from TFAW.com, and available digitally, same day as print on Graphicly and Comixology.  To celebrate the launch, Humphries will be appearing and signing copies of Sacrifice at the launch party for Sacrifice at Collector’s Paradise in Los Angeles.

Luckily, we don’t need to wait til December 14th, as we’ve got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek at Sacrifice right here.  This teaser image gives you a taste of what the comic that mixes Aztecs, Time Travel and Joy Division, will be like.  Yes, you read that right, Aztecs, Time Travel and Joy Division. I don’t know about you, but sign me up!


You can check more at the official Sacrifice website – aztecsforever.com
Here’s the complete solicitation info about Sacrifice:

SACRIFICE #1 (of 6)
Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Dalton Rose
Colored by: Pete Toms
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Production: Phil Smith
Art Director: Dylan Todd
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure
On-sale date: December 14, 2011
Format: Standard size, full color, 24 pages
Publisher: Self-published, self-distributed
Cover price: $3.99

“Aztecs vs. Joy Division fans…You haven’t even thought of such a thing. Humphries & Rose have. Listen.” — KIERON GILLEN, writer of PHONOGRAM, UNCANNY X-MEN, and THOR

What happens when you’re ripped from the 21st century and thrown into the middle of one of the greatest — and most bloodthirsty — civilizations in human history? How do you survive a strange world of war, blood, sacrifice, and death?

Join Hector, a dude on a one-way trip through the past, the present, and the psychedelic into the the glory of the Aztec Empire in SACRIFICE — a new comic book by SAM HUMPHRIES (writer of OUR LOVE IS REAL and one of Wizard’s “Five Writers to Watch in 2011”) and rising star DALTON ROSE.

SACRIFICE is a full-color, self-published, six-issue limited series, debuting December 14, 2011 with colors by PETE TOMS, lettering by TROY PETERI, production by PHIL SMITH, art direction by DYLAN TODD, and edited by ALEJANDRO ARBONA. This December…BLOOD WILL TEAR US APART!


  1. Throwing Joy Division in the tagline can’t even get me excited for this. Now if it were about a time-displaced Ian Curtis…

  2. That’s some great fucking art.