RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN Returns Even Dapperer in New Special Edition

The best-dressed automatons in comics are dusting off their spats for Archaia’s Return of the Dapper Men: Special Edition. The second printing of Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee’s Eisner Award winning graphic novel sold out on the distributor level, so this clockwork fairy tale is rolling out with a few new bells and whistles. Due out in August, the Special Edition includes the two Dapper Men shorts from Free Comic Book Day 2011 and 2012 as well as never-before-seen artwork and extras.

Plus, it’s blue!

If you’ve yet to read this delightful book or simply want to share it with more friends and family, this is the perfect opportunity to get Dapper. It’s also ideal timing, as the sequel Time of the Dapper Men is getting ready to drop down from the clouds in 2013.

Here’s what writer Jim McCann had to say about the Special Edition:

I’m incredibly excited about the additional material included in this Special Edition! Not only will you get a glimpse into the genesis of the book, including concepts that just may show up in future books), but you’ll also get the two FCBD stories printed here for the first time. These tales lead you directly into TIME OF THE DAPPER MEN, and sets the stage for so much more to come. Think of this as the “Director’s Cut”!

Return of the Dapper Men: Special Edition hits stores in August for $29.95 and is available for pr-order though Diamond now. Alternatively, iff you’re headed to San Diego Comic Con, you can purchase a signed copy at the Archaia booth.


  1. dapperer edition…. or dapperest edition?

  2. I already own the original version………but I have a STRONG feeling to double dip here.

  3. I think I am finally going to pick this up!