SDCC 2011: Gene Simmons Tells ARCHIE to Lick It Up When KISS comes to Riverdale!

After Frank Castle's legendary pitstup it's hard to get the residents of Riverdale too excited about new vistors. That is until KISS rolls into town! 

Aunt Gertrude might think twice before grabbing this for you at the checkout counter! There's demons in it! And girations! you may have to sneak this four-part rock opera for yourself. 

Archie Meets KISS!

"When one of Sabrina’s spells goes awry, the Archies find Riverdale overrun by monsters from another dimension! Can the legendary rock group KISS help the overwhelmed teens push back these creatures from another world? Written by Alex Segura and featuring the art of Archie superstar Dan Parent, the four part story begins in ARCHIE #627 in November. This historic tale coincides with another KISS comic – from publisher IDW, the first time two major comic publishers have shared a trademark/license of a popular property simultaneously."


  1. This might have been pretty exciting 30 years ago. KISS? Really? Were Journey too busy?

  2. Veronica

  3. Too good for a rock and roll all night joke Paul?

  4. You’ve got to match the face paint to the right instrument, not that 6 year old girls will probably notice. 

  5. @JohnVFerrigno  While the timing does seem odd, everyone should see KISS live at least once in their life. Even Jughead!

  6. Isn’t Alex Segura the guy who used to write for DC’s blog?

  7. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @mrfrost  Yes. He works at Archie now. He’s got chops. 

  8. @kennyg  LOL the thought of Jughead at that concert made me laugh

  9. @swintronix  

    which Kiss member plays the tamberine again???

  10. 1979 called….

    Then again if it’s as crazy as Punisher Meets Archie then I’ll buy it.